Chapter 4

I get back to my room and toss my bag onto my bed. It’s about eight, I stopped by the dining hall for dinner before heading back here. I would have spent the night, but John said he really needed to get some work done, so I headed out after our nap. I have some homework to do myself, but... I can’t stop thinking about the cage.

My roommate Dave is out, probably getting dinner, so I have the room to myself. Perfect. I walk over to the bathroom and pull my shorts down, inspecting the cage. It makes my dick look... small. I mean, I’m not exactly working with a lot to begin with, but the way the cage pulls my balls up combined with my trimmed bush... I look damn near tiny. The pink silicone isn’t doing me any favors either.

Why does that turn me on so much?

I can feel my dick stirring, and somehow knowing that it’s going to struggle in vain to grow turns me on even more. Fuck. I leave the bathroom and go back to bed, grabbing my bag. I open it up and peer inside at the other ‘gift’ John had given me - the purple dildo. Since I can’t jerk off, this is the next best thing. Or at least that’s what John said. He had that ‘I’m going to enjoy torturing you with this’ look in his eye when he gave it to me before I left.

I pick it up and weigh it in my hand. It feels...normal? I’m not quite sure what I expected. This is the first one I’ve ever held, let alone used. But it felt damn good when John fucked me with it. Of course, I was tied up then, and he fucked me right afterwards… Goddamnit, I can feel the cage getting tighter as I relive the memories.

Well... might as well put this to good use, right? I toss my bag to the floor and reach into my nightstand for my lube before plopping onto the bed on my back. I bend my legs so my feet are almost flat on the mattress and my thighs spread. I slowly reach my hand down, brushing past the cage until I’m at my hole. Tentatively, I stroke a finger over my hole, which sends a small shiver down my spine. Mmf. Still a little sore from earlier. But in a good way.

I bring my hand back up and pop the cap on the lube, squirting some out and using my other hand to cover two of my fingers. I reach back down and rub a small circle around my sore hole with one finger, before pushing it in slowly. I hiss - John really used me good - but I keep pushing and spreading the lube around my hole. I can feel some wetness from earlier and I groan a little - that’s John’s load I’m feeling. Soon I’ve got both fingers in there, stretching and searching for my prostate.

Time for the toy. I pull my finger out and return to the lube bottle, this time drizzling it out over the toy. After coating it the way John did earlier, I use my non-lube covered hand to grab it by the balls and aim it at my hole. It takes a little more pressure then I expect and the head pops in almost by surprise. I have to take a second before I can push it in further.

It’s colder, much colder, than my fingers. I sink the toy deeper and feel it stretching my walls again, pushing John’s load further inside me. I can’t really see from this angle how much of the toy is in me, but I keep pushing until I feel that sudden burst of pleasure when it hits my p-spot just right... there it is. Fuck that feels good. I pull the toy back an inch or so and then drive it back in, right against my prostate. Why haven’t I considered jerking off like this before, when my dick wasn’t caged.

I can feel the cage grow tighter as I work my hole, pumping the fake cock in and out of myself steadily. Fuck, this isn’t as good as getting fucked but it’s still pretty damn good. I close my eyes and lay my head back, imagining that it’s John’s cock working my hole over. Not nearly big enough, but I bet John is already planning on doing something about that. I can’t move this thing as fast as he can fuck, but this just feels so good that--

“Holy shit, Lance?” Nonononononononono. My eyes fly open. It’s Dave, standing in our doorway, looking at me with wide eyes. Me, who is on my bed, naked, with my cock in a cage, furiously pumping a dildo into my ass. I grab my sheets to cover myself. Shitshitshitshitshit.

“Dude, I wasn’t… I swear I’m not--” Oh god, this is it, my life is over.

“Fuck, dude, hold on.” Dave shuts and locks the door to our room. “That’s, uh-”

“It’s not what it looks like.” I’m going to have to change schools. “I was just--”

“Dude, hold on. Chill.” Dave’s hands are up in front of him in surrender as he sits on his own bed. “You look like you’re about to have a panic attack.”

OF COURSE I’M HAVING A PANIC ATTACK! I didn’t think it was possible to feel annoyed and mortified at the same time, but here we are. Well I guess at least I’m not panicking anymore, but I still didn’t know how to respond to... anything right now. So I just look at him and try not to make it obvious that I’m pulling something out of my ass under these covers.

