Chapter 14


John shuts the door behind us as we enter the room. I look around. Nothing's different. Not that I expected it to be. It just feels like it's been forever since I've been in here. I inhale, probably a little deeper then I need to. It smells like John. Who is behind me. I turn to face him and find him looking at me.

"I'll get the shower started." There's a smile on his face as he passes me for the bathroom. I lift my arm and give myself a whiff. Oof. It's not like I reek or anything, but you can definitely tell I've been up to something. Normally I like going to sleep smelling like sex, but since some of this is Brian's... Yeah, a shower would be good.

"It'll be ready in a minute." John steps out of the bathroom. "I wasn't sure if you wanted to..."

"We can shower together." John looks relieved at my answer. I didn't realize he was so worried I wouldn't want to be here. It's not like him to be so unsure. I step over to him and intertwine our fingers. I want to be here.

"It's good to have you back." He squeezes my hand.

"I'm glad to be back." I lean in to kiss him, softly. No tongue, I think I'm sexed out for the night.

John let's go of my hand to wrap his arms around me, squeezing me and nuzzling into my neck. I hear him inhale, taking in my scent, so I do the same to him. We stand there in silence for a moment, the sound of the shower running in the background. It feels so good to be back here.

"C'mon, let's get this stank off us." John releases me and starts to pull off his clothing, so I do the same.

Once we are both naked, he takes my hand again, pulling me towards the bathroom. He checks the temperature with his hand before stepping in, leaving room for me to step in beside him. Once I'm in, he pulls me into him again, wrapping his arms around my back and placing his head on my shoulder.

Again we are silent as the water cascades down both our backs. John begins to sway slightly as we stand there, his arms rubbing up and down my back. Not trying to arouse, just feeling me. I nuzzle into his neck and kiss his collarbone. You don't even realize you miss stuff like this until you're doing it again.

We enjoy our shower cuddles for a few minutes, pulling our faces together and kissing softly. I use my hands to feel the muscles of his back, his ass, his arms. I run them over his chest and stomach, even reaching down to give his now semi-chubbed up cock a light squeeze. My Sir.

Reluctantly (I can tell), John releases his hold on me to grab the body wash, lathering us both up. He's not terribly thorough, but he hits the major areas - our chests, stomachs, armpits, asses, and crotches. I lay my head on his shoulder as he takes his time, eventually moving us slightly so we're under the water spray more directly, rinsing us off. Then, once again reluctantly, John turns the water off and we step out, toweling dry.

Towels thrown in the hamper, we go back to the bedroom. I'm exhausted, mentally if not physically, and John looks the same, so I don't protest when he beelines for the bed and crawls in. I follow, both of us still naked. John pulls me to him once I'm under the covers, calling out to his smart speaker to turn the lights out.

We're silent in the dark, facing each other. One of John's arms is around my waist, and I can feel his fingers stroking along my back. I'm just about to fall asleep when I feel the ghosting of lips against mine, and I'm gone.

I'm not sure what time it is when I wake up. I missed those blackout curtains. John's arm is still around my waist, but I must have flipped over at some point in the night because he's spooning me now. I'm not quite awake yet, but not quite going back to sleep either. I'm content to just lay there in the dark for however long until John shifts in his sleep and I feel his morning wood grinding against me.

Fuck, I haven't been fucked by anyone except that POS from last night for a month now. I don't feel weird saying I missed this dick. Even if Brian was a good fuck, he still never held a candle to John. I wonder if I can just...

Very carefully, I stretch my arm trying to reach for John's nightstand without waking him. His arm on my waist stays slack as I slide forward just slightly to reach the knob and open it. Just as carefully, I fumble inside the drawer for the familiar shape of the lube bottle, not bothering to close the drawer once I find it.

I squirt some out into my hand, dropping the bottle on the mattress in front of me as I reach my slick hand under the sheet behind me. When I reach his cock and start to slick it up, John stirs for the first time. I keep working methodically, before sliding the now wet dick to point at my hole.

"Lance?" John mumbles as I attempt to push myself back on his cock. I miss on the first try, but make it on the second.

John hisses and the arm around my waist tightens as I slide back slowly, inch by inch down his cock. He makes no attempt to pull me off, but he also doesn't push forward. Way more control then I usually have. Once I've taken the whole thing, I'm content to remain fully seated for a moment, enjoying the familiar full feeling.

