Chapter 12


"Mmff." Another day in paradise. Blech. Dave and I both agreed on getting blackout curtains as soon as I saw John's, so I have no idea what time it is. I turn and look over at the clock on my nightstand. Just after 10. I don't have any classes until this afternoon. Maybe I should just go back to bed.

Then my stomach rumbles. That's right, I skipped dinner last night. Brian wanted to see me late, and I just came straight home and went to bed. Breakfast it is.

I grab my phone and get out of bed quietly, Dave still asleep on his side of the room. I make my way to the bathroom and shut the door before I turn the light on. The fluorescent white blinds me for a moment, but then my eyes adjust.

Ugh. Look at yourself. Hair's a mess, dark circles under my eyes, and *huff* yep, your breath smells like death. Okay, I know you just woke up, but still. Your life is a goddamn mess right now, Lance.

Why am I talking to myself? I shake the third-person thoughts from my head and reach for my toothbrush. I'm not wrong, though. My life is a goddamn mess right now. Even outside of my personal life, I've barely been paying attention in class or at practice for like a month now. Ever since Brian stepped into the picture.

Brian, who has been taking up more and more of my free time. At least once a day now, I get a text from him wanting a blowjob or fuck, and where to meet him. Because he has a roommate, and there's no way in hell I'm letting Dave know what's going on, that means a lot of car and bathroom sex. I can't tell you the last time I fucked in a bed. Never counted on that being something I'd miss.

Speaking of things I miss...At least when I'm busy with Brian, class, or wrestling, I'm not thinking about John. But even trying to stay away from the dorm doesn't seem to matter. Seeing him in the parking lot the other morning was...not great. I'd like to hope he didn't see who's car I was getting out of, but the look on his face... I shake my head and reach for my toothbrush. This is why I need to stay occupied.

My phone buzzes on the counter once I start brushing my teeth, and I grab it with my free hand. Brian. Of course.

'U up?' Could he be any more of a fuckboy?

I think about lying, but if he sees me in the dining hall he's just gonna get pissed off. 'Yeah, what's up?'

'My roommate's uncle died.' Uh, okay? 'He left this morning to go home for the funeral. Gone all weekend.' Ah.

'Want me to come over?' Why else would he be texting me?

'Good boy, ur learning.' Ugh. I don't want to be your good boy.

'Let me get ready. Be there in 30.' Breakfast will have to wait until after.

'Bring ur gym clothes.' Huh?

'Why?' We didn't have practice today or anything.

'Cause we're gonna go to the gym after, dumbass.' I narrow my eyes on my phone. What the fuck is he getting at? Does he think we're gonna be workout buddies too?

Fuck that.

I hop in the shower and get myself cleaned up and out. Doesn't take me too long, and I already have a gym bag ready to go so I can sneak out without waking up Dave. It's not that I don't wanna talk to him, I just have no idea what I'd say... about any of this. I slip out quietly and lock the door behind me.

Brian's dorm hall is right next to mine, and I'm knocking on his door in five minutes.

"Took you long enough." Brian looks unimpressed once he opens the door. I just roll my eyes and walk past him inside.

His dorm is pretty much the same as mine. It's not too difficult to tell which bed is his either - one side of the room is a lot more well kept than the other. I drop my bag at the foot of Brian's bed and start taking my clothes off.

"Damn, someone's eager." Brian taunts and follows my lead, ripping off his own shirt.

I roll my eyes but say nothing, just finish disrobing and hop back onto the bed. I hate to admit it, but I really am looking forward to having sex in a bed again. Maybe I can convince him to take a nap or something after.

Shucking his shorts, Brian doesn't climb onto the bed with me but instead walks over towards my head. He steps closer to the bed and draws me towards him. Unsurprised, I open my mouth and swallow him down. For whatever Brian may be into, sex with him is pretty predictable. A blowjob, followed by anal, usually in doggy style.

The latter especially, because he seems to really get off on watching me cum uncontrollably. It's probably the kinkiest thing he does. Not that I want him to start making things kinkier. It's just not what I'm used to. With John, I could always count... Why am I even comparing the two of them? This is nothing like what I had with John. What the hell is wrong with me?

I stop thinking about that and instead focus on the cock that is poking at the back of my throat. The hand on the back of my head is holding me close to the edge of the bed while he pumps in and out of my mouth. At least he's doing most of the work. Sometimes I still wish we could go back to this just being about blowjobs. But nope, ever since that night in the hotel, he's been hooked on my ass. An accolade I never asked for.

