Chapter 1

The sound of several pairs feet stomping past my door alerts me, drawing my eyes from my computer screen. Checking the clock, I smirk. My ‘appointment’ for the evening should be showing up any minute now. Saving my work, I shut the computer down and move to the bathroom to take a leak.

There’s a knock on the door as I’m washing my hands. Right on time. I dry off and move to the door, opening it to find who else but my little brother on the other side. Stepping to the side, I motion for him to enter.

“Good, I was worried you were going to try and get out of it,” I tell him as I close the door behind me. “Glad to see being part of this frat is important to you.”

“I told you, I’m willing to do whatever it takes.” He sounds almost defiant as he stands there.

“We’ll see about that.” He watches my movements as I walk to my wall and retrieve the large wooden paddle I have hanging, the one with our fraternity’s symbol carved into it. I turn and point it in his direction. “Drop ‘em and assume the position.”

He undoes his jeans, pushing them to his ankles. Good, he’s wearing a jockstrap like I'd told him to. He turns and grabs the edge of my desk, bending over and leaving my target on display - his furry ass. I move towards him, slowly smacking the paddle against the palm of my hand as I do. I’ve been looking forward to this all day.

“I always love when I get sent a pledge to punish.” I tap the paddle lightly against his exposed ass. “My own little brother though? Even better.”

”Let’s just get this over with.” He was muttering to the floor.

“Aww, can’t wait to get started either?” I take a step back and position myself for the first swing. “Alright. You’ve got ten swats coming. You’re going to count them all out, and thank me after each one. Understood?”

“Yes.” Still muttering.

“Yes what?” I punctuate my question with the paddle against his ass. I love that sound.

“Oww, fuck! Yes sir.” I could see his fingers itching to rub at his stinging ass, but he knew to keep them in place until we were done.

“Good boy. Now let’s begin.” I raise the paddle and bring it down evenly on his left butt cheek, connecting with a loud smack.

“One, thank you Sir.” I smile as I hear the thanks, and raise the paddle once more, bringing it down on his right cheek.


“Two, thank you Sir.” I can hear him suck in his breath just before the paddle lands. I raise it once more, alternating between cheeks with each strike of the paddle.


“Three, thank you Sir.”


“Fuck. Four, thank you Sir.” Parts of his ass are turning a nice bright shade of pink now, the outline of the paddle strikes clear against his pale skin.


“Five, thank you Sir.”


“Mmmf. Six, thank you Sir.” He’s really feeling it now. I can see the way his legs go tense as he anticipates the next blow.

Which is why I change it up and smack him on the same cheek again in quick succession.


“Oww fuck!”

“What was that?”

“...Seven, thank you Sir.” Heh, I can hear him gritting his teeth now.


“E-eight, thank you Sir.” The back of his shirt is damp with sweat, and I can hear the quake in his voice. It makes me hard and I reach down to grope myself through my shorts.


“N-nine, thank you Sir.” I can hear him struggling to keep the volume of his noises down, worried someone else in the frat house might hear him. Better make this last one count.


“Oh fuck! Ten! Thank you Sir.” I can see him trembling as his muscles finally start to relax, catching his breath. He makes to push himself up and away from the desk, but my hand against his back holds him in place.

“Where do you think you’re going?” I squeeze his red cheeks with both my hands. “You know what comes next.”

He resumes his place silently as I hook my thumbs into my waistband, shucking them off in one smooth motion. I spit into my hand and stroke myself from tip to base. I can see my little brother tremble as he hears the wet schlick of my hand across my cock. Stepping up behind him, I tap the wet head of my dick against his crack. He’s tense once more.

“You did say anything, right?” I chuckle to myself as I press forward, spit-slick dick aiming right for his hole

He says nothing, but I can hear him losing the fight to hold back his whimpers as his hole is spread open on my cock. The warm wet heat surrounds my head and shaft, and it’s all I can do to grip him by his hips and push in further. I keep pushing and before long, I’ve bottomed out in my little bro.