“I didn’t think you were g--”

“I’m not gay!” Yes, Lance, that’s exactly how a straight person would respond.

“It’s okay man.” Easy for him to say. “I am too.”

“Wha?” That’s not a word.

“I’m gay too, man.”

“No you’re not.”

“Uh… yes I am?” Oh. Wow. “Not just that but, I’m actually a sub too. What kind of cage is that?” Okay he just lost me.

“Huh?” This is a lot to process. “One thing at a time man. You’re gay?”

“Yeah.” He nodded enthusiastically. “I’m out to a few people, but I was still trying to get a feel for you. Guess I didn’t need to worry.”

“I guess not…” For some reason that makes me feel annoyed. “I’m not really out to anyone.”

“Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me.” He’s smiling but I’m still feeling wound up. “So, does that mean you have a Dom?”

“How do you even know what this thing is?” He’s a year younger than me, and I just learned about them!

“I have the internet?” He’s looking at me like I’m dumb. “Seriously, haven’t you ever been on Tumblr? Before they tried to ban all the porn, at least.”

I shake my head no. “This is all still really new to me. I only started getting into this stuff late last year. Jo-- My Sir’s been slowly introducing me to stuff.”

“So you do have a Dom. Who is it? What’s he like?” Too many questions, I need a minute

“Can you stop for a sec?” I’m holding my forehead like I have a headache.

“Oh. Sorry dude.” Dave takes a seat on his own bed. “Got a little carried away.”

I close my eyes and take a deep breath. “Okay. Yes, I have a Dom. But I don’t exactly want that getting out. Like I told you, I’m not really out to anyone, so please, can we just keep this between you and me?”

“Of course man.” Dave nods in agreement. Phew. “I’ll keep anything we talk about between us.”

“Thanks.” My chest feels a little less tight.

“So... do you want to tell me about your Dom?” Dave’s still look at me expectantly.

“He... actually, I need to text him about this, I think.” John would probably like to know what’s going on, and he might have some advice too. “Can I have a minute?”

“Sure man. I gotta take a piss anyways.” Dave stands and walks to the bathroom and I reach for my phone.

Hey sir. Something just happened.” Just gonna get right to the point.

Is everything okay? Do you need to take the cage off already?” I wish it was that simple.

No, sir. But my roommate saw me in it... when he walked in on me using the dildo.” I still feel mortified.

Okay it’s been a full minute, what’s taking him so long to respond? “Sir?

Sorry. I was kind of at a loss for words there” Can’t blame him. “Are you okay? Did he freak out? Did you freak out?

“I’m fine, I think? My mind is kind of all over the place. He didn’t freak out… He actually knew what it was. He’s gay too. And kinky, he says.”

“Oh.” There’s a pause. “Is he cute?”

“Seriously, Sir?” I mean, I might have thought about it before.

“Just curious! I’ve never been to your dorm, I don’t know what the guy looks like.”

“He’s alright. A little twinkier then I usually like them.” What am I doing? This isn’t why I messaged him. “I just wanted to let you know, and ask if it’s alright if I tell him about you?”

“You can tell him whatever you’re comfortable with, boy. Message me later and we can talk about it. I’ll be here if you need me.” I hear Dave leave the bathroom as I put my phone down. I probably should have taken the chance to grab my shorts. The dildo - still sticky with lube, is under the sheet covering my lower half.

“Everything okay?” Dave sits back down on his bed facing me.

“Yeah.” I smile at him somewhat awkwardly. “Just wanted him to know what was going on and make sure it was okay to talk.”

“Awesome. How long have you guys been together?” He’s certainly eager.

“We’ve been ’together’ for a few months. But we’ve been hooking up since last fall.” I’m only just realizing I’ve never actually told anyone this stuff.

“Nice. What’s he like? How’d you meet?” He’s practically bouncing with energy.

“He’s... you promise this all stays between us?” I’m about to tell him a lot of potentially risky info.

“I swear.” His hand goes up like he’s taking an oath. Okay.

“We met through Leathr.” If he already knows more than I do about this stuff, he’s gotta know what that is. “Actually, we met over a year ago but he had no idea I was gay before then.”

“Like, through class?” Oh boy, this is gonna be fun.

“No, not exactly. He’s in my frat.” That’s half-true.

