Chapter 13


"Alright, you guys should be good for the next few hours." Mike walks through the living room towards the front door. "You sure you don't wanna tell me what's going on?"

"It's really better that you don't know." I clasp my hand on his shoulder and give him my best dad look. I spent the last couple of days making plans, but for them to work I need a mostly empty house. The only way that was going to happen was by enlisting the help of Mike, the frat president. Luckily it's a Friday, and a football night, so it wasn't too difficult to round everyone up in the name of school spirit.

"Trust me, man, it's just something we gotta handle." Pete backs me up. Plausible deniability is always a good thing to have. "It's for the good of the frat."

Mike has a look of hesitation on his face but says nothing. "Alright. Well... Let me know when it's 'handled,' I guess." He opens the front door. "Good luck."

"Thanks." I shut the door behind him and turn to Pete, Jeff, and Aaron. "Alright. People should start getting here soon, everything still set, Jeff?"

"You got it, boss." Jeff gave me a thumbs up. "Checked with him this morning and Brian's all set to come over in a couple of hours for some "fun" in my room."

"Perfect. I'm gonna go grab some of the 'equipment' you're gonna need. You guys go take care of what you need to, and I will see you two in my room in about an hour." I point to Pete and Aaron.

"Aye aye, frat daddy." Jeff salutes me and the three boys split to finish getting ready.

I head back to my room, pulling out my phone on the way. I wanna double-check that everyone who's coming is on their way. This has to go off without a hitch. I'm gonna nail this fucker. In more ways than one.

Lance and I have spoken a few times since I saw him two days ago. Never for long, and never about much more than what's the current situation with Brian. Let's just say that since Lance's little rebellion, Brian has been rather...demanding of his attention. I'm not normally the jealous type, but I'd say the current situation warrants some fucking rage on my part.

I know I'm not the one to blame, for any of this, but still... It feels like I failed Lance. I'm supposed to take care of him, make him feel safe. I promised I would. And then...

Like I said, rage.

I slam my door a little too hard before I sit on my bed and finish texting. I'm expecting guests, and everyone seems to be on their way. I stand and walk over to my dresser, opening up my toy drawer. I pull out a ball gag and a couple pairs of handcuffs - that should be all we really need for later. I exit and walk up the stairs to Mike's room so I can hand them over.

"Damn dude." Mike takes the object, looking over each one.

"Trust me. This is me being nice." I turn to leave the room. "Text me once he's secured."

"Aye aye!" Mike calls as I walk back downstairs, just in time to see Lance coming through the front door.

"Hey." I smile and walk towards him. "Glad you were able to get away."

"He wanted a blowjob this morning, but that was the last I saw of him." Lance shrugs. "He didn't tell me what he's doing, but I'm guessing it's getting ready for his 'date' with Jeff."

"Perfect. Jeff's just finishing getting ready now and the other guys should be here soon." I led Lance back to my room. Don't wanna chance Brian showing up early and spotting him here.

"So what exactly is the plan?" I hadn't told Lance anything yet, not wanting to chance Brian figuring anything out.

"Well, first the other guys are gonna get here. You'll know Rico, Paul, and Brady. There's also a boy named CJ coming." I sit at my desk and walk Lance through my plan. "I just gave Jeff some of my bondage gear, and he's going to let me know when Brian is on his way. Then, I'm going to go hide in his closet."

"...You're going to hide in his closet?" Lance looks a little puzzled.

"Just until Jeff gets the cuffs on him and secures him." I shrug before continuing. "I know I don't need to wait in the closet, but I really want to see the look on his face when I come out of it."

"...Can I hide in there too?" Lance questions.

"I don't see why not." I smile, glad Lance is interested in participating.

"And then what?" Lance sits on my bed.

"We'll have the other guys waiting outside the room, and then you, me, and everyone else... We're just gonna scare the shit out of him." I pause, thinking I may want to add a disclaimer given the direction tonight may end up going. "Look, I really wanna freak this guy out, so you might see and hear some stuff that gonna seem pretty fucked up. Just know, outside of a little slapping around, I'm not actually going to let Brian be hurt tonight."

