Chapter 2


It’s either the arms tightening around my waist, or the prodding, wet cock at my hole that wakes me, I’m not sure which. I groggily allow myself to be pulled back, used to this sort of treatment in the mornings. Look forward to it even. I moan weakly as I feel John’s cock find its target and push into my hole, still wet with last night’s load.

This is standard operating procedure when I sleep over. Sometimes we don’t even make it until morning, and between three and four AM I’ll feel the familiar stretch of my Sir’s cock in my hole as he fucks a nighttime load into me. After our first fuck, he told me I could expect to be woken up like this anytime I sleepover. I haven’t complained yet.

John rubs his hand along my stomach before it constricts, pulling me closer as his dick slides home. He nuzzles my neck as his snaps his hips back, before pushing forward and sinking back in. God this feels so good. Ever since John introduced me to the wonders of morning sex, I’ve been hooked. I reach for the hand on my belly and thread our fingers together, content to relax and let my hole be filled.

For the next few minutes in the dark room (thank you blackout curtains), John lazily humps at my ass. There’s a steady thud of skin against skin coming from under the covers, which we kick off the bed halfway through anyway once things start getting sweaty. I feel John’s arm around my stomach pull in further, and his thrusts lose some of the rhythm the closer he gets to cumming. I can hear his breathing grow heavier, before he’s growling in my ear as I feel his thick cock expand even more, adding another load to the one he fucked into me last night.

He’s molding himself to my back while I groan and milk his cock with my hole. God I love being bred. I keep myself pressed back, not wanting to lose an inch of him before I’m forced to. Once he stops panting, he nuzzles my neck once more before stretching his arms and legs as best he can while remaining fully planted inside of my ass.

“Mmmm, morning boy.” He punctuates that with a kiss to the shoulder and a flex of his cock.

“Morning Daddy.” I give him a squeeze in return.

Clumsily reaching over me, John fumbles for his phone, checking the time. “Mmm. Two minutes of cuddling and then shower.”

“Yes Sir.” I don’t know if it’s his internal clock or his dick, but John always seems to manage to wake up with just enough time to breed me before we have to get going for the day. We lay there in the dark, John’s hand tracing circles in the fur on my stomach. I make sure to keep my eyes open, not wanting a repeat of the last time when we both fell back to sleep. By the time we woke up again, everyone else in the frat house was up and moving, and it was a lot harder to sneak out.

“Alright, shower time.” John gives me one final squeeze before carefully pulling out. My hole feels sloppy from all the use, and I definitely need a shower, but nothing should be too bad down there. I’ve picked up a lot of bottoming tips in the last few months, thanks to Sir here.

I roll on my stomach towards the edge of the bed and stand, John right behind me. While I get the shower going, John starts brushing his teeth. Good idea. I do the same - because that means making out. I watch John as he brushes, snickering as he gets some toothpaste in his beard. He’s working with a lot more facial hair than my blonde scruff, a full beard of dark brown curly hair. I’ve never seen him do anything special with it, but it always feels so soft when we’re kissing.

He bends over to spit and I stare at his furry butt. He’s got more hair below the waist then above it - something he complains about frequently - but I still love the little fuzz patch he’s got on his chest. He’s a little shorter than me, and I could easily take him in a match, but I always feel safe when I’m curled up in his arms. I suddenly realize he’s staring at me staring at his butt and I blush, spitting and rinsing my mouth so we can get in the shower.

It’s really a shower in name only. We’re still pretty clean after last night’s clean up, the only spots that need any real washing are his crotch and my ass. The rest is just rinsing off the sweat we built up from the fuck. I tighten my hole as I scrub with my fingers, not wanting to lose any of his load. After the two of us have soaped up what needs soaping up, we huddle together under the hot water, craving the warmth.

John, wrapping an arm around my back, leans in to kiss me which I eagerly reciprocate. With my arms around his neck, the two of us kis, rocking together gently under the hot spray. Fuck, I love this. But the real world is calling, and after a few minutes of soapy kisses, John makes us finish rinsing off and hands me my towel.

Once we’re back in his room, I grab my bag to pull out the change of clothes I brought with me. Sneaking out of here is hard enough without people noticing I’m wearing the same thing two days in a row. John, after throwing on just a jockstrap, was sitting at his desk when I finished.