I can feel John breathing heavily against my neck, but he still makes no attempts to move. I take it upon myself to start rocking back on his cock. I only have to do this a few times before John's finally woken up enough to take control. His hips start humping forward against me, and I relax and let myself sink into the mattress as he takes over.

This is bringing back all the best memories. It feels like it's been a lot longer than a month since I was last here. I lace my fingers with John's on my waist, and he nuzzles my neck in response. He continues to lazily pump into me in the dark, the heat underneath the covers starting build-up. I kick off the sheet once I can feel our legs getting too sweaty.

A few minutes later and John's thrusts change, picking up speed as his breathing gets harder. I know what's coming, my own cock hard and leaking. Getting off is the last thing from my mind though. I just want to feel that warm sticky feeling when-- Oh, fuck, here it comes.

I bite my lip as John pulls me back, stuffing his cock as deep into me as he can. His breath hitches, and I can feel his cock expand as he shoots. The warm feeling hits my guts and slowly spreads as he pumps more of his seed into me. God, I missed this. Missed him.

The two of us lay there in the dark, silent except our breathing. John's hand slowly strokes down my chest and stomach, unwilling to move from his position. Fine by me, as my hole wasn't quite ready to give him up just yet. I nearly fall back asleep by the time I feel John reluctantly slipping out of me, getting up from the bed and padding over to his hamper for a towel.

John cleans himself first, before climbing back onto the bed and affording my ass the same treatment. I sit up on my elbows as he finishes, then sits on the bed next to me, stroking up and down my arm. He turns on a low morning light and leans over and kisses the top of my head.

"How'd you sleep?" He asks, sounding a little worried.

"Good." I smile, a little confused. I see him relax at my answer.

"I'm glad." He smiles back.

"Everything okay?" Now I'm worried something's wrong.

"Yeah, I just... Yesterday was kinda nuts." He continues stroking my arm. "Guess I was worried you mighta had some weird dreams or something."

"Yesterday was pretty crazy, but..." I reach for his hand and squeeze. "Nope, no weird dreams."

"Good." He squeezes back. "Still, we should probably talk about a few things. But first..." John reaches for his nightstand and grabs both of our phones, handing mine to me and kissing my head again. "I gotta pee." A man who knows his priorities.

I move to sit up against his headboard and check my phone, happy to find it free of anything important. John rejoins me after just a few seconds, flipping through his own phone and climbing next to me on the bed.

"So, CJ texted me a little earlier." John puts his phone down. "He scoured the image of Brian's phone with his laptop and he thinks we're in the clear."

"'s really over?" Even though I remember last night clearly, it still doesn't seem real. I can still see all the pictures and video he took in my head.

"It's really over." John rubs my leg. "Between what we've got on him and what happened last night, I think it's safe to say Brian won't be bothering either of us again."

"Except when I see him on the wrestling team, or in the frat house." Even if he's been taken down, I'm still not interested in seeing his face anytime soon. "Or anywhere on campus."

"Well, we probably have enough leverage to make him quit those things, if you wanted," John shrugs. "Even make him transfer to another school or something."

"Hmm." I bite my lip. It's something to think about. "Maybe."

"So, about last night." John gives my leg a squeeze. "How are you feeling? Any...regrets?"

I know what he's getting at. Last night took a turn I wasn't expecting, though it seemed like maybe John had, at least a little. It's not like I had some inner monologue telling me to get even, but I'm also having a hard time feeling bad for any of it. Especially since the fucker seemed to enjoy the whole thing.

"No, I don't think so." I shake my head. "Last night was... not was I was expecting, sure. But you said it yourself. He's been doing that to me for a month. And it sure as shit seemed like he was having more fun than I've been." Thinking about it is just making me angry again.

"Well, good. I was really worried you might wake up today feeling different." John gives me a smile. "That said? I still think you should consider talking to someone about this."

"What, like a therapist?" John's a psych major, but I don't actually think he's mentioned therapy since I've known him.

"Or a counselor? Just someone to talk to." Another leg squeeze. "What you went through was pretty fucked up. Talking to someone about it might help with any lingering feelings. You don't have to tell them everything, you'll probably want to leave stuff out. Like the revenge gangbang. But I still think it would be good for you."

"Can I think about it?" I'm really not sure I want to talk to anyone else about this right now.