"Okay. I trust you." Lance smiles, only for a moment. "Though I'm not exactly sure I care if he's not hurt at this point."

"Well, we'll have a lot of options." I try to joke but I can hear the anger and hurt in Lance's voice. For however angry I may be, it doesn't compare to what Lance has been going through. I'm not sure what else to say. We fall into a silence that is not entirely comfortable or uncomfortable. I want to ask Lance about how he's been, but I already know the answer to that. I'm thankful when I get a text from Rico letting me know that he, Paul, and Brady were parking now.

"The boys are here, let's go meet 'em at the door," I tell Lance, getting up from my chair.

A few minutes later and I am letting three men in the house, two decked out in their full leather gear. I had told Paul and Rico to go all out, the more hardcore the better. They even brought a bag of toys. Brian's gonna freak.

"Glad you guys could make it. You look good." I close the door behind them and lead the guys to my room where they will be hiding.

"Yeah, I felt really underdressed when they drove by to pick me up." Brady jokes.

"What all did you guys bring?" I nod towards the duffle bag Rico has placed on my floor.

"Our harnesses, a few paddles, and our cattle prod." Paul counts off the objects on his fingers?

"You own a cattle prod?" Lance's eyes are wide.

Paul only responds by wiggling his eyebrows. I start to fill the guys in on the plan when I get another text, this time from CJ who's just getting here. Perfect. I go up to grab him, seeing Aaron and Pete in the living room. I bring them back so that everyone can make introductions, and then I make sure everyone's got the rundown for the evening. I'm just finishing up when I get the last text I am expecting for the night.

"Looks like someone's coming over early. Jeff says that Brian is on his way. Let's go boys." I lead the three frat brothers out of the room. Aaron and Pete are going to be stationed in the living room watching TV - don't want Brian suspicious of the place being completely empty. Lance and I climb the stairs to Jeff's room, whose door is open.

"Hey, everything is set. Lance is gonna hide with me in the closet, too." I lead the way inside.

"Oh, cool, might be a tight fit but should be fine." Jeff walks over to his closet and opens the double doors. I'm glad Jeff is mostly straight and doesn't have much of a wardrobe, leaves room for the two of us. Lance and I step in, turning around. I nod to Jeff and he closes the doors, blocking out most of our light. We can still see slightly through the slats in the closet doors, but the lack of light means Brian won't see us at all.

For now, all we see is Jeff puttering around his room. It's tempting to talk to him, but I don't wanna risk Brian sneaking up on us. So we wait. It actually gets pretty boring and I can't help but check my phone a few times. It feels like we've been in here twenty minutes but it's only been ten. But then finally, a few minutes later, Brian knocks on the half-open door. I feel Lance go tense and I reach over to squeeze his hand.

"Couldn't wait to get over here, huh?" Jeff teases Brian in the doorway.

"Well, it's been a while, and you did say you wanted to try out some of that stuff we talked about..." Brian walks the rest of the way into the room, shutting the door behind him.

I send a text to the boys downstairs, letting them know that Brian was here and in the room, so they can get into their own positions.

"I did a little shopping," Jeff lies, holding up a pair of handcuffs. "Now why don't you get your close off so I can put them on you."

"Yes Sir." Brian smirks - I can just hear it, okay? - before he starts stripping his clothes.

I've never seen Brian naked before, but from what I can see through this closet door, damn, the kid is kinda hot. I mean, he is an athlete, so that makes sense. I just don't like it. Douchey, entitled, hot people are the worst. I watch as he strips all his clothing before Jeff pulls him in. He grabs him by the hair and kisses him roughly before turning him around and pulling his hands behind his back.

Jeff cuffs Brian's wrists together before walking him towards the bed, pushing him onto his stomach. I never would have noticed it on my own, but the two of them have very similar builds. Jeff's not an athlete but he's no slouch when it comes to working out, as the weights on the floor to my left show. Those handcuffs are the real deal, but still, I'm glad we have a few guys here that can hold their own against Brian in a fight.

"My feet too?" Brian questions as he looks behind him to see Jeff putting the second pair of cuffs on him.