I grind my crotch against his ass for a second, giving him a minute to catch his breath. I’m not a total asshole. But once he’s ready, I waste no time in taking things easy. He’s been here before, he knows what to expect. After pulling my cock back a few inches, I immediately slam back in.

“Oh fuck.” The surprise in his voice makes it sound like I fucked the curse right out of him. His grip on my desk tightens as my thrusts in his ass continue, speed picking up with no sign of slowing down in sight.

With each snap of my hips I can see him moving forward just a little more, until he’s on his elbows and forearms on my desk’s surface. I watch him bite into his wrist in an attempt to silence himself, though it does little to curb all of the moans and groans from spilling out.

“Aww, don’t want any of your brothers hearing how well you can take a dick?” I smack his ass with my right hand, watching the abused flesh jiggle. He says nothing in response, mouth still blocked by his wrist, but I can hear his moans getting louder.

“Afraid they might find out? Try to come in here and get a piece for themselves?” I continue pounding his hole as I speak. “Maybe they should. This is some prime pledge-pussy right here. Shouldn’t be keeping this just to myself,” I smack his other cheek with my left hand.

I can see his eyes are squeezed shut, but he’s still listening. I can feel his hole start to tighten and squeeze around me, which means I’m nailing his prostate juuuuuust right. Should have him cumming any minute now…

“Mmmffuck… I’m cumming…” There it is. He mutters into his wrist as I feel his hole spasm and squeeze, fighting to force me out as I continue to piston my way in. I’ve gotten pretty good at fucking those out of him. Next time I need to throw a towel down, less clean up when we’re finished. Which, with the way his hole is milking my cock, shouldn’t take too much longer.

His wrist is out of his mouth and his head lolling on its side on my desk making short, breathy moans as I fuck away at his ass. The noises he’s making combined with the knowledge that I just fucked him through an orgasm with only my cock are enough to push me over the edge. I slam my cock rapid-fire in and out in quick succession, feeling the pleasure build, until it finally reaches a point and--!

“Oh fuck. I’m breed your fucking pledge-pussy,” I grit out as I slam my hips forward, nearly knocking my little bro into one of the computer monitors. I grind my hips against his ass as I feel myself unload inside his hole. I can feel his hole squeezing me for every last drop of of my ball juice, fuck.

We catch our breaths for a moment, my sweaty body draped across his, both of us still half-dressed. I carefully remove my spent cock from his wrecked hole, chuckling as I hear his whimpers at the sudden feeling of emptiness. I help him to stand with me, and then turn him around, bringing him in for a nice deep kiss.

“Told you that would be fun, didn’t I?” I ask my rhetorical question when our lips break.

“Yes Sir. That was really hot.” He looked over to me somewhat sheepishly. “I did okay? I’m not like a great actor or anything…”

“You did great baby. C’mere, I wanna cuddle a little before we shower.” I pull him over to my bed after he kicks the jeans off his ankles.

You guys do realize we were roleplaying just now, right? You don’t think fraternities are actually like that, do you? You watch too much TV. Or read too much porn. Fraternity life is a lot more boring than what you seen on screen, and I can assure you if there was some secret society of frat brothers fucking each other’s brains out, I would be the first person to sign up. Hell, I haven’t even been an active fraternity brother for years, I’m just the frat house dad these days.

Technically my title is “house manager,” but that sounds boring, and it’s much more fun to force new pledges to call me “Frat Daddy John.” I’m a grad student here at John Adams University, and an alumnus of Pi Alpha Kappa fraternity, which is also technically my employer. If you don’t know what a fraternity house manager is, I’m basically a cross between a landlord and a step-dad. I make sure the house is still in working order, make sure there’s food in the fridge, and generally try to make sure my boys are doing alright and not doing anything too crazy.