“Oh, hot, he’s your frat brother?” Oof.

“Again, not exactly.” I scrunch my eyes up involuntarily. “He’s the house manager. The frat dad.”

“Woah, what? How old is he?”

“Twenty eight?” I don’t know why that came out like a question. “He’s a grad student now, but he was a frat brother back when he was an undergrad.”

“That’s... really hot.” Hearing that is kind of a relief, but…

“No one else in the frat knows about us. No one else even knows I’m gay.” I really hope I can trust Dave here. “Please... you can’t say anything. To anyone.”

“Hey, man, I promise. You have my word.” The serious look on his face calms my nerves a little. “Here, my turn now.”

I nod, it’ll be nice to not feel so… exposed.

“I’m out to a few friends, but not anyone in my family yet. I never had the chance to do anything in high school, so once I got here I really took advantage of the freedom. Pretty much installed all the phone apps.” Similar situations, though I haven’t even told any friends yet. “Nothing ever very serious, but... It’s kind of nice knowing I don’t need to worry about bringing a guy back here anymore.”

“I’ve never even considered bringing a guy back here.” It’s way too big of a risk. Or it was. “That would probably be way easier then sneaking around fucking in a frat house.”

“You've been sneaking around a frat house? That is so hot. And so risky. He sounds more in awe then anything else.

“That’s probably why it's so hot.” I’m learning more what Sir meant by me having a humiliation kink. Despite my terror earlier, my cock didn’t deflate at all when Dave caught me. Not that it was at full mast in it’s cage or anything, but you know what I mean. “I usually just sneak out really early in the morning, but sometimes we’ve gotten close to getting caught.” Like this morning, for example.

“So was that your first time? In a frat house?” I’m pretty sure Dave is turned on right now, so at least I’m not alone in that.

“Oh, no, that was just the night I was finally brave enough to hit him up.” Or drunk enough. “When I first got here last year I pretty much did the same thing as you. Installed a few apps to finally try and find some fun... but I always had to be careful. Couldn’t risk someone on the wrestling team or in the frat finding out.”

“I know a few people from my high school who don’t know I’m out are going here, but no one I’d be worried about.” I wish I could say the same as Dave, but there are actually a few people on campus from my high school days I really don't want finding out. “I spent a lot of time freshman year swapping blowjobs in bathrooms.”

“Heh, bathrooms and cars.” Those were my go-to spots. When you’re desperate enough for dick, you’re willing to overlook a lot.

“Yep. I was just horny, so I took what I could find. It wasn’t until later I started realizing I kinda liked being in public and almost getting caught.” Again, a lot like me. I wonder if a lot of gay guys figure things out as they go like this.

“The first time I got fucked was…” I trail off, thinking of the right words. “It was like a flip was switched. And then I started liking when they guy would get rough with me…”

“Heh, I already kinda knew I liked that stuff.” Dave nods towards his computer. “Once I figured out the gay thing, it didn’t take long for me to figure out the kink thing. I started with just regular gay porn and before I knew it, I was jerking off to dudes in full leather getting fucked by a guy they call daddy.”

Dave’s description makes me blush, remembering my own awkward internet experiences, though mine came a little later. “I was always too afraid someone would catch me to look at internet porn. Wasn’t until I got here that I really started doing that.”

“Oh man, if you want, I have some awesome stuff to show you.” He looks genuinely excited to have someone to share this stuff with. “Sucks we didn’t know about each other sooner, Tumblr was amazing for kink stuff before they cracked down on the porn.”

“Have you done a lot of... stuff?” He sounds like he knows what he’s talking about way more than I do.

“Ah, no. Not really.” Now he gets all sheepish. “A few rough blowjobs, some guys who liked to smack my ass when they fuck me, but… I always chicken out before actually getting into anything heavy. I almost bought one of those myself, actually.” He nods towards my lower half.

Dave’s movement makes me look down at my covered crotch. “Oh.”

“What’s it feel like?” And now I’m looking back up at his seemingly entranced face, hoping for an answer.

“It’s... I dunno, different? It doesn’t hurt or anything. When I get hard - or try to - it just kinda... squeezes things.” I suspect if I was packing a little more heat downstairs that might be different. “I haven’t had it on for very long though, only a few hours.”

“You just put it on today?” I think my credibility just took a hit.