"There's something special I have in mind, okay?" Jeff gets up to retrieve the last item - the ball gag. The house is mostly empty but there's still a brother or two in their bedrooms. This is so we don't risk Brian making any noise and ruining our plans. "This too."

Brian says nothing, but I can see him looking at the ballgag, probably eyeing it warily. Still, he opens his mouth and allows Jeff to place it on him, securing the strap at the back of his head.

"There we go, perfect." Jeff smiles and leans over, petting Brian's hair, before straightening up. "This is gonna be fun." Instead of doing anything further with Brian, Jeff walks over to his closet and opens the doors.

"Hey asshole." I step out of the closet with Lance, with a big old shit-eating grin on my face.

Brian's eyes go wide, flickering between Lance and me in a panic.

"I've been talking to Lance here, Brian, and you've been a very busy boy lately." I step closer, petting Brian's head in as creepy a manner as I can imagine.

"Mmffrfmmgr," Brian mumbles behind the gag, struggling to free himself. He manages to get upright but when he goes to stand, I guess he forgot all about his feet because he goes right to the floor with a thump.

I snort with laughter, loudly, before turning my head to the door. "Come on in guys."

The look of confusion on Brian's face fades when he sees the door open and six other men walk into Jeff's room. They fill in on either side of me, blocking anything else from Brian's view. It's not a super tight fit, the guys basically lining up along two of the walls near the door, which just means it'll be that much harder for him to get out of here.

"Sit him back on the bed," I say like the world's coolest mob boss. The guys all know this is just for appearance so no one's offended by the order.

"Mhmt mmr mmm mming?!" Brian struggles as Paul and Jeff lift him by the shoulders onto the bed, each keeping a hand on him to hold him upright. "Mmm mm mh mm!"

"Yeah there's a reason we put a gag in your mouth asshole, it's not your turn to talk." I bend down and smack him lightly on the cheek, just enough to get his attention. "As I said, you've been very busy. You took something of mine. Someone very important to me. And then you hurt them. Over and over. For a month. That's pretty fucked up Brian."


"I said it's not your turn to talk, Brian." I smack him harder this time, certainly enough to sting. I know violence isn't the answer, but sometimes it still feels good. "Where's his phone?"

"Mmm?" Brian's eyes go towards his jeans, thrown over a chair.

I say nothing, Aaron is standing closest to them and digs through the pockets, pulling out a silver case. I hold my hand out and take the proffered phone, showing it to Brian as if I had just won it as a prize.

"Now, in a second here I'm going to take your gag off so that you and I can finish discussing things." I hand the phone to CJ, which is the reason he's here. "Before you try to do something stupid like scream, you should know that the house is empty. And between the eight of us, we have some very creative ways of making sure you stay quiet. Nod if you understand."

Brian gives a hesitant nod, probably eager to get the ball stretching his mouth and making him drool out. Satisfied, and with Jeff and Paul still holding him by the shoulder, I reach behind his head to undo the buckle, allowing the gag to fall out of Brian's mouth. He stretches his jaw while CJ taps me on the shoulder.

"I'm not the kind of boy to say I told you so Sir, but..." He turns the phone to show me the lock screen. Well then, lucky us. "Hold him still for a sec."

"Gladly." I step back towards Brian, who suddenly struggles again for a moment before I grab him by the hair roughly. I hold his head steady while CJ shoves the phone in his face.

"CJ here bet me that you were, and I quote, 'one of those narcissistic iPhone fags who uses face unlock' and that we probably wouldn't have to do much to get in your phone." I lean forward to inform my captive. "Now I owe him lunch because of you."

It seemed like a cliche, but when I figured I'd need a way to get into this dickbag's phone, I asked the one boy that came to mind. CJ is a twinky little blonde nerd who works part-time at one of the campus computer labs. Every now and then we get together on one of his lunch breaks or before a shift starts. When I asked if he could hack into someone's locked phone, he first told me that just because he's good with computers doesn't mean he's a phone hacker, and then he said yes.

"Alright, I'll let you know when I'm done and what I find." I release Brian's hair and CJ steps over to a corner of the room to begin pouring through the contents of Brian's phone.