It’s not exactly where I thought I’d be at 27, but I also didn’t plan on being in grad school now. just had to come back and get my PhD. Lucky for me, my former frat house had an open position and we came to an arrangement where everyone wins. I get to live on campus, the frat has someone they can trust looking over things, and the boys don’t have to worry about some outsider being a buzzkill.

“Alright, we’ve been sticky long enough.” I kiss my boy on the forehead before helping him him out of bed. “Shower time.”

“Yes Sir.” He sounds a little sleepy, like a well-fucked boy should. I watch him take off his shirt and jock as he pads off to my private bathroom - one of the perks of the job.

The boy who was just playing the part of my ‘little brother’ and is currently preparing the shower is Lance. Lance is an undergrad student, a member of the wrestling team, and an active member of our fraternity. He is also my boyfriend and submissive. If you’re not sure what that is, you may be reading the wrong story. But stick around! Maybe you’ll learn something.

I move into the bathroom and find Lance standing outside the shower, testing the water temperature. His short, strawberry blonde hair sticks to his forehead, a leftover from our fun in the bedroom. The rest of his body is similarly sweaty, from his broad back to his thick meaty thighs, situated right below his thick meaty ass, all covered in that same strawberry blonde fur.

I step up behind him and wrap my arms around his chest, pulling him back to me. He’s actually a little over an inch taller than me at 5’11”, though it’s never really felt that way. Probably because he’s usually under me. I nuzzle his neck and run my hands slowly up and down his chest and stomach. He’s got just the hint of a belly growing, the fabled freshman-fifteen seemingly turning into a sophomore-thirty. He hates it, but I love it.

Lance sticks his arm into the shower and then turns around, pulling me into the shower with him. There’s not a lot of room so we stand close, squeezing together under the shower head.. We stand there stomachs and foreheads touching as the hot water pours down our bodies, swaying gently to music in our heads. Lance has learned in the past few months how much of a cuddler he is. When we first got together, he was so in the closet he wouldn’t even kiss me.

I still remember that night. Hard to forget since it was only a few months ago. It was the middle of the fall semester, and I was doing my rounds during one of the frat’s parties, making sure everything was copacetic. Nothing was out of the ordinary, I made sure an Uber got ordered for a couple of drunk ladies and confiscated some beers from a couple of freshman. I was just sticking them back in the cooler when my phone chirped at me from my pocket.

Like any modern gay man, I have a smartphone, and that smartphone has a number of apps installed that let me find other gay men for... extracurricular activities. With how horny and experimental college boys are, it would be stupid to live on campus and not use them. Because I like my sex on the kinkier side, the app I get the most mileage out of is called Leathr, which just so happens to be what just went off on my phone.

I clicked the notification to launch the app and see what’s going on. Looks like I had a message from... a blurry torso.

“You’re really hot.” Not exactly an original opener, but I’ll take it. “Sir.” The appellation came in a separate message. Hmm.

“Thanks, boy. How’s your night going?” If the “sir” wasn’t enough, it’s generally safe to assume if someone on this app is talking to me, they’re a sub.

“Good. Horny.” Classy. I clicked through to the guy’s profile to see who I was dealing with.

As stated, his profile picture was a headless torso, and the accompanying text didn’t really give me much to go with. He was 21, a bottom, in college, and looking for “discreet fun.” I generally avoid no-strings and discreet situations. My line of thinking is, the better you know someone, the weirder your sex can get. And I like my sex weird. I was just about to exit out and wish him a good night, when something caught my eye - his distance from me. He was only a few hundred feet away. He was somewhere in the house.

“Are you at the KST house party?” I looked around the common area as I walked through, looking for a headless torso on their phone.

“Maybe." He wants to play coy now? I perched myself against a wall and took a swig of my own beer.

“Why don’t you come say hi in person?” I’ll admit, I was intrigued.

“Not out. Shy.” I guessed it was mostly the former. My same-sex escapades are no secret, and more than one college boy has made the walk of shame from my room to the frat’s front door.