“Well, John did. I just came from his room before you got here.” His ears perk up at the name.

“Is that your Sir?” I bet this is a story he’ll like hearing.

“Yeah. He gave me the cage a few days ago, just to hang onto, and had me bring it over with me this morning.” It was a nice morning. “I figured he wanted to put it on, but it was a lot more involved that I thought it was gonna be.”

“What did he do?” I have him hooked now.

“First, he had me strip down and get on the bed. Then he jerked me off before he pulled me into the bathroom.” My cheeks burn again as I remember what came next. “He... trimmed my pubes, for the cage.”

“Hot. Can I... see?” Dave’s request comes out very tentatively.

“I... sure.” He already saw me with the dildo, what do I have to lose? I peel back my bed sheets and expose my legs and thighs, the discarded dildo to my right.

“Wow.” Dave stands and walks over to me, eyes locked on my cage. “That’s really hot.”

“After he was done trimming me, he locked me in.” I spread my legs a little so Dave has a better view. “Then... he took me back to the bed and…”

“And what?” Dave took a seat next to me, our thighs almost touching.

“He... cuffed me to his headboard. First by my wrists, then by my legs.” I can feel my dick start trying to chub up.

“Wow. You’re really flexible, huh?” He seems genuinely impressed.

“Wrestling.” I knew being on a sports team would help my sex life, but not like this. “We started making out, getting into things… Then, he was just about to... rim me when…” Oof, almost forgot about this. “Someone knocked on his door.”

WHAT.” Dave’s eyes were wide. “You got caught!?”

“No! Just... almost. It was another frat brother, he needed something from John. He had no idea I was there.” Yep, my cage is steadily feeling tighter as I relive the memory.

“What did you do? Hide in the bathroom?” He’s on the edge of his seat!

“No, there wasn’t enough time to untie me. So John grabbed his blanket and…” I mime covering myself with my sheet.

He just covered you with his blanket?” Dave’s hand grips my thigh in suspense.

“There was no time! He told me to stay still and quiet, and let the guy in.” I remember hearing Mike’s voice muffled through the sheets. “John got him out of their as fast as he could.”

“Did you get away with it?” I think he’s half hoping I’ll say no.

“I think so?” John seemed to think we did. “It was only for a minute.”

“Fuck.” Dave isn’t even trying to hide the squeeze he just gave his dick. “That is…”

“Yeah.” I hope the look on my face says I agree - it was really fucking hot. “Then he took the sheet off of me, made sure I was okay, and... went right back to eating my ass.” I think my hole just clenched uncontrollably.

“Fuck, I love being rimmed.” That makes two of us.

“I wasn’t exactly keeping track of the time, but he was at it for a while. He’s really into it.” I might be bragging a little. “I just had to lay there, all tied up, caged, and take it.”

“Eventually he had to come up for air, though.” I see Dave settling into his spot on my bed, so I just continue the story. “So, he gets off the bed for a sec so he can grab the lube and…” I tentatively hold up the discarded dildo.

“Oh, so that’s new, too?” I guess the way I was going at my hole earlier made me seem like an old pro.

“Yeah. A gift to go along with the new cage, since with it on I can’t…” I don’t need to explain that part. “So, he gets back on the bed with the lube, and starts opening me up with his fingers. Kissing me, talking dirty…” I can leave out the pussy talk for now I think. “He has me almost ready to cum... then he stops and switches to the dildo.”

“Woof.” I can see Dave considering the dildo on the bed for a moment. “How big is the toy compared to his cock?”

“Uhh…” Dave’s question throws me. “He’s... bigger. By a decent amount.” I mean, John has a huge cock, but I don’t wanna oversell the thing. “It’s longer and thicker.”

“Got any pictures?” Aaaand I’m blushing again.

“Uh... I’ll have to ask.” I had a couple John had sent me but I wasn’t sure if I was okay to show anyone else.

“Sorry. Your story is just kinda getting me worked up…” His mouth is hanging half open, and he’s squeezing his dick again.

“It’s okay… Me too.” I’d squeeze my own dick but… “Not that I can do much about it with this cage.”

“What happens next?” Not sure if he’s trying to help distract me or just wants more story, but I go with it.