"My friend there is going to look through your phone and find every copy of every picture and video you took of my boy, and any other unsuspecting boys you might have pulled this shit with. Who knows what kind of interesting shit we might find." I take out my own phone, pulling up one of the many, many pictures Jeff sent me of Brian and himself earlier, and turn it to show to Brian. "Because you've been up to a whole lot, haven't you Brian?"

Brian's face pales as he realizes the extent of what I know. "Look, man, I'm sorry. I didn't mean anything by it."

"Didn't mean anything by it?" My tone chills. After what he did? "You blackmailed my boyfriend into fucking you. For a month. You've failed as a friend, as a teammate, and as a brother. You owe us a hell of a lot more than just an apology." I grab him again by the hair and force him to meet my gaze.

"I... I... I..." Brian's eyes go wide. "What do you want, man? Money? I can get you money."

"Oh no Brian, I don't want anything you own. Unlike you, I can respect another man's property." I pull his hair with me as I sway slightly, my voice sounding more and more unhinged as I continue to speak. "You see Brian, when a boy misbehaves, it's my responsibility to punish them. And you, Brian, have misbehaved a lot." I release his hair and grab him under the chin, forcing him to look at me while I put on the creepiest smile I can muster. "How do you think I should punish you?"

"I.. I.." Brian stammers, seemingly about to hyperventilate.

I pull back and laugh, turning to pace in a small circle and take in the rest of the room. I see CJ sitting at the desk, the light of Brian's phone illuminating his face. The rest of the guys have moved in, closing the circle around Brian even tighter. I see Lance standing next to Rico, his face watching intently.

"Put him on the floor," I point to the center of the room for Jeff and Paul to move him. He does so very reluctantly, his body flushing red. I realize pretty quickly it's because his dick he is now revealing is more than half hard. This prick is enjoying this treatment. I'm not entirely surprised given some of the things Jeff told me he had been wanting to do together.

"You really are a sick fuck." I shake my head, bemused at the betrayal of this boy's body. "Get on your knees."

Brian says nothing, wordlessly sinking to his knees, his body now a full shade of pink. Now, truth be told, this is how I planned on ending the evening. With Brian naked and humiliated, his phone in my possession while I get whatever I need from it. I probably have more than enough on him now to keep him in line. I might have mentioned to the guys that the night could go this way...and after seeing Brian's reaction to all this? I'm glad I did.

"Lance." I turn my head to call for my boy. Do I get to call him my boy again? "C'mere."

Lance wordlessly pads over to stand beside me in front of Brian.

"So, what do you want to do with him?" I ask while still staring pointedly at Brian.

"What do you mean?" Lance looks at me instead. "I... I don't want him to get hurt."

"Hey. Just trust me for a little bit longer." I give his hand a squeeze, and my first sincere smile since Brian got in here. "What I mean is, between the two of us, he hurt you more directly than me. Now, with his phone and what we know about him, we probably have enough leverage to keep him behaving at least through graduation. But I'm not sure that feels like enough of a punishment to me."

"With everything he did to you, I don't see why he shouldn't have the same done to him. Now, we have a naked boy on his knees here in a room full of men who know exactly what to do with boys like this." I reach forward with my leg and tap his hard cock with the tip of my shoe. "But it's your call, Lance. Do we end things here, or do we put this bitch to work?"

I watch Lance's face as he takes his time mulling over a decision. I'm not entirely sure which way he'll go. I'm not entirely convinced something like this is in Lance's nature. Then again, I didn't spend the last month being blackmailed and raped by someone I hate. When I see his fist clench up, I think I have my answer.

"Fuck him." Lance practically spits out at Brian, who looks up in surprise.

"Well, you heard the man." I gesture towards Lance's pants. "Take his dick out."

Brian meekly shuffles forward, hands shaking slightly as they go to Lance's waistband. All around me I can hear the shuffling of feet as the other men in the room draw in closer, the last of the robes, and even some clothing, dropping to the floor.

