Chapter 3


"Oh, and sorry, but the lights in the upstairs bathroom are out. Doesn't look like it's the bulb." Mike slides his phone back into his pocket once he's finished going over the list of things in the house that need attention. As the current frat president, he and I get together regularly to go over things and make sure the house stays in working order. We're friends and have a pretty good working relationship.

"Damnit, again? We just had a guy fix the wiring for that a month ago." When you stick a dozen or so hormonal young men under one roof, that roof tends to fall apart. God, I sound like my mom. "Alright, I'll get someone in today or tomorrow. Throw a sign up or something so nobody trips over the toilet and breaks their neck."

"Sign to prevent toilet death, you got it." He gives me a small salute.

"Anything else?" I needed to get some school work done - psychology papers were headache inducing at times - but was looking forward to a fairly quiet Wednesday.

"Nope, don't think so." He says he's done, but he makes no move to leave my room. "What about you man, anything new?"

"No..." I narrow my eyes in suspicion. What is he getting at?

"Well the last few house parties I noticed you sneaking back to your room kinda early." Crap.

"You been tracking my sleeping habits, Mike? You got something you wanna tell me?" Deflect. Deflect!

"Almost seems like your sneaking around because of something. Or someone." There it is. Mike is one of the few frat brothers who is more aware of my... escapades. His room is right next door to mine. Between the crazy parties and my own tendency to brag about my 'conquests' after a few beers, there were a few brothers I was comfortable enough swapping stories with. I've even picked up on a few of the more 'heteroflexible' brothers for some fun on the sly, but that's a story for another time.

"I'm afraid I don't know what you're talking about, Michael." I full-name him, my tone a mix of serious and playfulness letting him know I will neither confirm nor deny. "But if there was someone, then I would probably guess that this person might value their privacy, as would anyone sneaking around with them."

"Alright man, I gotcha. Consider my business minded." Mike put his hands up in surrender.

"Great. Now get out."

About half an hour later I get a text. It's Lance. He wants to come over. Haven't seen the boy since Monday morning, when I gave him the cage. He's asked me to jerk off at least five times and every time I've told him 'no'. The poor thing is probably out of his mind with horniness. Just how I like 'em.

"Come on over boy, and bring the cage." Looks like I have plans today after all.

It takes Lance about twenty minutes to get to me, his eager knock instantly recognizable to my ears.

"Hey boy." I hold the door open for him.

"Hey Sir." He drops his bag to the ground. "How are you?"

"Great, what about you?" Like I don't know the answer.

"Horny." Bingo. "Really, really horny, Sir."

"Aww, my boy need to get off?" I reach for him and pull us together.

"Yes, Sir, please." He grinds his crotch forward against mine, his cock already stiffening.

I reach behind and aggressively grab his ass, squeezing tightly before growling in his ear. "Strip."

Pushing away from me in an instant, Lance scrambles to remove his clothing. I watch as he tosses his shirt at his bag, and then nearly trips over his shorts in his speed to take them off. Soon he's standing in front of my naked, waiting for my next instruction.

"Where's the cage?" I ogle Lance's ass as he bends over his bag to retrieve it.

"Good boy." I place the cage on my desk before turning back to lance and pushing him onto the bed.

"I think it's time for you to try your cage on, boy." I take my own shirt off as I move onto the bed. "But we can't do that with your cock all hard like this, can we?"

"No, Sir." After kicking off my shorts, I climb over Lance, pressing our bodies together and grinding against him. Going in for a kiss, the two of us writhe against each other, our hard cocks leaving sticky trails of precum in their wake. Once he was good and hard, I spit into my hand and grab him firmly.

I work his cock methodically, concentrating the wet friction just under the head. While his member is being stimulated manually, I alternate between chewing on his ear and kissing him roughly, both things I've learned drive him crazy. Once he starts bucking up into my fist, I know he's close to the edge.

"I'm gonna cum, Sir." Good. I grab his hair roughly with my free hand and hold his head in place as I kiss him deeply once more, feeling his cock begin to expand in my hand and feeling the sticky warmth of his load as it sprays across his chest and coats my hand.