“He keeps fucking me with the dildo while he’s kissing me and playing with my, uh, chest. He has me right on the edge. And then he stops, again.” I barely remember this part, John had me so worked up. “He starts fucking me with it again, and he starts getting rougher with em. Pulling my hair, biting, really pounding my ass with the toy. And just when I think he’s gonna stop again…” I make an explosion motion with my hands. “Sploosh.”

“Wow, still in the cage?” Another dick-squeeze.

“Yeah, I wasn’t sure it was even possible but I sprayed all over my legs and the bed.” I bet I’m leaking right now, in fact. “And then, after all that, he finally fucked me.”

“Damn. Did you cum again?” I wish.

“No, he wasn’t concerned about me at that point.” Which I was more than fine with. “It was about him using his boy to get off. He didn’t even use lube, just spit in his hand and pounded me hard and fast until he bred me.” I can hear how heavy my breathing is. I might need to take this toy into the shower in a minute.

“Fuck. That is so fucking hot man.” Dave’s got a full-on tent in his shorts now. “I am so fucking jealous.”

“Yeah… Every time I’m with him, it’s just so... intense.” I reach down and fumble with my cage. “Damnit.”

“Thinking about taking it off?” Dave’s watching my hands rustling underneath my sheet.

“...Maybe. John said I didn’t have to keep it on.” I’m not being punished!

“Don’t. Keep it on.” Dave almost sounds like he wishes he was wearing one. “Your Sir will like hearing about how horny it makes you. Besides, you seemed to be dealing with it alright before I interrupted.” He nods towards the dildo.

“Yeah, but what am I gonna do about that now?” I eye the toy. I know I don’t really want to take the cage off, I’m just so fucking horny. Especially after sharing that story. And I can see Dave is too.

“I mean, I can go find something to do if you wanted some alone time. Or you could take a really long shower.” Nice of him to offer, but it seems kind of silly considering what he walked in on.

“Nah man, that’s okay, I--” I was going to say the moment had passed, but it hadn’t really, had it?

I look at Dave as he sits on my bed. He’s not a bad looking dude. Maybe not my usual type, but I’m still figuring out what my type is, exactly. He’s also a student athlete, so he’s got a decent body. He’s a runner, and he has the build match, long limbed and lean. Dark hair, clean cut face, and from what I’ve seen of it, a pretty nice butt. Not as nice as mine, though.

He is my roommate, so I might be playing with fire here but... he officially knows more about my sex life then everyone else except John. John who has encouraged me to find some fuck buddies. Sharing a room with one would be awfully convenient.

If he’s even interested. We’re both subs, and I’m going to guess he’s a bottom too… And I should really say something because I’ve been silent for way too long and he’s staring at me.

“Would you… Would you ever wanna, maybe...fool around or something?” Oh god, I hope it wasn’t a mistake to ask that.

“Oh, I… That could be... fun.” I think my question caught him off guard. Good, I’m not the only one. “But what about John? Are you allowed?”

“Yeah. Jon and I have an open relationship. I just need to, uh…” I hold my phone up.

“Ask permission?” I’m really glad none of this is weird to him.

“Yeah.” I smile a pull up a text to John. “Just gimme a minute.”

Hey sir. Would it be alright if Dave and I fooled around?” I thought for a minute and decided I should be more specific. “Can Dave fuck me?” If he wants to, I mean.

I don’t get a response right away, and Dave and I somewhat awkwardly sat on my bed, eagerly awaiting a notification from my phone.

Which finally came a couple of minutes later.

“Absofuckinglutely.” Yessssssss. I give Dave a quick thumbs up as a second message comes through. “Make sure you ask about his HIV status. I want a full report, and to meet this boy later. And if you get me a few pictures of the action, I might have a reward for you. No faces.”

“He said yes!” Oof, probably sounded a little too excited say that. “He also wants to meet you later.”

“Cool.” Dave’s grin is infectious. “Never met a Dom in person before.”

“Me neither, before him.” That sounded like bragging. “So, I’m on PrEP... is bareback okay with you?

“Hell yeah! Me too. So…” Dave is looking at me. Oh. Right. I’m probably gonna need to make the first move.

“So.” I pull back my sheet, fully exposing myself. “You are wearing too many clothes.”

Dave grins again as he tears his shirt off, then his shorts. Heh, I almost feel like a Dom myself. He crawls over to me once he’s nude, slotting his nearly-hairless body against mine. I used to hate my body hair, but John’s helped me learn to love it.