Brian fishes Lance's cock out from his underwear, holding it steady as he moves his mouth towards its target. There's little hesitation on his part, I'm assuming because he's done this more than a few times. I had no idea this kid was even gay. As soon as the cock enters Brian's mouth, the mood in the room starts to shift, the guys all moving in closer to close the circle around Brian. I start reaching into my shorts to feel myself. A couple of the guys have taken off their shirts. Everyone has their cock in hand or has it bulging out from their underwear.

I step wrapping my left arm around Lance's waist. Brian is still sucking Lance's now fully-hard cock. "Mind if I cut in?"

"He's all yours." Lance smiles and pulls Brian's head off his dick pushing him towards mine. I grab him by the hair and guide him the rest of the way, pushing the full length of my cock in his mouth.

I watch Brian bob up and down a few times before I turn my attention to Lance on my left. I squeeze his waist again and draw his attention. Man, I missed that face. His eyes, the strawberry-blonde scruff, his smile. This wasn't exactly what I had in mind for a reunion, but I'll take it. I pull him in for a kiss at the same time I start pumping my hips forward, fucking into Brian's face.

"I missed you," I say when I break our kiss.

"Missed you too." He smiles, then looks down at Brian having his face fucked. "Not exactly what I saw coming when you told me you had a plan, though."

"Not exactly my plan." I shrug. "But I try to take what life throws at you." I look down at Brian, currently gagging as I hold his head all the way down. "You should be the first to fuck him, too."

"Yeah?" Lance looks over Brian's shoulders at his ass, considering the offer. He bends and reaches down a hand, smacking Brian's ass and giving an appreciative hum. I can speak from personal experience when I tell you that wrestlers have amazing asses. "Does anyone have any--"

"Not that he deserves it, but here." Paul cuts him off and hands him a tube of lube. I'm glad he decided to be the boy scout this time because I did not plan for this.

"Thanks." Lance looks bemused that someone brought lube. He walks around the circle, cutting through on the other side and kneeling down behind Brian. The only resistance Brian has shown so far was pushing back when I was forcing him down on my cock. I can still see his hard dick bobbing underneath him, so I really don't think he's minding his treatment all that much.

Lance pops the cap on the lube and squeezes some out, quickly and roughly fingering some into Brian's ass. Brian gasps around my dick, letting out a whine of discomfort. Lance slicks himself up with what's still on his hand. He could probably use a little more lube than that, but I think that's kind of the point.

I move onto my knees, dragging Brian down with me so his ass is more level with Lance. Lance slaps his cock against Brian's ass before pushing in unceremoniously. I've got my hand tight in Brian's hair, ready to yank him off if I feel even the hint of teeth. Lance is making no effort to be gentle.

"Mmmff," Brian squeaks around my dick. Lance pushes himself into the hilt, pulling Brian back when he instinctively pulls away.

Once I'm satisfied my cock is safe, I return to feeding it to Brian, fucking his face at a pace I knew was just slow enough to keep him from gagging. Lance starts to pump his own hips, and soon enough we have settled into a steady rhythm, fucking Brian in tandem. Again, not how I imagined our reunion, but still pretty hot.

"You know what's really fucked up?" I look down at Brian, still force-feeding him my dick as I ask him the question. "If you weren't such a piece of shit, there's a chance we could have been friends. If you didn't manage to do everything humanly possible to make him hate you, there's a world where you and Lance could have fucked. And been happy about it." I punctuate my sentence by slamming my cock forward, forcing Brian to gag.

"Sorry, I can't see any universe where he isn't a colossal piece shit." Lance smacks Brian on the ass as we both continue fucking him. I don't argue.

Lance and I continue to pump Brian from both ends for a few more minutes before I decide I've had enough.

"Alright, well, when I blow my load it's definitely not going to be in your mouth so..." I turn my head to the crowd behind me. "Next."

I give Lance a wink as I slip my dick from Brian's lips, pulling up my shorts. I stand and squeeze my way through the gathering of men as another of them - Rico - kneels down to replace me in the boy's gullet. A small cheer erupts through the group as I step away for some breathing room. As I admire my questionable handiwork, I find Lance standing beside me.

"Hey." I don't really know what else to say now. It feels like I've been putting on a show for non-existent cameras for the past half hour. This is... Fuck, this is all probably way too much.