“Worried people might figure things out if they see you talking to me?” I was still scanning the room but it was impossible to pick out which person on their phone was my boy.

“No. Maybe.” Worried and in denial then.

“Alright man, what are you looking for here?” I had no interest in whatever game he was wanting to play. Unlike him, my profile is rather extensive. I like being up front about what I’m into, to save everyone a headache down the line when we discover we aren’t compatible in bed. This guy either didn’t read it or didn’t get it.

“I thought that we could have some fun, Sir.” I sighed.

“If all you’re looking for is some fun, you’re talking to the wrong guy.” I paused before sending a follow-up message. “You know there’s probably a better app to use for that.”

“No, that’s not what I mean. I’m new to this stuff.” Uh oh.

“You’re a virgin?” Hard pass, taking someone’s virginity is far more work than it’s worth.

“I’m not a virgin! I meant like... kinky stuff.” That was a bit less daunting.

“Oh. And you hoped the two of us could do some ‘kinky stuff?’” It still wasn’t clear what he wanted, but I kinda just wanted to know who it was at this point.

“If you were into it, Sir.” At least he remembered the ‘sir’ this time.

“I don’t even know what you look like.” I scanned the room again out of habit. “Do I know you?”

“I can meet you by your room. If you wanted.” He knew where my room was in the house, so he’s been here before.

“Ten minutes.” The party was winding down as it was, so I found Mike, the frat’s current president, and told him I was heading to my room for the night. He knew not to let things get out of hand.

I walked back to my room and headed for the bathroom. I was just about to take a piss when there was a knock on the door. Apparently this guy wasn’t great at telling time, I tucked myself back in and opened the door.

“Oh. Wait, Lance, right?” I recognized the blonde headed jock standing in front of me. He was one of the frat brothers, though he didn’t live in the house. “You rushed last year. Sophomore.”

Lance looked down the hall suddenly. Right, not out.

“Come in.” I shut the door behind him. I watched Lance as he looked around my room. He was cute. A little taller than me. Stocky, with more muscle under a small layer of thickness. I knew he was a student athlete, but not which team he played for. He was swaying a little as he turned his body, probably a little drunk from the party. Liquid courage. “It is Lance, right?”

“Uh, yeah, that’s me.” He looked at me and then the floor. He wasn’t kidding about being shy.

“Sit down.” I nodded to my bed as I sat in my desk chair. “So... what’s up?”

“I, uh. I was…” Oh boy. I was gonna have to help this one along.

“It’s okay, you don’t have to be nervous. It’s not like we haven’t met each other before.” I didn’t know them well, but I still knew everyone who joined the frat, even the ones who didn’t live here. They were all good kids. Generally speaking.

“Sorry. Told you, new to this. Not even sure I’m doing it right. Sir.” He looked up at me and... shit. That’s a look I know well. The kind a boy gives when he just wants your approval.

“It’s okay, boy. You’re doing fine.” I gave him a smile.

“Okay, cool.” He smiled back. “So, do you wanna…?”

I got where this was headed. I chuckled. “Slow down boy. I still don’t know what you’re looking for or even if I’m looking for the same thing. Why don’t you start with why you messaged me?”

“I dunno, I just…” He bit his lip. “I heard you were into this kind of stuff, and I always thought you were really hot, and when I saw you on Leathr I decided to go for it.” Aww. He had a crush.

“That's… that's pretty cute actually.” I smiled at him and rolled my chair closer to the bed. “Tell me what ‘kind of stuff’ you mean. What are you into?”

“I… I'm not really sure?” That sounded like a question, even though it wasn't. “I haven't done much, like I told you.”

“Okay, so what do you think you're into? Or what makes you think you're into it?” Okay, I was hooked, I had a cute half-drunk jock on my bed confessing all his kinky desires. You can't write stuff like this.