I can feel Dave’s hard cock, free from any confines, grinding against my thigh, right next to my own enclosed endowment. I’m not jealous though. If anything I think Dave is jealous of me. As he leans in to kiss me, his hand moves down my chest and stomach towards my cage. Uncontrollably, I hump up into his hand as he grabs me, and whimper into his mouth.

Again, really glad John’s taught me a thing or two about sex, like how kissing is a great thing to do. I reach down to stroke Dave’s neglected length while we make out, with him periodically giving my balls and cage a squeeze. Once again I can feel my body’s futile attempt to get an erection. I’m probably already leaking again.

Dave’s got a nice cock, I guess. I’m not sure I know what constitutes a nice cock just yet. It’s not big, but it is bigger than mine. Maybe six inches? Doesn’t even come close to John. There’s a neatly trimmed patch of hair at the base, and I think he might shave his balls? I give them a nice squeeze, returning the favor.

Eventually, Dave’s hand sinks lower, his fingers reaching behind my balls for my hole, still wet with lube. I whimper again between kisses, pressing back to show my eagerness. I can feel the tip of his finger circling my hole before slowly pressing in. Too slowly. I let go of his cock to reach down and grab his wrist, forcing his finger in deeper. Between the fucking John gave me and the toy earlier, I am more then ready.

“Wanna fuck me?” My question comes out breathier then I expected.

“Yeah.” Dave nods his head. “I’m not a very good top, though.”

“That’s okay.” I tell him as I roll over onto my stomach. “I just need some dick in me.”

“I can see that.” He smirks and smacks my butt. If not for how horny I feel right now, I’m sure I’d be feeling more bashful about this. Instead I just wiggle my butt in his direction while I wait.

“Ooo, hold on.” I reach across the bed for my phone, unlocking it and handing it to Dave. “Would you mind, uh, taking some pictures of the action?”

“You got it man,” Dave answers with a smile. Perfect.

I raise my hips and prop up my knees, presenting my ass for an easier entry. I felt the weight of the bed shift behind me as Dave moves into position. I hear the pop of the lube cap and the schlickshlick of him applying it to his cock. And then I feel the familiar wet poking at my hole.

“Ready?” He slapped his cock lightly against my ass a couple of times.

“Ready!” I wait for him to push forward, holding my ass in place.

Mmmm. I was right, it doesn’t even hurt a little. Feels nice though. I let out a little moan of pleasure as I feel all six inches press inside easily.

“Damn, you really need some dick in you, huh?” He spanks me lightly, teasing me.

Instead of responding I just softly growl at his lack of movement, taking matters into my own hands and fucking myself on his cock.

“Alright, alright. Hold on.” After a second I hear the camera shutter noise and see my phone being tossed onto the mattress and Dave grabs me by the hips, finally getting with the program and starts fucking me earnestly.

Again I say nothing, content to let the whimpers and moans I’m making speak for themselves as I sink into the bed and enjoy the fuck. Dave’s not particularly skilled, but neither of us expects him to be. His cock is rubbing right against my prostate with every thrust, though he’s not thick enough to give me the feelings I usually get from this. Uh oh, has John’s cock ruined me for other dicks?

After a few minutes, Dave’s hands on my hips get a little tighter, and his hips start moving a little faster. He’s getting close. Feeling a little cocky, I squeeze my hole, milking his dick while he pounds away. The effect is evident, Dave stuttering slightly in his rhythm before immediately picking up the pace.

“Fuck, I’m gonna cum.” I make sure I’m steady once I hear the announcement. I want his cum in my hole. I want to make Sir proud.

Dave slams into my ass a moment later, and I can feel his dick pulse as he shoots his load into my hole. His hands rub my ass while he catches his breath, while I am content to stay how I am, chest to the bed and ass in the air. That felt good. My cock is still nicely chubbed up, though it wasn’t quite the pounding I’m used to receiving.

“Fuck, you have a nice ass.” Aww, shucks.

“Thanks?” We both laugh. Maybe I’ll get to try his one day.

“Alright, I’m pulling out.” I tighten my hole, an almost involuntary response I’m going to blame on John’s frequent breedings. “Hold still a second.” I see his hand reaching for my previously discarded phone. “Okay, reach back and hold your ass open.”