“Before you go, I have something for you.” John turns in his seat to grab a small black box from his desk, the kind you’d keep a fancy watch in or something.

I take a seat on the edge of his bed as he hands me the box. Doesn’t feel that heavy.

“I know we talked about it, a while back.” I open the box as John starts explaining. “But I thought that you might be ready to give it a try.”

Oh. Inside the box is a cock cage. I guess ‘chastity device’ is the technical term. I feel a twinge in my stomach as I take it out, though whether its nerves or excitement, I’m not sure. It’s light pink - intentionally, I’m sure. John has pointed out a few times in the past that I seem to have a little bit of a humiliation kink. We’ve talked about using one of these a few times since we started dating. There was something about it that always appealed to me, but I’ve never been sure about going through with it.

“I don’t expect you to wear it now, or even anytime soon.” John’s voice draws my eyes away from the box. “I just want you to hold onto that and start thinking about it.”

“Yes, Sir.” I nod, smiling, and close the box and put it in my bag. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome, boy.” John leans in to give me a kiss before standing. “Alright, you got places to be.”

Throwing some shorts on, John opens his door and sticks his head out into to the hallway. “Coast is clear.” He nods in the direction of the doorway.

“Later, Sir.” I run my hand across his tummy as I walk out the door.

“Text me after class.” John gives my ass a quick squeeze as I pass him.

I hear his door close as I very quietly walk down the hall, and out of the house. The sky is still dim and the street lights are still on so I check my phone. Ugh. It’s barely 6 am. I hate this part, having to wake up so fucking early just to sneak out. And I know John hates it too, even though he never says anything. I just...don’t want the guys to start thinking of me any differently. John’s never pushed me to come out, but I’m worried he’s gonna get tired of this one day.

I don’t have class for a few hours, so I head to my dorm room and let myself in quietly. My roommate, Dave, is asleep in his bed, lightly snoring. He’s gotten used to me sneaking in early like this, but thinks I’m seeing some girl in her dorm. Which I’m fine with. I quietly drop my bag by my bed and fish out the black box. I kick off my shorts and climb into bed, cage in hand, laying so I’m facing the wall.

I know John meant what he said about not expecting me to wear this right now. He’s never pushed me into doing any kink before I was ready. Sometimes it feels like he’s going achingly slow with some of these things. He’s always worried he’s going to scare me off. He almost didn’t even give me the chance to go out with him.

It was right after I got back from the winter break. Between studying for finals week and spending the holidays back home with my parents, we hadn’t spoken in over a month. But I’d thought about him. A lot. It kind of freaked me out, how much I liked him and how easy everything felt. The sex was some of the hottest I’d ever had, and then the times after when we’d… I hadn’t even said goodbye before I left. Didn’t really know how to.

The Sunday before classes started again, I finally let myself text him, asking if I wanted to hang out. The response I got back just asked “if we could talk.” Uh oh. Pushing down any anxiety I had over the idea of a “talk,” I headed to the frat house shortly after that. I had to have a “talk” with a few of my ex’s in high school when things got a little too heavy, and it never ended well. But John wasn’t my boyfriend, so I had nothing to worry about right?

When I got to the house, I said hello to a few of the brothers hanging out in the common areas. Just stupid small talk, I wanted to look like I had a reason to be there before I snuck back to John’s room. Took a little longer then I would have liked when I got cornered by Andrew, who would not shut up about this girl he met over break. I managed to dump him onto some poor freshman and finally get away.

I knocked and stuck my hands in my pockets nervously as I waited.

“Hey.” Fuck, I missed that beard. John smiled as he opened the door. “Come on in.”

I gave him a smile back as I took my usual seat on his bed. May as well bite the bullet. “You said you wanted to talk about something?”

“Yeah…” John’s smile became sheepish as he took his seat next to me. “It’s about you and I.”

“Is everything okay?” I wanted to roll my eyes at myself, of course it’s not.

“I’m… I think we need to take a break from seeing each other for a while.” He gave me a sad look before staring at his lap.

I felt my heart sink. “...Oh. Is it... are you not into me anymore?”