"Of course. That wasn't... I'm not giving you an order or anything." John suddenly looks nervous again. "I wasn't sure if you wanted to... Are we...?"

"A couple again?" I finish the question for him.

"To start with, I guess?" he half-jokes.

"I think..." My stomach suddenly growls. We both skipped dinner last night. "That I am very hungry. Can we maybe get some breakfast first?"

"Yeah." John relaxes a little and smiles. "I know just the place."

John hands our menus back to the waitress at Dan's once we're done giving our order, and he eagerly holds out his mug to be filled with the pot of coffee she already has ready to go. He leans over to the edge of the booth to grab the cream and sugar, adding them to his cup before turning to me.

"So..." John takes a sip of coffee. "We were talking"

"Right." I smile. "I never wanted there to stop being an 'us.' But...the longer it went on with Brian, the more I had to lie to you. After a while I just...couldn't do it anymore. Brian said if I told you what was going on, he was going to show those pictures to everyone, and I shouldn't have been such a coward and just--"

"Woah, Lance, no." John cuts me off curtly. "You did what a lot of people in your situation would have. None of that is your fault. If anything... I'm the reason you were even in that situation to begin with. If I didn't have the party in my room the night before... If I hadn't been constantly pushing things too far with you the entire time we've been together, none of this would have happened to begin with."

"I don't think you really..." I guess I can't say he didn't push me. But...he still always took care of me. "You never made me do anything I didn't want to."

"That's sweet of you to say but, I could have slowed down some." He takes another sip. "It's like I was...running you through a checklist, to make sure you could handle everything I wanted. Instead of just...chilling out and letting things develop a little more slowly." He adjusts the way he's sitting. "I think it's maybe not the first time I've done this sort of thing either."

"Okay, well... I really missed you. And I'd really like to go back to being your boy." I take a deep breath before I continue, because I'm not sure how receptive John's going to be to what I have to say next. "But, I was wondering if, maybe we could, kinda, just make it the two of us for a little bit? I don't mean like, forever, I just thought we could pick things up and get comfortable again and then--"

"Lance." John reaches across the table to grab my hand, cutting off my rambling again. "I think that sounds good." He smiles and squeezes my hand.

"Oh." I feel the tension in my shoulders leave me. "Really? I know it's not... Not what we originally said we would be."

"Really, Lance. I just want you to be happy." Another hand squeeze. "We'll take it slow, just the two of us. Then later we'll check in and see where things are. I promise, I'm not in a rush."

"Thank you, Sir." Yay, I get to say that again!

Of course at that exact moment, the waitress returns with a tray full of our food. I reflexively pull my hand back from John's, immediately regretting the decision, but saying nothing. John's silent as well, attention on the plates of food currently being heaped onto our table. We ordered a lot.

I hate that I do that. Hell, what really would have stopped all of this from happening is if I was just out in the first place. I could stop sneaking around the frat house altogether. I look over at John, who only smiles back as he chomps on a piece of bacon. I know he'd never say anything to me about it.

Something to think about, but now it's time to eat. I look down at the two platefuls of food I have in front of me. Pancakes, eggs, bacon, sausage, toast, grits... The works. After last night's fuckfest and this morning's quickie, I am starving. I reach for my fork when I suddenly remember: I have a wrestling weigh-in in a few days. It makes me pause.

But only for a second.

"I think I'm going to quit the wrestling team." I grab my fork as if in defiance.

John swallows a mouthful of pancakes before responding. "Woah, really? I mean, I told you, we can probably get Brian to quit instead of--"

"No, I mean, I wasn't crazy about having to see him in the locker room again." I suppress a shudder as I remember that first blowjob. "But I haven't been enjoying it for a while. And I'll finally get to stop stressing out about the food I eat." I stuff a forkful of eggs in my mouth for emphasis, immediately regretting it when I realize they need salt and pepper.

"If that's what you want." John takes another bite of his pancakes. "You might want to take up yoga or something then, make sure you stay nice and flexible." His eyebrows wiggle at me.

"I get the feeling you're gonna keep me plenty flexible, Sir." I wink back at him.

"So, any other big changes you've got planned?" he asks after swallowing.

"I think I might change my major too?" I shrug. "Not sure I want much to do with the athletic world at all anymore. Don't know what I'd change to, though."