“I… a few times when I've… fucked around with guys and it's gotten rougher I... really liked it. Spanking, hair pulling… one guy wanted me to call him Sir. Then I started looking at porn, then it started to be the only kind of porn I was looking at…” He trailed off and was looking at me with that same approval seeking face.

“Yeah, I guess that checks out.” I smiled, teasing him a little. “Well you read my profile, so you know the kind of stuff I’m into.” Unlike his profile, mine was a bit more fleshed out. I don’t go into explicit detail, but I do make it clear who I am - a dom top who likes to rough up and order around the boys I put underneath me. That of course sounds very appealing to the sub bottoms of the world, but unless I feel the right chemistry with a guy, conversations rarely leave the app.

He nodded silently, biting his lip. This kid had no idea how cute he was. Yeah, I didn’t see chemistry being an issue. “So does that mean we can…?” He inched closer to me from the bed and reached one hands towards my crotch.

“Slow down boy, I didn’t say that.” I grasped his hand gently by the wrist before it reached its target

“Are you not into me? Is it because I’m in the frat?” He looked dejected.

“What? No.” There wasn’t a rule in place saying we couldn’t fraternize. It’s not like I had any actual authority over the boys in the house, nor them me. “You are very cute, it’s just not my style to jump in the sack with someone as soon as we meet. I know we’ve met before, but this is the first time we’ve ever talked like this. Plus, you’re not hammered or anything, but you’re still a little drunker than I’d like for our first time.” I squeezed his hand and smiled. I wanted him to understand he wasn’t being rejected.

“I’m not that drunk.”

“A little drunk is still too drunk for this, bub.” I gave his hand another squeeze before I realized something. “Wait, you’re a sophomore, why are you drunk at all?” I’m not a math major but I'm pretty sure that means he's only twenty.

“I’m twenty-one. I had to repeat the fourth grade.” He mumbled into his lap, blushing further. Fuck. Now I really felt bad. “I’m sorry. I understand.” He tried to give me a sad smile as he made to stand.

“Wait.” I gripped him by the wrist before he could get up. “Or… You could stay here, we could talk more while you sober up, and then... maybe get breakfast with me in the morning.” I ran my thumb along his wrist and gave him my best smouldering look.

He looked back at me and bit his lip again. Yeah, we definitely had the right chemistry.

“What are you thinking about?” Lance’s voice brings me back from my endorphin-induced daydream.

“The first night we got together. When you messaged me at the party.”

“Oh god.” Lance buries his face in my neck. “I’d been wanting to talk to you for weeks. Maybe even longer.”

“You were adorable.” I kiss the side of his head and wrap my arms around his waist, squeezing us together. “Cute little tipsy jock, showing up at my door like a lost puppy.” Lance only groans and buries his face further, but I swear I can feel his body blushing.

“Thought I didn’t like you, got so excited when I didn’t send you away.” I nuzzle at Lance’s cheek, pulling back to look at his face. “You didn’t know what you wanted or were getting into. And you wouldn’t even kiss me at first. What was your excuse again?”

“Mmmfff... I said it was too intimate.” Lance avoids my eyes as I tease him.

“Mhmm. Glad I squashed that notion quickly.” I quickly attack Lance’s mouth with my own for emphasis. “We both know that if I asked, you would have been on your back with your legs behind your head in the first five minutes. Too intimate my ass.” I reach down and squeeze his ass, laying my claim.

“Yes Sir. I’m glad you did too.” Lance returns my kiss as he wraps his own arms around my neck. I snake a finger towards his hole, slowly swiping it across it’s slick surface, as I stroke my tongue against his. I hear him groan as he presses back into my hand. I carefully move us both to step back, pressing him against the wall and pressing my finger further into his hole.

“Please fuck me again, Daddy?” Lance practically breathes his request into my mouth, using the nickname he knows makes my dick twitch, which he feels pressing against his thigh. I have a fairly short refractory period, especially around this one.

“Mmmm and that first night, after you sobered up some, kissing you in bed and getting you all worked up…” With my cock in hand, I press the head of it against his hole, the cum and lube from earlier allowing me to slip in easily. “You told me you had come prepared, all ready to bottom.”