John laughed. Laughed. “No. Heh.” It was a very uncomfortable smile that he was wearing. “It’s kinda the opposite. I’m very into you. Like, a lot.” He followed this with a knowing look. What?


“You mean you like me like me.” Oh my god are you twelve? Shut up Lance.

He laughed a little again. “Yeah, Lance, I like you like you.”

“I don’t understand, is that bad?” I mean, I liked him too. Isn’t that why we had been fucking?

“It... complicates things. For me at least.” He stood from his bed. “The more I see you, the more I’m going to want to be with you. As in, a relationship. And I’m not sure that’s exactly in the cards for us.”

“I mean, I’m not…” I paused. We had talked about a lot the last few months, but somehow, never this. “I’m not... against anything like that, maybe.”

“It’s the maybe that’s giving me doubts.” Another sad smile. “You’ve never dated a guy before, right?”

“No…” Just fooled around with a couple of boys my last year of high school, and then the guys I’ve met on campus, which he knew all about. “Is it because I’m not out?”

“That doesn’t help things, but no, that’s not really the problem.” He paced a little as he spoke. “The problems are really more with me than with you.”

“Are you seriously about to give me the ‘it’s not you, it’s me’ speech?” I was on his end of this conversation enough times to know how it starts.

“No, that’s not how I meant that.” He stopped pacing and sat in his desk chair, facing me. “What I mean is, the kind of relationship I want is not your average relationship.”

“It still sounds like you’re saying that I’m the one who can’t handle something.” If he wanted to get rid of me, I wish he’d just say it. “You’re not even giving me a chance.”

That made him go silent for a minute. “You’re right. I’m not.” He took a deep breath. “Okay, let’s start small. Being with me would mean being in an open relationship.”

The term was a little new to me but I knew what he meant. I mean, I already knew he was fucking other people. I had too. He even set up a threeway once with one of his other fuck buddies. It was fun. “I think I can handle that.” Right?

“Okay. It would also be a power exchange relationship.” This time his face looked... I dunno, worried?

“What does that mean?” Hadn’t heard that one before.

“It means the dom/sub aspects of our relationship would leave the bedroom.”

“You mean like you want me to be your slave? Like Fifty Shades of Grey stuff?” Okay, he was right, definitely not an average relationship.

“Oh god no, nothing like that. That movie is terrible.” He was laughing again, at least. “I’d never force you to do anything in public or mixed company that you didn’t want to.”

“But you want to, like, control my life, what I eat, what I wear, right?” I saw that movie, I knew how these kinds of relationships worked. It was really intense.

“Also no. I have no interest in micromanaging your life, boy. We both have too much shit to do for that.” He smirked. “Now, if there’s something you think a little discipline might help you improve in, we can talk about that. But seriously, that movie is not accurate or realistic in the slightest.”

“So then... what would you do? What are you asking for exactly?” I didn’t understand what he was talking about then. It didn’t seem like he was asking for much of anything. I already kind of did think of him as ‘Sir’ outside of the bedroom.

“It means that I would expect you to start thinking of me as ‘Sir’ in day to day life. Give up control of certain things. Basically, I’d call the shots in the relationship.”

“So you do want to control me?” I was getting confused.

“Heh.” He gave another nervous laugh. “Some things. But, those would be entirely up to us to decide on. And they can change over time. It’s an ongoing discussion. Honestly, there’s a lot of talking in these kinds of relationships.”

This was a lot to take in at once. I think I understood why he was feeling so nervous. “I… Can I have time to think about it? It… It’s all just really new to me and I’m not sure--”

“It’s okay, Lance.” He put his hand on my knee. “I wasn’t telling you all this because I expected you to say yes tonight, or even yes at all. Just… letting you know what’s going on with me. Take all the time you need. Ask whatever questions you want. Just please do not use movies or stories as a reference point. It’s a lot easier to write porn than it is to live it.”

“Okay.” There was a long pause. The vibe in the room told me we wouldn’t be fooling around tonight. I hope my face didn’t show it, but my head was spinning as my mind took the opportunity to think of a million different questions and scenarios, none of which I could even begin to form into words. I needed to think.

“I think I’m gonna head out.” I stood and walked towards the door. “Just… to get some air and think about things.”