"Better to do it as a sophomore then a senior." John takes a sip of coffee. "And you'll have the rest of the semester and the summer to think about what you might wanna do.

"I think I'm going to come out, too." I quickly say my final consideration out loud for the first time.

"Wha?" John questions, mouth open and half-full of pancake.

"I just figure... if I was out already, none of this woulda happened right?" I explain my reasoning. "I mean, I wouldn't have to sneak in and out of your room anymore. I could stop freaking out when a waitress sees me holding your hand. And hey, no potential for any future blackmail material."

John looks at me dumbfounded and maybe a little sad? He finishes his mouthful so he can respond. "Lance, I will absolutely support you if this is what you want to do, I just..." He's considering his words carefully. "I just hate that this is the reason you want to come out. That not being blackmailed again is one of the things you're most looking forward to." He sighs. "It sucks. It's not fair."

"Life isn't fair?" I make the statement sound like a question. Sounds like something my dad would say.

John snorts and takes another sip of coffee before he reaches across the table for my hand again. "Lance, I will help and support you with whatever you wanna do here."

"Thank you, Sir." I squeeze his hand. I know he means it.

Just then the waitress walks up to refill John's coffee. He begins to let go of my hand, but I hold him in place. I've got something to prove here. Sure, I can't bring myself to make eye contact with the woman, but I'm still gonna prove something. He just smiles and squeezes my hand...

And then immediately makes fun of the 'way-to-proud-of-myself' smile I'm wearing after she leaves.

After we finished eating, I was pretty wiped so I asked John if he wouldn't mind dropping me off at the dorms. Truthfully, I had some stuff to think about, and was also still processing the events of last night. A lot had happened in the last 24 hours. I've been laying in my bed in my room for a few hours now. Dave's out, which I'm thankful for because I know I need to clue him in on what's been going on, and I just really don't have the energy.

Besides, I'm already psyching myself up for one talk this afternoon: quitting the wrestling team. Coach has faculty-mandated office hours today, and it seems as good a time as any. I'm not in a rush or anything but I also don't feel like going through the motions of any more practices. This is happening today.

With a sigh, I sit up in my bed and swing my legs over the side. Little after 2 p.m. Better get down there. I grab a t-shirt and throw on a pair of shorts, and make my way towards the arena. It's not that I'm anxious, per se, I just know this is going to be a conversation I'd try to avoid if I could. Coach is gonna ask if I'm sure, try to talk me out of it, talk about how I'm throwing away all my hard work. I just don't want a lecture.

The building is mostly empty, no events that day and even though the coaches have to have office hours, students rarely take advantage of them. Myself included. I made my way down the winding halls of the faculty offices, not far from the locker rooms. Coach Timms office door is open, and I knock lightly as I step inside.

"Hey Coach, got a minute?" His head was down, looking over some paperwork.

"Stevens? Sure, come on in." He gestures to the seat on the opposite side of his desk.

"Thanks." I take my seat, not really sure how to start. "So, uh, I..."

"Everything okay, Stevens?" Coach cocks his head in confusion.

"Yeah. Sorry." I take a breath. "I think I wanna quit the team."

Coach's eyes go wide. He pushes his paperwork to the side. "You think you wanna quit the team?"

"I... No, sir. I want to quit the team." Of all the choices I can make right now this is actually one of the easier ones.

"You sure about this Stevens? I know this season has been a little rough on you, but you're a good wrestler, when your head is in the game." Here comes the pep talk.

"Yeah Coach, I'm sure." I get ready to dig my heels in. "I just don't think I've got the heart for it anymore. Used to be something I cared about a whole lot, but there's just other stuff I'd rather focus on right now."

Coach sighs. "Well, alright Stevens. Sorry to see you go."

"...That's it?" Why did I ask that? I just got off without a lecture.

"I'm not your daddy, kid." Well there's a fantasy I didn't know I had. "If your heart's not in it, it's not in it. No point in wasting both our times convincing you otherwise. If you change your mind, I hope to see you at tryouts again next year."

"I... Thanks, coach." The man stands and holds his hand out for me to shake, which I do.

"Was a pleasure coaching you, Stevens." He releases my hand before taking his seat again. "Go ahead and clear out your locker. You can leave any equipment in there, just take your personal stuff."

"Sure thing, Coach." I make my way towards the door. "Thanks again."

"Take care, Stevens." He's already pulling his paperwork over to get back to it.

