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Hi there, and welcome to! I started this site because I wanted to be able to store all of the porn I create in one place. And I create a lot of it, both written and recorded. So, here you will find erotic stories full of kinky sex and romance, videos feature my chubby ass using all sorts of boys in rough and kinky ways, and just a whole lotta gay fucking. If any of that offends you, I suggest you look for your porn elsewhere.

You can use the navigation links above to get around the site, and below you will find my latest content updates. My stories are all hosted on site, free videos can be streamed in full straight from here, and all my premium videos feature trailers and links to where you can view the full thing. If you want to get my updates in real time, you can follow me on Twitter. Enjoy!

Latest Story Update:

After some training time, the boys go for a run and end up spending the afternoon having some sweaty fun - in more ways than one.

Latest Video Update:

Bedroom Breeding, Part 2

Bedroom Breeding, Part 2 (12:07)