"Hey." Well, that's not a lot to work with, Lance.

"I know this is all..." I wave my hand at the gangbang in front of us.

"Fucked up?" His tone is oddly positive.

"Yeah, fucked up." I nod my head and laugh. "I know this doesn't actually fix anything..." I really should have thought this through more.

"This fixes a lot. This means I don't have to be that piece of shit's fucktoy anymore. This means I get my life back. " Lance looks at the scene in front of us while he speaks. "Maybe this is too harsh. Maybe I regret some of this later. But after everything he's done to me... Made me do... I'm finding it really hard to feel bad right now. So... Thank you."

Lance's tone almost brings a chill to my spine. There's a lot of anger there. Even more than me. Which makes sense since I'm not the one who spent the last month being raped. This is something that's going to take a lot more than revenge to fix. Especially revenge like this. If... When Lance wakes up with regrets tomorrow, it's going to be my fault.

"Hey, boss man." CJ stepping to my side pulls me from my thoughts.

"You got something for me boy?" I notice he's holding Brian's cell phone.

"Yep. Went through all his pictures. There were... a lot. Deleted everything I found of Lance. There were also some others where I couldn't exactly tell if the person knew they were being recorded, so..." CJ shrugs. "I just deleted everything. On the phone and in the cloud, including the backups I could find."

I nod. "And the rest?"

"Checked, and didn't look like he had any vault or other apps to hide pictures behind. Also checked his texts and it didn't look like he'd sent anything out, at least not of Lance. I made a clone image of everything before I made any changes, so I'll be able to take a more thorough look when I get home."

"Good boy." I reach out to take the phone from him. A glance at the screen shows that it's been wiped, ready for setup. Just as requested.

"Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna..." CJ points at Brian, currently straddling Jeff and swallowing Aaron.

"Have fun. Don't do anything I wouldn't." Which clearly isn't a lot.

"So... It's all gone?" Lance's eyes are on the phone.

"Yep. All of it. CJ will dump his clone once he's done looking for what he needs to. I wanted him to be thorough with this." I pocket the phone and pull out my own. "And now for a little insurance."

I step back over to the group, pushing my way to the front. Jeff is still on his back, his hips fucking up into Brian's ass while Brian sucks a standing CJ. who apparently stepped in to replace Aaron. With my phone still out, I open my camera and flip to video, making sure to aim the lens so that the only face visible is Brian's.

"Say cheese, cumdump." Brian's eyes flicker over to me, not even slowing down.

I keep my ringside spot as I act as cameraman for a few minutes as Brian works his way through a few different guys. Some, like CJ, cum pretty quickly and step back, letting someone else take their shot. A few, like Jeff, are clearly taking their time. Once I put the phone away, I don't notice how much time has passed until I see Lance kneeling in front of Brian, who has once again been put on all fours.

After about thirty minutes, things start to seem like they're winding down. Which is good, because the longer this goes the more of a chance some of the brothers come home and notice people back here, which would not be great. But we should have plenty of time, so I'm not worried. Time to enjoy myself a little.

Aaron is currently occupying his ass, his hands holding on tightly to Brian's waist as he drives himself forward. It's only a few more thrusts before Aaron unloads himself with a loud groan, grinding his cock into Brian's ass until he's finished. There's an audible pop when he pulls out.

I move forward to take his spot, once again pulling my cock out from my shorts. Given the scene in front of me, I'm having no problem standing at attention. The first thing I notice is the smell - there is so much cum. His ass is covered, his hole glazed white like a donut. I rub my cock against his hole and feel it squelch before I push in. No extra lube required.

"Mmmf." I give Brian's ass an appreciative slap as I sheath myself.

"Hey." Lance gives me a cocky smile.

"Fancy meeting you here." I give him a wink in return as I start to thrust.

I look around the room as I start my reaming of Brian's rear end. We're still the focal point in the room, most of the guys still standing around us, jerking their cocks. I say most because - yep, that's Rico's bent over getting fucked. Good for him.