My walk to the locker room is a lot more relaxed than my walk here. That went a lot easier than I expected. A little too easy, maybe? Am I...disappointed he didn't try harder to get me to stay? I shake the thought from my head. Nope, no regrets here.

"Lance? What are you doing here?" Okay, maybe one regret. Joey.

"Hey, man." I walk over and give him a fist bump. Kinda forgot that quitting the team also meant not being teammates with Joey anymore. That does kinda suck. "I'm just, uh... I kinda just quit the team, actually."

"What?! For real?" Joey is understandably totally caught off guard.

"Yeah. I'm just cleaning out my locker, actually." I gesture towards it. "What are you doing here?"

"Left my wallet in my locker after last practice." He pats his pocket where the wallet now resides. "So you're seriously not on the team anymore?"

"I just wasn't really enjoying myself anymore, man." I give the same reasons I told the coach. "I've had a lot going on lately and I just got other shit I'd rather spend me time worring about instead of this."

"Well... fuck." Joey looks bummed. "I mean, I get it, you got better shit to worry about but, I'm gonna miss being on the team with you, bro."

"I'm gonna miss that too, man." I'm not happy I made him sad, but this does make up for coach. "We'll still hang out though, right?"

"Yeah man, for sure." He pulls his phone out for a sec. "Actually, you eaten yet? Wanna get some lunch?"

Breakfast actually left me pretty satisfied, but I guess... "I could eat." I shrug.

"Cool!" Joey leads the way out of the arena.

"So, I started dating this girl." Joey starts telling me once we're outside. "Saw her last night actually."

"That's cool, man. How'd it go?" Joey and I had talked about girls a few times, so this wasn't weird. Though for my part I was usually lying or at least pretending a guy I was into was a chick.

"Pretty good!" He tells me happily as we cross the street. It's not a long walk to the dining hall from the arena. "She's let me come back to her dorm the last couple times, you know?"

"Nice." Bragging like that seems to be a thing straight guys like to do. Though I've also heard John doing it so maybe not strictly straight. "Everything going good?"

"Yeah, she's a lot of fun." He pauses for a second. "Except... Well last night she brought up some kinda...I guess kinky stuff she wanted to do."

"Oh yeah?" Okay, now I'm actually interested. "What kinda stuff?"

"Well I thought she just wanted me to like, spank her and pull her hair and stuff." I forget what a normal person qualifies as kinky these days. "But at the end of the night she pulled out this pair of fuzzy handcuffs."

I can't hold in my snort of laughter when I hear that. "So did you tie her up?"

"Actually... She wanted to tie me up," he says a little sheepishly.

"Oh shit." Did not see that coming. "So did you let her?"

"No, but..." He grits his teeth slightly. "I guess I'm thinking about it?"

I laugh again but don't have a chance to press further as we walk up the dining hall ramp. We split up and grab our grub. I go for a burger and fries, before doubling back for a second burger, because fuck it, why not? I grab something to drink and look to see if Joey already grabbed us a table. I spot him at a table near a window and make my way over to join him.

"Nice choice." He nods towards my two burgers. It looked like he ended up going with a sandwich and some chips.

"Celebrating the lack of weigh-ins in my future." I grab one and eagerly take a bite.

"So what about you, man?" Joey asks after swallowing a bite of his sandwich. "I feel like we haven't really talked in like a month. What's been going on with you? What's got you so busy you're quittin' the team? You seeing someone?"

I know he's just teasing me, but I'm thankful I have a mouthful of food saving me from an immediate answer. I mean, he's not right, but he's not exactly wrong either. What do I tell him? I'm getting really tired of lying to people.

If there's anyone I can tell the truth - or at least part of it - it's Joey, right? "...I'm gay."

Joey laughs a little at first before he realizes I'm serious. Meanwhile, I'm doing my best to make sure I don't show how terrified I am right now. I may have just made a huge mistake. I have no idea what I'm doing. When is the best time to come out to your straight friend?

"Wait, seriously?" Joey puts his food down. "Sorry, I didn't mean like... I just had no... Fuck, what are you supposed to say..."

"I don't know either. That all kinda just... came out." At least I'm not the only one lost.

"Ha, kinda like you just did."

I snort. "You're actually the first person I've told."