“Okay. Thanks for coming over.” He walked me to the door.

“It was good to see you.” I gave him a small smile.

“It was good to see you too.” He returned it, though there was an oddly final sounding tone to his voice.

“Talk to you soon.” I hugged him and left, not paying any attention to any of the other frat brothers on my way out.

I wandered around campus for a little before I headed back to my dorm room. Dave still wasn’t back, his Monday classes were all at night so he was staying home an extra day. I was thankful, because I didn’t really feel like talking right now, or having someone see my google searches.

I spent the rest of the week hunched over my computer. For research! And maybe a little jerking off. What!? I couldn’t help it. Despite John’s warning, it was hard not to look at movies and stories. It was just actual porn this time. With dudes instead of some indecisive redhead. Daddies fucking their boys in seedy back rooms, subs being tied up by their doms while they’re edged and teased, stories that got really dark, but still had my dick hard the whole time.

I tried to keep in mind that these were all porn, and not realistic. On the flip side, I tried to look at some sites with actual information about D/s (I learned that that is the shorthand for Dom/sub!) relationships. But a lot of them were just so... wordy. So many rules and regulations, so many different kinks and acronyms. Some of it was weirdly formal. It was a lot.

I did have a lot of fun thanks to Twitter. I found a lot of dom, subs, daddies, boys, pups, and a million other people sharing their lives quite openly on the internet. Again, mostly porn, but you could see the affection in some of their messages to each other, and see the pride they took in their roles. It was still nice to get an idea of some of the fun that might await me if I said yes to trying this.

And I was thinking about saying yes. I liked John. A lot. I’ve thought he was hot since the first night I saw him in the frat house when I was still pledging. When I found out he was gay from another brother, I nearly outed myself asking for more details. It took a lot of (liquid) courage to talk to him at that party. And everything we’ve done, the sex we’ve had, the kink he’s introduced me to, I’ve loved all of it.

And I’ve thought about... dating him before. But I have no idea what I’m doing there. I’ve never dated a guy before. I’ve never dated a guy who’s seven years older than me before. I’m surprised he would even want to date someone as young as me. I never told him I liked him because I didn’t wanna seem like some clingy kid and scare him off.

But this was different. He wasn’t looking for just a boyfriend. Maybe he was right. If I haven’t even been in a regular vanilla (see? research!) relationship with a guy, is jumping into something like this really a good idea? But would that even matter, if I’m ultimately happy with it? I can certainly see the appeal. What did I have to lose by at least trying? The alternative would be the same thing, no more kinky sex with John.

I think the thing that had me most worried was the open relationship thing. I hadn’t been in a closed relationship before, not a real one. John was understandably concerned that it might be too much for me, at least for my first relationship. The internet helped some with that too, at least with explaining. Some parts of it sounded fun. Hell, since seeing John on Sunday I’ve seen plenty of dudes I wanted to fuck, and it’s hot thinking I’ll be able to, and I’m sure John feels the same. But what separates what he does with them and what he does with me? Will I still be a priority to him? Will he treat me like an actual boyfriend, or is this just Fuckbuddy 2.0?

John was right. There was going to be a lot of talking. So I was happy when Friday rolled around and I had the perfect opportunity to talk to him - another frat party. If there’s one thing in college you can rely on, it’s Friday night frat parties.

I showed up just as things were getting started. I didn’t want to get there too late and risk John - or even someone else - getting too drunk. This seemed like the kind of talk you want to have sober. I made some small talk, with my brothers, talked about the wrestling season, beer, even girls. All the while, I kept an eye peeled for John so I could pull him aside.

About 9:30 I saw my chance, and spotted John talking to two brothers - Fred and Marcus - in the common room. John broke off to grab another beer, and I followed him to the kitchen.

“Hey.” I tapped him on the shoulder as he grabbed a beer.

“Oh, hey!” He seemed genuinely surprised to see me. “How’s it going?”

“Good.” Why did this seem so awkward? “You got a second to talk?”

“Sure, give me like, five minutes and I’ll meet you at my room?” He gave a smile that I’d like to think was hopeful.