"Alright," Brian removes his dick from my mouth as if on cue. "Spread 'em, and stay on your back."

I roll my eyes but move to the requested position in the center of the bed. Since most of our fucks lately have been somewhere public, they've pretty much all been doggy. I'm not surprised that now that we're back in a bed, he wants to see my face. It's not like it's something romantic, it's just like the night in the hotel. Whatever, he can watch me all he wants. I'm gonna close my eyes and pretend he's Chris Evans.

Brian shuffles onto the bed, opening the lube bottle with a pop. He slicks up his cock as he moves towards me, and I hitch my arms under my knees and pull back so he can lube up my hole next. He tosses the bottle to the side and replaces one of my hands with his own, aiming his cock at my hole with the other. I hiss as I feel my hole being breached, scrunching my eyes up in the process.

"Fuck yeah." Damnit, his voice is going to make it a lot harder to pretend like I'm getting pounded out by Captain America.

I say nothing, allowing him to replace my other hand so that he's now pushing my legs back with both. After a moment of enjoying the warm tightness of my ass, Brian pulls back to begin the familiar slide in and out that I've gotten used to.

He's not actually half bad. Which I really, really hate admitting. And I never will, out loud. But if I've gotta get fucked by a blackmailing asshole, at least it's decent sex. That's... not really true, is it? Whatever, I don't want to think about that. More Chris Evans.

With both my hands free, I let them both wander down my body. I run one over my nipple, giving it a little tweak, while the other slides down the fur of my stomach. Ignoring the snickering above me, I give my cock a squeeze. It was a little weird not being caged at first, but I guess being able to jerk off again is cool.

Soon enough, Brian's thrusts have me feeling that familiar tightness in my stomach. I reach for his pillow to muffle my moan, and thankfully Brian doesn't stop me. These walls are paper-thin, he must know it too. Eww, his pillow smells like Axe.

Brian makes me cum two more times before he dumps his load in my hole with a low grunt. He releases my legs, letting them fall to the bed while he catches his breath. I waste no time in stretching my legs, happy for the excuse to let his cock slip out of my ass. It's only another minute before he moves out from between my legs and off the bed.

I turn and put my feet on the floor, looking for where I threw my clothes. I spot them near the door and stand. I'm hungry. Brian eyes me as I bend over and slip my briefs on.

"Where the hell are you going?" He sounds incredulous as he steps over to me.

"Uh... To get breakfast?" Fuck, he's not gonna wanna come with me, is he?

"The last thing you need is breakfast." He pokes me with emphasis.

"What the hell?" I slap his hand away from my tum...stomach.

"Why do you think I told you to bring your gym bag?" He nods at it sitting against the wall. "Grab it. We're working out."

"The hell are you talking about?"

"I'm tired of hearing Coach Timms bitching about your weight gain." He slaps my midsection this time. Oww. "Now that I own your ass, we're putting you on a diet and workout regime.

"The hell 'we' are! You do not fucking own my ass" Like hell if he thinks I'm going along with this.

"Don't I?" Brian's tone turns to snark in an instant, casually flipping through his phone before turning it around.

Fuck. Maybe closing my eyes during wasn't the smartest thing. Brian flips through a few photos he snapped of me while we were fucking. My eyes are closed, but I am clearly enjoying myself. Hands on my chest, my dick. Definitely doesn't look like I'm fighting it.

"Got some video too." He turns his phone back and I can hear the audio he captured of one of my muffled moans. Goddamnit.

"Why do you even care about this?" I'd rather just get kicked off the team at this point.

"Aww, you should be happy that I care." He pats my ass gently twice, then grabs at my stomach fat. "Now grab your bag, tubby. We're going to the gym."

"Ten more minutes." Brian's voice comes over my left shoulder as I use the elliptical. "Then you can get on a bike."

I grip the handles tighter in anger but say nothing. I've been at this for twenty minutes already. When we got here and changed, I assumed we'd just do some weight lifting together. A wrestler's normal routine. But no, Brian was going to lift weights, while I would be doing cardio, and only cardio. I hate cardio.

I reach for my water bottle when I feel my stomach growling again. Fuck, I'm starving. I hate this. Why am I doing this? Oh right, blackmail. I think back to the pictures (and video, apparently) Brian took earlier. The asshole was just gathering more and more things to hold over my head and control me.

