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Dom N. Ation

Hi! My name is Dom N. Ation, and I am mostly-white gay bear in his 30's living in Florida. I'm a dominant top (obviously), and a big exhibitionist (also obviously), and I really like what I do. My philosophy is this: Be the porn you want to see in the world. When I started writing, it was because I wanted to read more of the kinds of stories I liked out there. Stories about romance and domination, where boys are owned and dominated, tied up and used, abused and loved. It was the same with my videos: I thought about the kinds of things I jerk off too, and made more of that.

I started this site for three main reasons. The first was so that I had a place of my own to post all my stories, rather then relying only on other sites and archives to do that for me. The second was to be able to organize and catalog all of the 'conquests' I capture on video. And the third was so that I could share it with all of you. I do because it's something I love doing. Though I make a little extra side money here and there, what actually keeps me going is the fun I have, and the people I get to meet. I hope you enjoy reading and watching as much as I enjoyed writing and filming.


Q: How often do you update?
A: Each week I upload two videos, one free and one premium.

Q: Is Dom your real name?
A: No.

Q: Where in Florida are you?
A: Let's say central. I travel a lot in the area.

Q: Why do you blur your face?
A: I like my privacy. I'm not ashamed of anything I do, nor would it really affect my life if any of this came out. I just like being able to keep this part of my life seperate. For now, at least.

Q: How big is your dick?
A: Around 8-inches on a good day.

Q: Can I be in a video?
A: Hmm, short answer, maybe? I'm always open to setting something up with a fellow porn creator, but I don't really make a habit out of meeting and fucking peopel I don't really know. Almost everyone you see in my videos is a good friend or at least someone I see with regularity. So, while I'm not saying it doesn't happen, talking to me for the sole purposes of being in a video may not work out how you'd like.