I kiss him gently through the aftershocks, his half-hard dick still twitching in my hand. I give him a moment to catch his breath before climbing off and helping him up, guiding him to the bathroom. After a quick rinse in the shower, I pat the counter next to the sink and wait for Lance to hop up.

"Now, unfortunately body hair does not always like to play nice with cock cages, so We're going to have to give you a little trim." I run my fingers through his fuzzy crotch; the soft strawberry blonde hair poking out between my fingers.

"Aww." Lance knows how much I love his fur.

"I know. But it'll be worth it, promise." I reach under my sink to grab my clippers, picking out a medium length comb. After plugging it in, I click the button, spread Lance's legs, and start in.

"We'll be able to figure out how long we can let it get after you wear it enough." I hold Lance's cock in place as I run the clippers around the base, taking care not to nick or pull anything.

"Yes Sir." Once he's done I have him rinse off once more time and then bring him back to the bedroom.

"Alright boy, let's do this." I retrieve the cage from my desk before joining Lance on my bed, sitting between his spread legs. I take the apparatus apart, separating the lock, ring, and shaft so it is ready for it's 'installation'. "Are you ready, boy?"

"I think so, Sir." Poor thing seemed nervous.

"Okay. This is just to try it out. This is not punishment, and there's not a set time this has to be worn for." I really don't think Lance is gonna have a problem with this, especially seeing as this was a kink he brought up to me, but I want to make sure he's comfortable. "If at any point in the next couple of days you wanna take it off, that's fine, just let me know. Okay?"

"Okay, Sir." Lance nodded, nerves still evident. "Thank you."

I smile and squeeze his thigh before moving closer to my target, cage ring in hand. I grip Lance's now soft cock and balls in one hand and bring the ring to them, pushing each of his balls through first before pulling in his cock. Bringing the rest of the cage over and threading his shaft inside, and I line the pieces of the cage up before sliding the padlock though, holding them in place.

"You ready, boy?" My hand holds the lock, ready to snap it shut. I watch the fight inside Lance's eyes as he teeters between desire and anxiety.

"Yes, Sir." Lance nods and bites his lip, and with a click, the lock is snapped shut. My boy is all caged up.

"How's it feel, boy?" I give his package a squeeze, mostly on his balls.

"Different, Sir."He reaches down to get a feel for himself. "Not bad, but different."

"I think you'll acclimate quickly." I didn't expect him to have any issues. There would be virtually no change in the practical use of his dick - after over a decade of having kinky gay sex, I can tell you I am decidedly a top, and sucking dick has never really been my 'thing.' He'll have to sit down to pee, and tight clothing would do little to hide it, but from the way I can see him already trying to chub up, I think he likes wearing it. "Now, you ready for some fun?"

"Yes Sir!" I see the cage twitch a little. Restraining his dick has given me some other ideas...

I hop off the bed and reach under the mattress, pulling out a set of wrist and ankle cuffs I keep handy. Back on the bed, I move between Lance's spread legs, holding the wrist cuffs up for him to see.

"What's your safeword?" Because of how green Lance still is to all this, I try to follow a protocol with our play time.

"Tap out." He smirked. Couldn't help it, that was too good a safeword to pass up.

"Wrists." I attach the cuffs to each wrist as he holds them out for me, before stretching them above his head. Leaning against the headboard, I reach between it and the mattress to pull up one of my bondage straps. After adjusting the length, I attach both cuffs with a caribiner, stretching his arms above his head.

Moving down the bed, I take a hold of each of Lance's feet and attach the remaining cuffs to his ankles. Now comes the fun part. Legs in hand, I fold Lance in half, pulling his feet up towards his head and the corners of the bed. Years of high school and collegiate wrestling has left his body very flexible, and I keep pushing his legs back and spreading them until his feet are almost touching the headboard. Holding him in place with my shoulders, I reach down and attach two more straps, one to each ankle, securing all of his limbs in place.

"How ya feeling, boy?" I run my hands up and down the backs of his furry thighs.

"Good, Sir." I could see a small trickle of precum leaking from the tip of his cage confirming this.