I channel the anger coursing through me right now into moving faster. Why was he doing this? It can't be the sex, because he's clearly not satisfied with just that. Now he wants to control the rest of my life. Going to the gym, the fucking wrestling team.

Making me break up with my boyfriend.

I grip the handles of the elliptical even tighter, moving even faster. Okay, I know he didn't make me break up with John, but what was I going to do? Just keep cheating on him, sneaking around behind his back with this absolute piece of shit? Just so that he'll keep my secret.

Why am I such a coward?

Oh, shit. I kinda lost track there, didn't realize how fast I was...going. I start to slow down but, I uh... I don't feel so... good...


"I think he's coming to." Why was it so dark?

"What... What's going on?" I open my eyes and see two faces looking down at me. Because I am laying on my back, on the floor.

"You okay man?" One of the people looking down at me asks. "You passed out. Stumbled backward and just kinda hit the floor."

"I... Yeah I think I'm okay." I try to sit up using my hands, but feel a little wobbly.

"Woah, careful." A girl with short brown hair warns me before handing me my water bottle. "Take it easy for a minute."

"Thanks." I take a long drink of water, and my stomach growls again. "I think I just need to eat something."

"What happened?" I look to my right to see Brian walking over. And then I notice that about half the gym is watching me because of my fall. Great.

"He passed out, fell over." The girl explains for me.

"Oh shit." Brian looks surprised. Prick.

"Yeah, but I think I'm okay now. Really." I hold my arm out to the guy and he grasps it, helping me to my feet. I'm a little unsteady but I try to muster a smile for my rescuers. "Seriously, thanks, guys."

"You sure you're okay?" The guy asks, seeming none too eager to get back to his workout.

"Yeah, I'm just gonna call it here and head out. Thanks again." I nod my head at him and the girl, ignoring Brian.

"Okay. Maybe go see a doctor if your head starts hurting or anything later." The girl says with a final wave, walking towards the treadmills.

I give the same way to the guy before turning and heading to the locker room, still ignoring Brian. Fuck this place and fuck him.

"Where do you think you're going?" Brian asks from behind me as I grab my gym bag in the thankfully empty room.

"To get some fucking food." I slam the locker and turn to exit. I'm not even going to bother getting changed.

"Well hold the fuck up, I'll come with you." I stop dead in my tracks.

"No, you fucking won't," I nearly growl. "Stay the fuck away from me."

"Who the fuck do you think you're talking to right now, boy?" Brian's trying to put on his best Dom voice. It's not working.

"Who am I talking to?" I turn around, feeling unhinged. "I don't know. Some asshole who couldn't just mind his own fucking business? Someone obsessed with me to the point of never just leaving me alone? Someone so pathetic that the only way they can get me to fuck them is to blackmail me? Take your fucking pic."

"You better watch how you fucking speak to me, bitch." Brian's eyes narrow as I step toward him. "You really want your friends finding out you love taking it up the ass?"

"Friends? What friends have I even had time to see since you started stalking me." I push him on the chest. "Are you gonna tell the frat? Because I haven't spoken to any of them in weeks. The wrestling team? I don't even want to be on it anymore because of you." Another push on the chest. "Do you think I give a shit anymore?! Because of you, I had to give up the one thing I cared about!" I push him again, this time with both hands, and send him flying to the floor.

"Everything alright in here?" Of course, someone would walk in at just that moment.

"Yeah, I was just leaving." I turn and leave before Brian has a chance to get off the ground.

"You're gonna regret this!" I hear him shout after me. He's probably right, but I don't look back.

I'm not sure where exactly I'm heading at first. I'm just so fucking angry. But soon, I hear Brian's words echoing in my head, 'you're gonna regret this,' and my stomach sinks. What did I do? Brian's probably sending those pictures around to people as I think this. I'm so fucked.

But... That also means I have nothing left to lose. Okay, now I know where I'm heading: the frat house.

The frat house is as busy as it usually is this time of morning, the brothers who live here milling around the living room and kitchen. No one seems to notice me, but I don't really pay enough attention to care. I walk past everyone, making a beeline straight for the hallway leading to John's room. I hesitate for only a second before knocking.

"I dunno man, I can talk to..." I see John talking to Jeff as he opens the door. Then he sees it's me. "Oh. I... Hi?" John's face shifts from surprised, to skeptical, and then to annoyed in a split second.

"Hi... Can we talk?" Maybe... Maybe I should have called or sent a text first.