“Yeah, five minutes.” I grabbed a beer of my own and headed back to the common room. I meandered about aimlessly for a few minutes until I saw John step out of the room, and I followed.

The door was open, so I rapped on the door as I entered to announce myself.

“Hi.” He was sitting on his bed.

“Hi.” I shut the door behind me so we could have some privacy.

“So... you wanted to talk?”

“Yeah.” I took a second to gather my thoughts, I didn’t want to say the wrong thing. “I thought about it, and looked into it, and I think I’d like to give it a shot.”

“Yeah?” Yep, definitely a hopeful smile. “Just to be clear, you’re saying you want to be my boyfriend and my sub?”

“Yes. I want to be your boyfriend and sub.” This might be one of those formal things I read about. “Is that something we need to write down? I know we have to have a contract, right?”

John snorted when I said ‘contract.’ “You did your research. We can talk about a contract later, but no, that’s not something I need to have written down. Just come here for a second.” John patted the bed next to him.

I took my seat as he continued. “Sorry. I don’t mean to be so skeptical. I’ve been single for a while now, and the few guys I have liked enough to see some sort of relationship with tend to back off once things get to this point.” He put his hand on my thigh and squeezed.

“Did you think I was going to say no?”

“Lance, I honestly wasn’t sure I’d hear from you again at all.” I guess he wouldn’t have even asked me if I hadn’t texted him on Sunday. “I figured you’d had your fill and moved on to someone else. I wasn’t offended or anything. But it did make me realize how much I liked you.”

“I don’t think I knew how much I liked you either until I was gone.” I covered his hand with mine. “Sir.”

“If you’re sure, boy.” He squeezed my thigh again.

“I am.” I was. “So, what do we do now?”

“Well, I say we save the bigger conversation for the morning.” Sounded reasonable, it was still early and there was a party going on down the hall. “We’ll go to Dan’s and get some breakfast and we can go over some... ground rules.” That was the diner he took me to the morning after we got together the first time.

“Sounds good, Sir.” I waited for him to continue.

“For now, you only need to worry about one thing. Whenever we are alone, I want you to call me Sir.”

“What about Daddy?” He always told me he was too young to be called Daddy but I could tell he loved it.

“Yeah, Daddy works too.” He smiled. “If we’re in public or around people, John is fine.”

“Okay. Is that all?”

“For now.” That was ominous. “I told you, there would be a lot of talking. Now let’s get back out there, boy.”

“Yes Sir.”

For the next few hours I hung around the house like it was a regular party. Which it was, for everyone else. I was just majorly horned up, and excited to talk more about our kinky future. Still, I made a point to have a few beers and hang out with my brothers. It’s not like it was difficult, I joined the frat because I wanted to, not because I thought I’d get dick. I was actually worried that being this close to a bunch of dudes would be a quick way to be outed, but so far, it had been relatively smooth sailing.

It was about 10:30 when the combination of beer and lack of sex had me formulating a plan. Seeing a chance to exit, I snuck back to John’s room on my own. I hopped in his shower and cleaned up (and out) thoroughly, before I threw back on the jockstrap I wore over. What? There’s no way I wasn’t getting fucked tonight. Once I was ‘dressed,’ a little before 11, I shot John a text, letting him know I was heading back to his room. He should be ready to turn in himself soon.

After that, I got in position on his bed: hands and knees, legs spread wide, chest to the bed. One of his favorites. Although really, he’s never complained about seeing my ass. Then it was just a matter of waiting. I may not have timed it very well, but I didn’t want to risk him coming in when I was in the middle of douching or something! I think it was about twenty minutes later when I heard the door open behind me. I hope he didn’t see me jump.

“Fuck, that’s a nice sight to come home to.” I heard the door close and his footsteps as John approached the bed. Wordlessly, he knelt down and spread me, plunging face first into my ass.

Oh fuck,” I muttered into the mattress as his tongue lapped at my hole. Ever since that first night I have loved having my ass eaten, especially when John does it. I had to fight the urge to squirm as his beard scrapes against my skin and around my hole. I pressed my ass backwards, but to no avail as he continued to lick slow, long lick up the length of my ass, across my hole.

“This is my fucking hole now, boy.” John smacked my ass as he stated his ownership. “Gonna train this ass to do all sorts of things.” He dove back in, finally piercing the ring of my hole with tongue and pushing deep.