"Good." I lower myself over his prone body and capture his mouth. He moans around my tongue, grinding against me futilely as I plunder his oral depths. I'm taking my time, running my hands all over his legs and body. I grab him roughly by the pecs and squeeze, enjoying the whimpers I pull from him.

I release his mouth and work my way down his body. I give one of his pits a sniff, before going in deeper, burying my face. I hear myself growl. Gonna have to tell him to come over right after practice one day. Moving further down, I latch onto one of his tits, working the other with my hand, before licking a long stripe across his belly. With a final nibble to the backs of his thighs, am positioned right where I wanna be, face to face with my prize.

Gipping the backs of both his thighs, I nuzzle his balls for a moment, before lowering my mouth to his furry hole and...

*Knock knock knock* "Hey man, sorry, I need you to sign this invoice for me." Goddamnit Mike.

Both of our heads shoot up and we lock eyes at the sound of knocking.

"Fuck." I nearly scream-whisper. "Hold on!" I call to the door.

"What do we do?" Lance mouths back.

I look around in a panic. There's not enough time to untie and hide him, not without being obvious. I eye my comforter at the foot of my bed and get an idea. Scrambling off, I grab the oversized blanket.

"Stay still and quiet." Lance's eyes go wide as I unclip his ankles and throw the comforter over his body, but he says nothing. I toss a pillow on top for effect before hopping towards the door as I struggle to get my shorts on. I have to tuck my cock into the waistband of my jock, lest I put Mike's eye out when I open the door.

I take a second to compose myself and then open the door. "Hey man, what's up?"

"Hey." Mike cocks an eyebrow at me. What? I always answer the door breathing this heavily and sweating. "You okay?"

"Yeah, man." I almost heard my voice crack there. Way to play it cool, John. "You need me to sign something?"

"Yeah, invoice for some of the groceries last month." With a big house like this it was easier to get some stuff delivered in bulk.

Mike hands me the piece of paper and I take it to my desk, grabbing a pen and adorning the bottom of it with my signature. While my back is turned, I glance towards my bed, happy to see not an inch of movement. I cap the pen and return to Mike.

"Here you go." I hand Mike the piece of paper, though that doesn't get him to leave. "Need anything else?"

"Nah, guess that's it." Another weird look. I know he can tell something's going on here, but whatever, he can't prove anything. "See ya later, man."

"Later!" I call after him and close my door again, releasing the breath I didn't realize I was holding. I move back to the bed and remove the covering from Lance. "You okay?"

"Uh huh." I could see that Lance was also breathing a sigh of relief. "That was scary."

"Looks like it was more than just scary." I nod towards his trapped cock, straining against the cage and steadily leaking precum onto his thigh, giving it another squeeze. "Getting excited about almost getting caught, huh?"

"M-maybe." Lance was blushing a deep red. It's a sensitive subject with him not being out, but this exhibitionism was definitely something I want to explore more of later.

"You okay to keep going? Need a break?" I rub his belly comfortingly.

"Uh uh." He shakes his head no. "Just kiss me some more first?"

"You got it boy." I happily hook his legs on my shoulders and lower myself over his body once more for a drawn out make out session. Slow, languid kisses as I settle in, bringing his heart rate down, and then right back up. Soon enough, he's fighting his restraints to try and grind against me. I start teasing him, making him chase my lips, holding my mouth just out of reach and then licking him across the nose. I love listening to him whine.

With the mood returned, I re-attach his ankle cuffs and move back down towards his ass, ready to continue my earlier menstrations. When I'm In position, I wait a beat, looking at the door just in case there was another last minute visitor. Satisfied that we aren't going to be disturbed, I give Lance a smack on the thigh and dive in.

I dig my fingers gently in the meat of his thighs, tickling him slightly. I lower myself onto my stomach, using my grip on his thighs for leverage, as I bring my mouth once again to his hole, this time uninterrupted. I trace slow circles around his rim, roused by the way Lance shudders above me. I follow-up by dragging my tongue up and down, with just the barest hint of pressure against his skin. I'm only teasing him, I want to take my time.