"Oh shit, really?" Joey looks, I dunno, humbled almost? "Thank you, man. I'm glad you feel comfortable enough to tell me that." Well shit, someone remembered what you're supposed to say. "Is this like a, 'you just figured it out' kinda thing, or have you just not told anyone before? Shit, is that why you're quitting the team?"

"Uh, no..." I have to hold back the 'not exactly' from that sentence, otherwise Joey might press further and I do not need him knowing about the shit with Brian. "Not why I'm quitting the team. I am seeing someone though, kinda."

"Yeah? What do you mean 'kinda?'" Joey raises an eyebrow at my wording.

"Well, we've been seeing each other for a while actually, but we had kind of a rough patch the last month or so. There was this other guy who was just... giving me a really hard time about some shit. Took a while to figure it out but... When I needed it my guy stepped up and ended up handling it. We finished talking everything through this morning." I smile thinking about John 'rescuing' me and wonder how Joey's picturing it.

"That sounds...complicated, but you look pretty happy to me. And he sounds like a good guy if he's stepping up like that." I appreciate Joey pushing through whatever uncomfortable feelings he might have talking about a guy with me after so long talking about girls. "How'd you meet him?"

"Oh boy." This'll be a fun and embarrassing story. "I was kinda interested in this guy for a couple months before I ever actually talked to him. So we're both at this frat party, right? I've had a few beers and I finally think I've got the balls to talk to him. But not in person."

"No?" Joey looks confused.

"No. I decide to use an app." I grab my phone as an example.

"You mean like Grindr?" I think that word is one of the few parts of gay culture that straight guys actually know.

"Yeah, like Grindr." I'm gonna steer clear of Leathr and anything kink related in this retelling. At least until Joey lets that girl tie him up. "So I kinda already had an idea of what he was into. But I'm still too much of a pussy to show him my face. I'm in this room full of my frat bros, and I'm scared that if this guy comes up to talk to me everyone's gonna know my secret."

"I'm really the first person you've told?" He still sounds incredulous.

"The first straight person." I don't think it really counts when everyone I told before then I was fucking. Should seem kind of obvious to them. "I can see him looking around trying to spot me, but he doesn't force it. We keep talking, I have another beer, and I finally decide to just ask if we can meet back in his room."

"Wait he's also in your frat?"

"Kinda?" I know that's gonna need more explanation. "He's the house manager."

"House dad?" At least he didn't say daddy.

"House dad." I agree.

"Damn, dude, that takes some balls." He's impressed. "So what'd he say?"

"Told me to meet him in his room in fifteen minutes." I don't remember actually waiting that long, though.

"Oh shit, you get lucky man?" Joey grins lasciviously.

"Uh, no..," And there goes my swagger. "He thought I was...a little too drunk. He didn't want to take advantage. I got really embarrassed and tried to leave, but he stopped me, and we kind of ended up talking all night." I leave out the hour-long rim session that happened before bed. "He took me to breakfast in the morning."

"Aw. He sounds like a good guy. I like him." Didn't realize how much a friend's approval would mean to me but, yeah, that feels pretty good to hear.

"I do too." I smile and dig back into burger #1.

Joey tells me how he met this new girl of his - a friend of someone in his sister's sorority - and I share a few more tame stories about me and John. I'm probably talking way too much but I've never had anyone to talk to about this stuff before. It feels good, like a weight's been lifted or something. I should have done this a long time ago.

Before I know it, I'm forcing down the last of burger #2, which yeah, was maybe a mistake. But it still tasted great. I burp into my fist and wipe my hands, Joey having finished just a minute ago himself. The two of us stand and return or trays, making our way back outside.

"Alright, I got some homework I gotta finish. Hang out again soon?" I hold out his fist for me to bump.

"For sure man. Actually let me know next time you're headed to the gym. I still need to do something if I'm gonna eat like that." I rub my poor belly for emphasis.

"You got it, bro. Where you headed now?" Joey lives in an apartment with some other students off-campus.

"I think...I'm gonna ride this momentum. I've got a few more people I wanna talk to." Why stop now?

"Alright man, good luck. Thanks again for telling me." This time he actually pulls me in for a hug. "And congrats on John. He sounds like a really good guy. Maybe I can meet him one day?"

"That'd be cool, I think he'd like that too." That'll be a first too, introducing John to my friends.

"Alright man, see ya!" Joey heads off in the direction of his car, while I walk in the opposite.

I've got a frat house to visit.