“Fuck, yes Sir!” I gripped the bed tightly, holding myself in place, while John’s face pushed against my ass. He was tongue fucking me deeply, pushing his tongue in as far as he could before pulling it back and and licking over my hole. Fuck, my ass was getting so fucking wet. I needed his dick in me.

I must have been whining, because I didn’t have to wait much longer before John stood and grabbed the bottle of lube from his nightstand. I re-positioned myself when I heard the cap snap open, arching my back the way I knew showed off my hole. What? I took pictures. For research! I nearly jumped when I felt John’s slick cock slapping against my hole.

“Been far too long since I’ve been in this ass.” With a spank, John pressed the head of his cock forward and into my hole. “Far too long.”

I bit my lip as my ass was speared open. It had been a while, over a month, and I hadn’t fucked anyone else since then. It burned a little, but I liked it. And it only took a few minutes before that burn was replaced with the wonderful feeling of my prostate being steadily nailed. God, I missed his dick. He was big, a solid 8 inches, but the real treat was his girth. He was thick, but in particular he was just a little thicker around the middle than at the base. It was almost like a fleshy buttplug, one that would rub against my p-spot perfectly with every stroke.

The rest of the fuck was in near silence, just grunts and moans and skin slapping against skin. My eyes were rolling in the back of my head as my Sir fucked my silly. He hands were gripping my ass tightly, only letting go to give me a quick smack. I could feel my ass jiggle every time his hips slapped against it, the sweat we were building up only adding to the percussive sound. Oh fuck, I was close.

“That’s right boy, cum on that cock.” John felt my hole starting to twitch and push and knew he was about to push me over the edge. “Gimme that fuckin’ hole.”

I bit the sheets to cover whatever unintelligible noise tried to escape my mouth as the orgasm washed over me. Between that and doing my best to relax my muscles so I didn’t force John out, I was pretty occupied. And John continued to hammer into my ass, which meant it was only a few minutes more before I was cumming again. And again. And again. Eventually I lost count. And almost consciousness.

Sometime after prostate orgasm number six, I could feel John getting close. His cock seemed to get even harder, and his thrusts were losing their rhythm. With a sudden growl, John pulled me back onto his cock as he slammed himself forward, humping his cock further into me as he shot his load. I felt his cock expand with each shot, and felt the sticky warmness of his cum pooling inside of me. I squeezed my hole, milking his cock as it was drained.

For a few moments we were silent, both catching our breath after such an intense fuck. But soon, John pulled his cock from me, despite my whine of protest, and lay next to me, pulling me onto my side so that we were face to face.

“Hey, boy.” He gave me a goofy, fucked-out smile.

“Hey, Sir.” I’m sure I smiled back in an equally fucked-out way.

After we cleaned up, we passed out pretty quickly. In the morning, after another round of sex, John drove us to Dan’s. After some coffee and over a stack of pancakes, John and I went over some of the ‘terms’ for our arrangement.

“First thing, everything we talk about here is negotiable. I don’t want you to feel trapped or pressured into anything.” He sipped his coffee. “You can always talk to me - or anyone else for that matter - about our relation. I want you to always be honest with me about how you feel about this, okay?”

“Yes, Sir. I promise to be honest with you.” John wasn’t even touching his food, he was taking this so seriously.

“Good boy.” He smiled and took another sip of coffee. “First, I wanna talk about the whole open relationship part of this.” Right. “I’ll be honest, this is the thing I worry about being the biggest problem. I don’t know how you feel about monogamy, but I know personally it doesn’t really work for me. When I’ve tried being monogamous in the past, it hasn’t worked out well for either party. Some of that’s my fault, but that’s why I needed to figure out what didn’t work for me.”

“I dated girls in high school, but that was always just for show.” I was more worried about keeping up appearances then trying to fool around with anyone, so there was never any real temptation to cheat. Not that that would have outweighed the fear. “Don’t you get, like... jealous?”

“Not really. Not like most people at least.” John pushed some of his eggs around his plate. “Okay, I’m just gonna say it: the idea of my boy - you - getting fucked by someone else turns me the fuck on.. I’ve seen you take a dick before. It’s fucking hot. The only thing about that scenario that would make me upset would be if I wasn’t a part of it. Even if that part is just hearing the story afterwards.”