With his dick caged, I'm going to start training Lance to focus on his ass for all his pleasure. Which really will not be difficult, the boy is nothing but a total bottom. I pretty much ignore his dick as it is. Sucking cock has never been my forte. Dicks in general don't do much for me. Don't get me wrong, I can appreciate a nice looking cock, but I'm definitely an ass man. There are certainly times I would suck a dick, but I tend to stick to boys who don't expect that sort of oral servicing.

I try to make up for my lack of fellatio faculty by eating my boys out within an inch of their lives. Lucky thing too, because I really love eating ass. Seriously, I could do it for hours. I installed a bidet in my bathroom specifically so boys had an easy way to clean up for me when I was 'hungry.' Getting a boy ass up in bed and making him squirm on my tongue is one of my favorite pastimes...and a go-to first date move.

I add more pressure to his thighs as I do the same with my tongue, licking deep swaths across his hole. Lance struggles in vain, trying to push his ass back against me everytime I make a pass. Alright, I think he's had enough. I slow down, finally focusing my lips and tongue on the bundle of nerves that is his hole. I'm practically making out with it, just barely dipping my tongue into his cleft and smack my lips noisily.

I make a point to move my face as I work, scraping my beard against his skin. That always gets him squirming, and you should always use every tool at your disposal. I start to push my tongue into him deeper, adding a little more each time. I can hear frustrated grunts coming from above me - I know Lance wishes I would just get on with the tongue fucking. I grin to myself and finally relent, pressing my tongue in as deep as it will go. I told you, I really love doing this. And what self respecting guy doesn't eat pussy?

Pussy is how I think of it sometimes. I blame a lot of my sexual habits on having spent so much time around straight guys. Well, 'straight' is subjective in some of those cases, but being the exhibitionist and voyeur I am, having such open minded friends and roommates in the past has produced some interesting situations. My first college roommate in particular was a lot of fun.

By all appearances, Carlos was your everyday meathead of a straight guy. He loved to bring girls back to the room and fuck them for hours, whether I was in the room or not. Now, a normal dude might be bothered by this, maybe even a little grossed out. But not me. I got to watch this incredibly hot latin dude fuck constantly, and he loved having the audience. Soon I was following suit and bringing my own boys back, not worrying about his presence either.

This led to a few wild nights in the dorm room, and even a couple of double 'dates.'' Our mutual love of showing off resulted in this strange game of one-upmanship with our mutual partners. Who can fuck longer? Who can make their date scream louder? How many times can you make them cum? It was fucking fun. Pun intended. It was nice having such an open-minded roommate. We still keep in touch, he's in Colorado right now practicing law.

My experiences with Carlos carried over into my life in the frat, and once I found the right guys to hang with, it was like having a house full of Carloses. And having so much of my sexual life revolve around the escapades of straight guys resulted in me, well, fucking like a straight guy. Just you know, better. This has seriously only benefited me, as in my experience when you tell a sub bottom boy you're going to fuck them like a straight guy, they only want to spread their legs.

Just like this boy tied up beneath me. I slap him on the thigh as I noisily eat my fill, complete with growls and slurping sounds. Lance is mostly silent, biting his lip I'm guessing to avoid making too much noise. The walls aren't exactly thing, but it's still a house full of people. My room is next door to Mike's and the frat's meeting room, so the hall only got heavy use a couple of times a week maybe. Still, I prefer my boys noisy, and anytime I can get Lance to slip up his mime routine, I grin.

I'm just about done here, his hole is relaxed and wet, enough to take a couple of fingers even. Which brings us to the next portion of the afternoon. With a final lick, I extract myself from his cheeks, climbing up his body briefly to kiss him, the musk of his own ass still on my beard. I get off the bed, returning to my dresser to retrieve a few more items, namely lube and a dildo. I toss them on the bed and move to the head, readjusting Lance's legs so they are lower but still holding them up and in place.

I get back on the bed, lube in hand, and cuddle up to Lance's right side. I stroke my hand down his chest and stomach, tickling him slightly, as I make my way back towards that freshly-eaten pussy. I stop at his cage, noting how his cock was struggling to grow in its cage. I give it a small shake and squeeze his balls before continuing downward.