"I... guess?" Still looking annoyed, John steps to the side and lets me enter his room.

"Uh, maybe I should head out..." Jeff starts going towards the door.

"Brian's been blackmailing me." The sudden reminder that I'm not wanted here causes me to blurt out.

"...What?" John just looks confused now.

"...Maybe I'll stay." Jeff lets his hand fall from the doorknob. At this point, I don't care.

"It's just, I didn't want to break up with you." I start rambling. "But he caught me and then he had pictures and he was going to tell everyone if I didn't do what he said and--"

"Hey." John puts his hand on my shoulder, making me look up to see that concerned look on his face that I miss seeing. "Slow down. Take a breath and start at the beginning."

The look of genuine concern on his face is affecting me in ways I didn't expect. I really missed him. I do as requested, taking a few deep breaths. John motions towards his bed so I can sit down.

"Okay. It started the morning after the last frat party. The one where we had all the guys back in your room." The 'where I got fucked by several of my frat brothers' went unspoken. "When I was leaving your room, I didn't see Brian in the hall behind me, and he caught me... sniffing one of your jocks."

I hear Jeff snort a laugh and I glare. "Ahem. Sorry."

"Anyways. He saw me doing that and he started saying shit that freaked me out. Like how because it was you, he knew exactly what I was getting up to. I started panicking" I really wish I didn't have to relive this, I can feel the fear and anger starting to bubble up. "Then later that day, he threatened me. Told me he would tell everyone about what he saw... Unless I blew him."

"What." John's tone is cold and I see hands squeeze into fists.

"I'm sorry! I panicked. I didn't want to lie or to cheat on you." Fuck, now I feel like I'm going to cry. "I was just so freaked out. And then he started taking pictures and making more threats. I didn't know what else to do and--"

"Lance, no, I'm not--" John pause to take a deep breath and puts his hand on my shoulder again, though his expression still seems pretty angry. "I'm not mad at you. I'm mad at him for what he did to you. Keep going."

I sniffle and nod. "After that, he just got more and more demanding. He'd hold the pictures over my head unless I did what he said. Then during that away game, he managed to get the same room as me and...that was the first time he fucked me. And after that, I just couldn't...couldn't keep lying to you. I could barely look at you without feeling like shit." Can't really look at him now, either.

"Which is why you broke up with me a couple of weeks later." John puts the rest of the story together himself, and I nod. John starts pacing, bringing one hand up to his beard and pulling while the other stays clenched in a fist. He's angry.

"I'm guessing that's also why no one's seen you around the house lately, either." Jeff chimes in. "Fred was asking about you the other day."

Fuck, Fred. I don't think I've even talked to him since I saw him at my game a couple of months ago. And I don't even know if I can blame that one solely on Brian. Some little brother I am. "He just kept finding ways to take up more of my time and I spent the rest of the time avoiding everyone else. He made me go to the gym today. Like, ordered me to." The anger starts to override the other feelings bouncing around my head right now. "He said I needed to lose weight because of the wrestling team. I worked out for like half an hour on an empty stomach before I passed out and hit the floor."

"You passed? Are you okay?" John's pacing stops and he turns to see me grimacing, though it's because of the fall. It's what happened right after.

"Yeah, just hungry." I missed John being worried about me.

"Hold on." John opens one of his desk drawers to pull out...a chocolate bar. The kind I really like. Fuck now I'm back to tearing up. I take it and set it down for the moment.

"I got up and went to grab my bag so I could leave, and Brian followed me into the locker room." I push forward with the rest of the story. "He wanted to leave with me, and that's when I flipped my shit. Insulted him, cursed him out, and pushed him to the floor."

"Good." John attempts to console.

"No, not good. Because he's probably going to start sending those pictures to everyone if he hasn't already." I wonder if I sound as broken as I feel.

"Hold on. We're talking about Brian who's also on the wrestling team? Brian Dinello?" Jeff is flipping through his phone and looks at me for confirmation. I nod. "This Brian?"

Jeff turns his phone towards me to show me a picture of a smiling Brian, laying on his chest, with a guy - presumably Jeff, but I can only see the torso - pounding him in the ass. My jaw hits the floor.

"Where the fuck did you get that?" John's eyes are as wide as my own.

"Dude, I'm in it." Jeff flips through a few more photos, all of Brian, all with a dick inside him. "I've been fucking Brian like once or twice a month all school year."

"How did I not know about this?" John is flabbergasted.