I nearly choked on my pancakes at the mention of someone else fucking me. I blushed, partly from the lack of oxygen and partly from John’s recollection of the threeway he had set up last fall. It was really hot when he said it like that. It was really hot period. I looked up at him and saw the playful glint in his eye. He was enjoying making me squirm.

“I want to be able to tell him my own stories too.” John continued as I cleared my airway with some coffee. “Come home and tell you about the blowjob I got from some boy in his dorm before throwing you down and fucking you. That’s the kind of stuff that gets me off.”

It seemed like it might be the kind of stuff that might get me off too. But I was still worried I might be getting in over my head

“Now, for this stuff I have two rules that are non-negotiable I’m afraid.” That didn’t sound good. “First, if you and I have plans together, then we have plans together. Neither of us cancels or changes them so they can go get laid. Our time together takes precedence.” Okay, nevermind, that’s actually perfect. “Second, we never hide anything or lie about what we’ve gotten up to.”

“Doesn’t lying and hiding kind of defeat the purpose of an open relationship?” I mean, that seemed counterintuitive to me.

“Good, I hope you still feel that way the first time you get a phone call that your last dick appointment has chlamydia.” Gross, but John’s flat tone told me he wasn’t kidding. “Seriously, those are the kinds of things I will need you to be comfortable with talking about, because it very well may happen. I don’t want us getting into fights or breaking up over something as stupid as an STI. Which reminds me, you’re coming with me Wednesday to the LGBT center, we’re getting you on PrEP.”

Thanks to the internet and bareback porn, I knew what PrEP was. Made sense if we were both going to be fucking other people that we’d want the extra protection. “Okay, Sir. Is that part of your second rule?”

“It is now.” John smirked and sipped more coffee. “Do those rules sound agreeable to you?”

“They do, Sir.” Nothing to lose, right?

“Good boy. Now for the other, more kinky side of things. Some people in these kinds of relationships will try to apply kinky rules to every aspect of their relationship. They’ll set up whole systems of strict rules and routines for their subs to follow, every day. As fun as that sounds, I think it’s really easy for things to get burnt out that way. No one wants to always be ‘on,’ people need their downtime and to be able to relax sometimes. Make sense?”

“Yes Sir.”

“People also have a tendency to take the fun kinky things they like doing and turning them into those every day rules and routines. Which has the end result of driving them into the ground. When you take something that’s fun and special and do it every day, or turn it into some kind of chore, it stops being fun and special.” He paused to grab a piece of bacon, looking to me to make sure I was understanding. I nodded for him to continue.

“With that in mind, I try to keep the rules for my subs on the light and fun side, and the consequences for screwing up generally aren’t that severe. I don’t want you to be scared of me because you forgot to do something. Punishment isn’t always fun... but sometimes it can be.”

I felt a little jump of excitement when John mentioned punishment. Is that normal?

“Rule number one you already know: I am Sir - or Daddy - when we are alone. This includes texts.” John held up a finger as he outlined the first rule, before holding up a second. “Rule number two: From now on, you are to wear only a jockstrap or other underwear of my choosing, and when alone in my room, you will wear nothing else. With exceptions for your wrestling stuff. Not gonna make you go to practice in a thong. Sound fair?”

I blushed at the image John teased me with. Could I even pull off a thong? Didn’t matter. Sounded like a fun rule to me, and I already liked wearing jocks most of the time anyway. “Yes Sir.”

“Good. Daddy’s got an underwear kink.” John wiggled his eyebrows and ate another piece of bacon before holding up three fingers. “I think you pretty much already do this one, but rule number three: You will keep your ass and hole clean for me to use and play with when you are expecting to see me. Again, exceptions for things like when you’re sick or other circumstances.”

He was right, I pretty much did already do that. Especially since John had a bidet installed in his bathroom. Given how often he’d just bend me over and start rimming me, I suspect it was for his benefit as much as mine. Another rule I am okay with. “Yes, Sir.”

