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Here you will find my collection of writing. It should go without saying, but all of what you will find here is gay erotica, filled with kinks and heavy themes of dominance and submission. All of it could probably classified as romance too, just maybe not the kind of romance most people are used to. But that's probably why you're here, right? At the moment I am focused on fiction, but when I was first getting back into writing I practiced by recounting some of my personal encounters. You'll find those at the bottom under the title "Dom's Little Black Book."


Young, Dumb & Full of Bad Decisions

Three friends are in their last year of high school. After finding out that one of them is gay, kinky, and submissive, two boys do what any teenagers in their situation would do - take advantage.

A college wrestler still in the closet finally hooks up with the frat brother he's been crushing on. But when that guy starts teaching him just how much he enjoys submitting and being owned, will he stick with it or decide to tap out?


Dom's Little Black Book
A collection of stories about my personal encounters over the years. These stories are all 100% true and a few have even been caught on video.