"Because I can keep a secret." I guess John wasn't wrong to place his trust in Jeff before.

"I don't... What the fuck, man?" That fucking asshole has the nerve...

"Yeah, he loves to take pictures and shit during." Jeff continues flipping. Jesus, there's a lot.

"Narcissistic prick," John grouses.

"I don't understand, why is he doing this to--" My phone buzzes in my pocket and I pull it out. It's a message from Brian. "Fucked. I am so fucked." I turn my phone to show both John and Jeff what Brian sent me. It's one of the pictures he took earlier today, with the question 'do you think the team will like this?' underneath. I can see the anger raging in John's eyes.

"This actually isn't a bad thing," John says after taking another moment to compose himself.

"How is this not bad?!" I wave my phone in the air in frustration.

"Because, if he's still threatening you, that means he hasn't sent it yet." John reasons with me. "The second he sends those pictures out, he loses all his leverage. He doesn't think he's done with you yet."

"So what, I go back to being his cumdump until he decides that he is?" John winces at the words 'his cumdump.'

"No. What we do now is decide how you want to handle this." John sits at his desk, speaking very calmly. "Thanks to Jeff here, we have some leverage of our own. At the very least we can probably use those pics to get him to refrain from posting yours and leaving you alone." John clasps his hands together and leans forward. "But I'm not exactly happy witht he idea of him getting away with any of this."

"I'm not either." Brian has made my life hell for two months now. "What are you thinking?" I'm curious, though not quite hopeful.

"Well, we could go the legal route. Tell the university or the cops." So tell more people about this, great. "But...unless he sent you a bunch of threats over text, the blackmail will be hard to prove. And don't trust either of those institutions when it comes to handling sexual assault crimes."

I wince when John says sexual assault, but I know that's what it was. I didn't want any of that. "Not to mention that he'd still have the pictures and could still decide to post them somewhere." He might even do that as soon as he finds out I talked to John. But I know John isn't saying this because he has no ideas. "So what are our other options?"

"Yeah bro, you got a plan?" I almost forgot Jeff was in the room still.

"I've got one formulating." John turns to Jeff then back to me. " would mean you'd have to go a few more days under that prick's control. You'd have to pretend like everything's 'business-as-usual' until at least the end of the week."

"I can do that." I don't want to do that, but if it means payback...

"Well, maybe I don't want you to do that." John gives me a grumpy smile. "But okay. Jeff," John turns again to Jeff, "I want you to go grab Aaron, Pete and any other 'open-minded' friends you can think of."

"Aye aye, frat daddy." Jeff gives John a salute before leaving the two of us alone.

"Hey." John gives me a sad smile. "I missed you."

"Hey." I give him one right back. "I missed you too."

"Okay, more time for that later." Another squeeze on my knee. "So, for what I'm thinking, this Friday we'll--"

"Hey, guys, change of plans." Jeff bursts back into the room. "Brian's here. Looking pretty cagey."

"Shit. He's looking for you. He's trying to find out if you told me anything or not yet." John's fists are once again clenched. "He has no idea how fucked he's gonna be. But that means we have to sneak you out of here without seeing."

"How do we do that?" The frat house doesn't have a back door or anything.

"Window?" Jeff asks.

"Window." John agrees and then moves to his window. "Haven't had to sneak a boy out this way since the last closet case I was fucking."

I move over to the window next to John. There's a bush in front of it, but there's a big enough gap between it and the window that I should be able to squeeze through. Might get a little scratched up, but I can deal. I unlock and open the window myself.

Sneaking out a window is a lot more awkward then I expect. They make it seem so easy on TV. With John's help, I manage to climb over the ledge and pull the rest of my upper body through, backward. Before I have a chance to move, John takes me by the wrist.

"I really really really missed you, boy." He pulls my head in and gives me a deep, if not chaste, kiss on the lips, before handing me the chocolate bar I left on the bed. "Call me when it's safe."

"Yes, Sir." God, I missed saying that. I lean in for another kiss, before starting the awkward slide against the side of the house to escape my brambly prison. John gives me one last sad smile before he closes and relocks the window.

A few passersby give me weird looks as I come out from behind the bush, but I just ignore them. I try to take a different path back to my dorm than usual, on the off chance that Brian keeps looking. All the while I'm trying to brainstorm ideas for how I'm going to smooth things over with that dick after what happened in the gym earlier today. Probably a blowjob at the very least.

I'll do it. Because I trust John when he talks about just how fucked Brian is going to be.