I rub my fingers around his rim slowly, moving towards his face for some more kisses. After a minute, I pop the lid on the lube and coat two fingers, rubbing them up and down before slowly plunging one about half-way inside. Slowly, I press in more, seeking out that little bundle of nerves that'll drive him crazy.

"Mmmf." That, plus the squeezing around my fingers, tells me I've found it.

"How's that feel, boy?" I start slowly finger fucking Lance's hole, making sure to pass over his prostate each time.

"Good Sir." Lance moans under his breath, eyes shut.

"Yeah, am I making that pussy feel good?" Ladies and gentlemen, we have reached the dirty-talk portion of our evening.

"It feels embarrassing when you call it that." Lance's blush covered his whole body.

"Do you know why I call it that?" I continue my fingering as we speak.

"Because it's embarrassing." I'd spank him for that tone if he wasn't right.

"I don't know what else you'd call a hole this sensitive." I punctuate my statement by inserting a second finger and tunneling straight for his p-spot. "But also yes. Now that you have your cage, we can really begin training you, turn it into a proper boy-pussy." I slow my attentions down, still forcing small breathy moans from Lance's mouth.

"T-training?" Lance is sputtering as he rides my fingers. I trim and file my nails every weekend specifically so I can do things like this to boys like him.

"Mhmm. To take it rougher, maybe even bigger." I stroke slowly over his prostate. "I still need to train you to have a real prostate orgasm too."

"Don't I h-have those?" He was panting now.

"You've had orgasms as a result of your prostate being played with. But you're still shooting your load then." There was a difference. "A true prostate orgasm is usually dry, though some boys will piss themselves." Not gonna lie, I have fingers crossed he is one of those boys. "You probably won't even be hard."

"I won't?" Lance's eyes are currently rolled towards the back of his head so I'm not actually sure he's listening, but I'm pressing forward. And inward.

"Nope." He doing his best to press down and get more of my fingers in him. "And you'll have them over, and over and over. So I really don't know what else I would call something like that except a pussy."

"Well it's not that yet, Sir." So the smart ass is listening.

"Yet, boy." I pull my fingers from him with a whine. "But that's what we're here for, right?"

I reach behind me for the dildo. This is another recent purchase, it arrived with the cage but I was saving it for a day like this. Well, I thought it would be night but I'm not complaining about things moving up on my schedule. I lay it on his stomach for effect as I grab the lube bottle and reopen it, drizzling the contents along the purple silicone of the dildo. Lance's eyes are locked to the fake phallus, and I take great pleasure in grasping and setting it on it's base, stroking it as I spread the lube up and down.

With my tool properly lubricated, I grab it by the balls (heh) and move it down between his legs. It's a bit of guessing game, but I manage to aim the head of the toy at his hole, and push it in. Lance's eyes go wide as the head pops in. He hasn't actually used one of these before and it's fun seeing his reaction. As I sink the toy inside, I lean over and plant my mouth on his, his mouth vibrating against mine as he moans.

"How's that feel boy?" I pull back to watch his face again.

"G-good." He's panting his words. "Different than your c-cock."

"Colder, I imagine." I can't help the snark, even now. "I want you to tell me when you get close."

"Yes-s Sir." I love when I make him stutter.

I pump the toy in and out of Lance's hole steadily. He's been opened up enough that there is little resistance, even though the toy is larger than my fingers. Like I said, the boy is definitely a bottom. His eyes are closed and he's biting his lip, his mind focusing on his hole and the dildo. It's a decent size, though not as big as me. One day though, gotta work your way up if you're gonna ride those Bad Dragon dicks.

I bite into his pec as I work, sucking on the flesh. I run my tongue over his nipple as hard as his dick is trying to get right now. I work his chest with my mouth, all the while fucking his would-be-pussy with the purple penis. I have the toy angled up towards his caged cock, assuring me full contact with his prostate with each pass. I can feel his cock against my arm, struggling to break free of its confines, leaving his sticky precum in its' wake.

"S-Sir! I'm getting close." I immediately slow my hand at his warning.

"Good boy." I watch for his breathing to settled before I start to move the toy faster and faster. I go between kissing him and biting his neck and chest, working him up once again. His closes his eyes again and his whimpers grow louder, the toy pushing him closer to climax again.