The instructions have me blushing for the first time since I started telling my story. I hear the camera app make it’s fake shutter noise a couple more times as he slowly pulls his dick from my hole, and then another couple after. I appreciate that he is thorough. And I bet John will, too. Assuming Dave is done, I start to get up. Only to have a hand on my back keeping me in place.

“No one told you to move yet, boy.” Oh, now he’s the Dom. I suddenly feel a familiar plastic prodding at my hole, before the rest of the dildo plunges in.

“Aaaahhh!” I cry out. Dave and the toy are probably about equal in width, so it’s not painful or anything, just surprising. Also, hot. As Dave fucks me with the dildo at a slow, steady pace, I resume my earlier position. The only difference is the lack of hips slamming into my thighs. And the fact that I’m still holding my ass open for him. Subconctiously, at least a little, I start fucking myself back, meeting the thrusts of his hand.

“Fuck, this is hot.” I hear the camera shutter click a few more times. “Your Sir is going to love this.”

Putting my phone back down, Dave continues to fuck me with the dildo. His speed varies, starting off very slow and teasing, before changing the angle and slamming it against my prostate rapidly. All the while, I lie there on my chest, hands holding my spread ass open for the taking. The cage is still firmly in place, despite the best efforts of my cock.

“Let me get a couple more.” Dave pushes the dildo inside me almost to the hilt - I assume, at least, since I can’t see. I then hear my phone go off a few more times as I spread my ass for the camera. If I weren’t still as turned on as I am, I’d be embarrassed.

Dave continues to fuck me with the toy for a few minutes. I think he’s trying to get me off, probably because he got off inside of me. Content to let him try, I continue to hold my ass open as his drives the dildo in and out of my hole. It feels great, and his banging right on my prostate, but... I don’t think I’m going to cum. Not again. I probably wouldn’t have been able to earlier even if he hadn’t interrupted me.

After a few more minutes, I make the call for us both and make to move from my prone position. Dave is still moving the toy in and out of my ass, when I raise up on my hands, before rolling onto my side, away from Dave. What we just did was really fucking hot, but logisitically, I know I’m not going to cum again. My cock is still straining it’s cage, and my ass feels open and used.

“You okay?” A polite Dave asks. “I don’t wanna be the only one getting off here.”

“Mmm, you’re fine.” I smile at Dave, letting him know I’m content with how things worked out. John fucked me almost stupid earlier, I’m not going to make Dave try to match that. My hole feels sloppy and good. It’s not exactly a feeling I’m used to, but... I’m learning. “Thank you.” I mean that for the fuck and the pictures.

“Happy to help, roomie.” He gives me another little smack on the butt before slowly withdrawing the toy. He sets the dildo and my phone done on my left side, while he plops down on the bed on my right.

“That was... fun.” I smile, not that there’s really anything else I can do. I am genuinely grateful that things seemed to work out the way they did, that my roommate for the next year, maybe longer, is a kinky sub the way I am. I got pretty lucky, especially when you count the whole being walked in on thing. This whole thing could have ended very, very poorly. “I hope we can do this again.”

“Me too.” He gives me a playful smack on the butt, before standing up and stretching. I follow suit, and we both make our way to the bathroom. Hopping in the sower to rinse off, I pull back the shower curtain slightly and watch him at the sink rinsing his dick off. This seriously could have ended so badly.

He beats me out of the bathroom, and I walk back in as I’m drying off, finding him already in a pair of shorts sitting at his computer. Seeing no reason to put clothes on now, I walk past him towards my bed, grabbing my phone. I open up the photo app and scroll through some of the scenes we captured earlier. A few pictures of my hole stuffed, either with Dave’s cock or the dildo, and then a couple of the aftermath of our fuck, my hole looking stretched and sloppy with his load. Fuck that was hot.

“Want me to send you these, too?” I’m already composing my text to John, all the images attached. I really hope he likes them. All you can see in any of them is either my ass or Dave’s cock, usually both. I love it.

“Please?” Dave turns around in his seat to face me. “I’m about to send some links, a few blogs I follow and some places with good kink info.”

“Oh, awesome.” This was going to work out nicely. “Thanks a lot man.”

“No man, thank you for not completly losing your shit when I walked in on you fucking yourself with a dildo.”

“That’s a mouthful.”

“That’s what he said.”