Lance whines as I fill him, squeezing my cock with his hole once I am fully seated. After that first night, there was no doubt this boy was a total bottom.

“I sent you to the bathroom to ‘freshen up.’” I wrap my arm around his neck and give his ear a nibble and flex my cock inside of him, hearing him gasp as my shaft rubs against his button. “You thought you were going to get fucked, didn’t you?”

“Mmmf. Yes Sir, I wanted it so bad.” Lance grinds his ass against my crotch, using my pole to play with his prostate.

“I don’t think I even took my clothes off.” Pressing him to the wall, I pull my hips back before pushing back in slowly. “Just put you on the bed and went to town.”

I slowly slide my cock in and out of his hole, listening to every whimper and moan that escapes from Lance’s mouth. I tighten the arm around his neck and grip his hip to hold him steady. He’s doing his best to arch his back for me, but the stretch of his hole is proving to be just a little too distracting.

“You’ve got such a hungry hole, baby.” I bottom out and grind him into the wall. I can feel the load I dumped in him fifteen minutes ago leaking out around me. “I must have eaten you out for an hour or more. Pressed your legs to your chest and told you to keep them there.”

“I remember the way you were squirming on my tongue while I ate your hole. Whining and moaning.” My thrusts are getting faster the more I tell my story. I love eating ass, and I love eating Lance’s ass in particular. “You told me no one had ever made your ass feel that good before.”

“No Sir, only you.” I’m not even entirely sure Lance is still listening right now, I can feel his hole spasming around my cock so I know he’s close to cumming himself.

“Licking up and down your hole, tongue fucking you as deeply as I could…” I give his hip a slap with my free hand. “Had you begging me the next morning to do it again.”

Suddenly, I feel Lance’s hole tighten up, hard - there it is. Slowly I continue to slide my cock in an out of his hole, fucking him as he sprays the shower wall with his load, until I finally hear him take in the breath he’s been holding the last minute or so. As good as this feels, I’m not expecting to cum again, the water would run cold by the time I got worked up enough for that. I just wanted to get him off again.

I release my arm from his neck, moving it down to wrap around his chest, holding him close to me as he catches his breath. When he’s ready, I slip my cock from his hole, sloppy with my cum, and help him turn to face me.

“Feel good, boy?” I kiss his forehead.

“Mmm, yes Sir, thank you.” He sounds even sleepier than before.

Turning us both, I very quickly soap the both of us up, paying extra attention to his ass. He squirms as I slip two soapy fingers into his hole, fucking him with them for a few moments before directing his ass towards the shower to rinse. I allow him to lazily fondle my own soapy dick, still half-hard from fucking him a second time.

We dry off quickly, though still mostly damp by the time we fall onto my bed together.The lights and my computer are off, and since it’s a ‘school night’ the house is quiet, most of the brothers living here are already asleep. I throw my arm over Lance’s waist and pull him close, nestling my cock between his furry cheeks as I spoon up behind him.

“G’night, Daddy.” I can hear the drowsiness in his voice and know he’s not long for this world.

“Good night, boy.” I kiss the back of his neck and close my own eyes, reliving the last few moments of that first night.

This reminds me of how that first night ended too, right after he finished balking at the idea of cuddling with me all night. I told him that just like kissing, that was a deal-breaker. If he wanted anything from me, he was gonna have to accept my cuddle-monster self along with it. Any apprehension he had went right out the window once he settled in and felt my dick against his ass.

I’m really glad too. Even after that first night, I had never expected things would develop as far as they had. I figured we’d have our fun and then go our separate ways. But he just kept showing up at my door, ready and eager for more, every time hoping I’d take him just a little further down the kink rabbithole. In fact, there’s a present for him waiting on my desk in a little black box, something the two of us had talked about for a while now.

I can’t wait to wake up and give it to him.