Back to matters at hand, I look down, Brian's ass rippling with every slap of my thighs against his. My cock is a mess of white, as is the sloppy and well-fucked hole it is pounding into. Brian's taking this like a pro. This can't be his first time at the gangbang rodeo.

I'm done thinking about Brian, though. I got better things to look at. Like Lance, who I see has been staring at me this whole time. He looks hungry. Me too. I lean forward, reaching my arm around his shoulder and pulling him towards me. He doesn't fight me and I kiss him deeply as we lean against each other for balance.

You never realize just how unique a person tastes until you go without tasting them for a while. But there it is, that distinct flavor of Lance I didn't even realize I was missing. I moan into his mouth as I problem him with my tongue, my one free hand gripping Brian's ass as I sped up my thrusts.

The rest of the room seems to fade away as I kiss Lance. It's just him and me. And well, the warm hole around my dick. But I'm not really thinking about the specifics of that. Just feeling good and kissing my boy. The warm wet feeling around me as I slide in and out... fuck, I'm getting close.

My arm tightens around Lance's shoulders the closer I get. I'm breathing so heavily through my nose I can hear it, and I'm not so much kissing Lance as I am shoving my tongue as far in his mouth as I can. Then suddenly, I'm muttering a curse into his mouth and I blow. Fuck. Both arms are holding their targets tightly while I unload, with Lance doing most of the heavy lifting holding me steady.

I pull back and catch my breath as slowly the room comes back into focus. The first thing I notice is Lance, of course, staring at me with lidded eyes - he's way turned the fuck on. Then I notice the rest of the guys, including the one in front of me with a number of loads leaking out of his ass. Right. That was a little more sobering than I anticipated.

With a smile and a wink, I ease myself out of Brian's hole with a messy plop. Lance moves around to Brian's other end to replace me, and someone else moves in to take Brian's mouth. I step back from the circle of men still hungry for their turns, content to act as a spectator for the rest of the evening.

From there, things continue for a little under an hour. Paul had just finished breeding Brian for the second time and was currently having the boy clean it off now that he was done. As no one else was jumping for a shot at his ass, this seemed like a good place to call it.

"Alright, he's had enough." I nod to Paul, who has Brian finish up and then steps back, and Brian makes to stand. "Unh-uh. Stay right there."

I step in front of Brian and fish my now-soft dick from my shorts one last time. Brian leans his head forward to take it into his mouth, but I shake my head no. He only has the confused look on his face for a second before the stream of piss hits him in the face. He sputters but doesn't move, as I begin to spray him from head to toe.

Luckily for me the house just has this cheap fake-wood laminate, so I'm clean up won't be much of a problem. Jeff might be a little mad, but it's not like it'll be his job to clean it up. Once I'm finished, then I pull Brian's head forward, making him suckle the last few drops before I shove him away.

"Clean this shit up and get the fuck out," I spit, finally done with the trash at my feet.

Brian stands shakily, and before he has a chance to do much of anything, Jeff's hand is on his shoulder, giving me a side-eye as he leads him towards the door. "C'mon bitch, let's get you a mop."

The rest of us gather our things and get dressed. As we all make our way down the stairs I see Jeff marching Brian past us with a mop and bucket, content that he's got it handled from here. Jeff mentioned to me wanting to personally oversee Brian's... development going forward. Keep your enemies close, right?

Honestly... I'm not sure I know what I'm doing here anymore.

Which is why I'm standing here in the hallway staring at Lance, wanting to ask him to stay with me tonight, but too worried about the answer to actually do so. Rico and Paul just left, Aaron and Pete went up to their rooms, and miraculously none of the other brothers have come home yet. So just ask him, John. The worst he can say is no.

As long as that's the only question you ask.

"So..." Lance is staring at me, waiting. Maybe a little hopeful?

"So..." I take a deep breath. "I know that was... a lot. And I know that there's still... a lot. But for tonight do you wanna maybe just... sleepover? Like we used to? And then maybe we can talk in the morning?"

"Yeah." Lance smiles. I was right. Hopeful. "I'd really like that."

I grab his hand and interlace our fingers, pulling him into the room as I walk us towards the bed. Future John was going to have a whole lot to deal with in the morning, but for now, I just want to hold my boy.