"Getting c-close again." Lance gives me another warning and like last time, I my hand grows sluggish, and I wait for him to calm.

I resume fucking him with the toy a third time, this time wrapping my spare hand in his hair and holding him in place as I roughly kiss him again. I bite at his lips and tongue as I fuck, working both of his holes at the same time. Maybe I'll have to see if he's any good at swallowing this toy down sometime. I nearly slam the toy in and out of his ass at a near-rapid fire pace. I can feel Lance struggle in vain against his bonds, though whether that's pushing towards the dildo or pulling away I'm not sure. Either way, he's getting close again so I pull back, laying my forearm across his chest and pushing down gently to hold him in place.

"Gonna...cum..." Lance grits out, eyes squeezed shut. I'm not sure if he's trying to hold the orgasm in or push it out, but I lean even further onto his chest and slam the toy inside of him, all the way to the base, and hold it there. He's struggling, this time I'm sure trying to ride the toy, wanting it to push him over the edge. He whines in frustration when he doesn't, fighting against my weight to get the toy to just move.

I roll onto my knees and slip the toy out of him, tossing it to the side. I know he's more then lubed enough, so I spit in my hand and quickly coat my dick. Kneeling forward, I aim my cock for his hole and push in. Fuck, that hole is open and I don't have any problem sinking in all the way to my balls. With his legs still held up by the bondage, I lean forward and lay atop him.

"Hey." I wink cheesily.

"H-hey." He laughs as best he can given the circumstances. Daw.

I start grinding against Lance as I kiss him again. I really like kissing. I'm glad he came around to my way of thinking about it. I lay all my weight on top of him as we lazily snog, my hips rising and falling with the same languid pace. He's definitely going to cum before I do, but lucky for me, Lance isn't one of those bottoms who has to tap out after he cums. I'll be able to fuck him until I breed him.

I can hear the light paf paf paf sound of my hips slapping against his. Both of our eyes are closed, but he's whimpering into my mouth so I know he's close. I can feel his cage trapped between us and the stickiness that comes with. It may just be the milking, but I think he's leaking more than usual. That'll be fun to use against him.

"-munna gum-" Something that sounds like a warning is mumbled into my mouth, followed by the familiar feeling of the muscles in his hole constricting and the wet splotch of his cum splattering against my stomach. It's a big one, too. Edgeing him like that really built the load up. It's not the prostate orgasm I'm looking for, but we will get there.

I'm not in a rush, but I probably won't last very long either. I keep up my kissing and fucking as though he wasn't just cumming. I stick my arms under his shoulders, holding our chests close together as my cock glides in an out of his hole, now fully relaxed. The straps still doing most of the work, Lance's hips are angled just right for this position. I can feel all of these factors driving me to pick up the pace.

Soon enough my cock is full on piston fucking his ass, the last two of my eight inches are all that escapes before being crammed back in. Lance can only whine into my mouth as his pussy - and that's definitely what it is after all this - is relentlessly speared. I'm pushing him to his limit. But lucky for him, I'm about to reach mine. Only a few more thrusts, each increasingly more off-beat then the last, and I blow my load. I continue humping wildly as I shoot more and more cum into Lance. If this was a real pussy, he'd be knocked up after this.

Once I've caught my breath enough, I force myself to kneel up. I take a hold of each of Lance's legs and somewhat clumsily undo the cuffs, allowing both legs to falls to the bed. After reaching up to do the same with his arms, I collapse next to Lance, pulling him to my side. He stretches his limbs and cuddles up.

"Alright, you have practice in two days, right?" My brain is finally coming back online.

"Yes, Sir." Lance mumbles against my skin, still curled against my side

"I want the cage to stay on until then. Pending emergencies. Call me afterwards, maybe even come over. We'll talk about how it went and maybe see about going for even longer." I reach down and grab the now sticky cage for emphasis.

"Okay Sir." Lance says nothing more, settling in for an apparent nap.

"Good boy." I chuckle. I'll have to go back over that with him when he's awake. I check the clock. It's barely three. I really wanted to get more writing done today but... I got time for a nap. I roll onto my own side and throw my arm over Lance. We can clean up later.