“Okay, rule number four: you are to ask me for permission before you fool around with someone else. Before you tell me that’s unfair, hear me out.” John held his hands up as I opened my mouth to protest. That didn’t sound like the open relationship we were just talking about. “It’s just a formality. I think it’s hot and gets you in the mindset that you belong to me. In fact, if you find another dom you wanna play with, and you can get him to ask me for permission to ‘borrow’ you, I’ll reward you with something special.” Being ‘loaned out’ did sound hot, and I liked rewards. “I promise that, unless I have a really good reason, I won’t tell you no.”

“Okay, Sir.” I was a little skeptical, but I trusted him. Had to if I was going to call him Sir.

“Okay, and finally, rule number five: You are always allowed to talk to me about our relationship or how these things we’ve talked about are making you feel, without worrying about discipline or punishment.” He paused. “That doesn’t mean that I won’t punish you for breaking rules, just that I will never punish you for needing to talk about our relationship. Even though you’re my sub, you’re still my boyfriend and deserve to be treated with respect.” John paused. “If you want to be, my boyfriend that is.”

“How will you punish me, sir?” Skipping past the nervous b-word banter, that last rule sounded fair - more for my benefit than his really - but for all the talk of rules he hadn’t actually talked about how he would punish me for breaking them.

“It’ll depend on what you do and how severe it was.” John spoke thoughtfully. “But for now we’ll probably be sticking with an old-fashioned over-the-knee spanking.”

If I got any redder the waitress would be calling an ambulance. John had spanked my ass a few times here and there during sex, but nothing like that. Was it normal to get excited at the idea of punishment?

“Spankings, even ones for punishment, can be fun sometimes you know.” It’s like he was reading my mind. “It’ll really just depend on why you’re being spanked.”

I nodded. Fun spankings “Is that it Sir? Only five?” I wasn’t trying to complain, more rules didn’t necessarily seem like a good thing, but five didn’t seem like a lot.

“For now. Like I said, these are all negotiable, and we can always come up with more or change things over time.” Starting small, I suppose. “I told you before, there might be a few things in your life that could benefit from a little discipline.”

I’m not sure I believed him, but I bet it’ll be fun finding out.

“So, that’s... all I have boy. If all of that sounds okay to you…” John trailed off, I think afraid to actually ask the question he wanted to ask.

“It does, Sir.” I probably could have taken my time a little more there for dramatics, but I knew what I was gonna say before I walked into the frat house last night. “I’d like to be your…?” I wasn’t quite sure what to call myself right now.

“Let’s just go with ‘mine’ for now.” John smiled and reached a hand across the table to squeeze mine for a second. “You took all of this a lot better than I expected.”

“You covered a lot of bases, there wasn’t much left to be worried about.” He was a very thorough dom.

“I may have had this conversation before, with a much less stellar outcome.” He finally turned back to his plate to finish scarfing down the rest of his food. “So, when you spent the last week on the internet looking up every kink under the sun, did you see anything you might wanna try out next?”

“Actually, there was this one thing…” I started thinking about the boys on twitter who had their cocks caged up…

I trace the inner rings of the cage with my fingers as I think back to that morning in the diner. I wonder if he’d been waiting since then to buy me this, or if he already had it and was just waiting to give it to me. I reach down and squeeze myself, the memories sending all my blood straight to my cock. I’m fucking horny again.

Since that morning, we had in fact added a few more rules, and because of rule number six, I need to text John right now.

“Sir, you still up?” Please be up, please be up...

“What’s up boy?” Yesssss.

“Can I jerk off, Daddy?” Rule number six: I am not allowed to jerk off without permission. It was my interest in chastity in the first place that led to that addition.

“Aww, my poor boy horny? Cock all hard?” He’s taunting me.

“Yes, Daddy. Please? :(“ Gotta lay it on thick sometimes.

“Lemme see.” I pull up my waistband and snap a quick dick-pic and send it.

“Good boy.” Yay! “No.” Boo!

“Why not!? :(” I squeeze myself again in frustration.

“Because Daddy likes a horny boy.” Well Daddy’s a jerk sometimes. “Be good.”

“Yes sir. :(“ Once I finish my digital pouting, I put the cage in a safe place before I resume my daydreaming. At least imaginary me can get off.