Chapter 5


*bzzz bzzz*

I reach across my desk for my phone. It’s a text from Lance. A few texts. The playdate with his roomie probably just ended. Let’s see what we have here...

Woof. Well that’s fucking nice to see. A small thread of picture messages has been sent. Starting with an image of a very familiar butt with a cock prodding between it. Then a picture of that cock pushing further inside that butt. A couple of pictures of what can can only assume is the aftermath, with Lance reaching behind himself revealing his freshly bred hole, still nice and wet. And then finally a few pictures of that same wet hole stuffed with the toy I gave Lance this morning.

Unf. I reach down and rub myself through my shorts. I’m not just turned on, but pleased as hell at Lance for following my instructions. And I’m also looking forward to meeting this roomie. I’ll have to thank him for playing cameraman for us. After saving the photos, I fire back a message for Lance to give me a call. It only takes a few minutes before my phone rings.

“Hey, boy.” It’ll be easier to talk this way.

“Hey, Sir.” Sounds like he’s still panting. “How are you? Did you like the pictures?”

Aww, when I hear that approval-seeking tone in his voice I just wanna hug him. “Loved the pictures, boy. They were really fucking hot.” I pause for a beat. “How are you doing? Feeling alright?”

“Yes, Sir.” I hear some rustling as he moves around. “Feeling good. Maybe a little sticky.

“Things good with the roomie? Nothing weird, no regrets?” Lance really got lucky here, all things considered.

“Yeah. I think so.” He doesn’t sound worried. “I think he wants to meet you.”

“I’d like to meet him as well. Thank him for taking care of my boy.” Among other things.

“I’m sure that’s all you intend to do, right Sir?” He teases me, safely out of my paddle’s reach.

“We’ll cross that bridge when we get there.” My boy is starting to know me well. “I was actually thinking of doing something Friday night, after your practice.”

“Oooo, my reward?” I’m glad my boy has his priorities in order.

“Heh, part of it. Is Dave gonna be off too?” I have the start of a plan forming in my head.

“Lemme ask.” I hear the two of them conversing for a moment before Lance is back. “Yes, Sir.”

“Perfect. I want to see you, and meet Dave as well. Since it would be impossible to sneak both of you into my room here, how about I come over to your dorm Friday night.” It’ll be a lot easier to get me in there without anyone raising any eyebrows, especially now that his roommate is aware of us.

“Okay, Sir. Anything special you want me to do before then?” I rack my brain for a second, but there’s nothing else I need for now.

“Nope, will take care of all of that when I see you. Remember to clean your cage when you take it off before practice.” I smile to myself at how attentive I’m teaching him to be.

“Yes Sir!” I hear the two of them talking again for a minute. “I think we’re gonna go get some food.”

“Have fun boy, I’ll talk to you later.” I hang up the phone and put it back down on my desk. Then I pick it right back up and look through those pics again. I consider for just a second text Lance to come over after dinner, but it’ll be too late by the time they’re done.

Fuck it, I open up the Leathr app. I’ll just have to find me another boy to get over here and take care of this.

A few days later, and I’m walking towards Lance and Dave’s room in Dorm Hall H. I think this is the hall they stick most of the student athletes in. Either that, or college kids have gotten way more buff since I was an undergrad. I try not to stare too intently at any of the half naked sweaty boys strutting down the hall in their basketball shorts. Don’t need to make a scene. I’m dressed down a little today, just a graphic tee and some shorts. We’ll definitely have more freedom here, but a grad student coming in and out all the time might still seem odd.

I reach the boys’ door and knock. I only have to wait a second before I hear the lock being turned, and the door opens.

“Hey,” Lance greets me warmly. “Come on in.”

I step inside the relatively small room. Compared to my own room, that is. Actually, compared to some of the other dorms I’ve been in, this is pretty nice. Probably because of the whole “student athlete” thing The person I presume to be Dave is sitting on one of the beds.

“Hello.” I greet the sitting boy, hand outstretched for handshake.

“Hi.” Dave accepts my offered hand and shakes it.

“Well, John, this is Dave, my roommate, and Dave, this is John, my, uh...boyfriend and Sir.” Lance introduces the two of us after closing the door.

“Nice to meet you, Dave.” I smile at the lanky boy who is doing a very bad job hiding how he is checking me out.

“Nice to meet you, Sir.” Good, he already knows the protocol.

“So, I believe it is you I have to thank for those wonderful pictures I received the other day.” Both taking and co-starring in them. “Very nice. Thank you.”

“The pleasure was all mine, Sir.” Somewhat literally, if the creampie I saw was anything to go by.

“So, have you played around with much kink before?” Lance had told me some of his history but I wanted to hear it from him myself.

“No Sir, not really.” He shakes his head. “A little bit of rough stuff here and there, but I’ve never had a real scene, or been with a real Dom.”

“Well, we just might be able to help you with that,” I wink at Dave before turning to Lance. “But first, where’s that cage, boy? Time to get you locked back up.”

“Yes Sir.” Lance bites his lip and nods, turning towards his dresser and retrieving the pink plastic as requested.

“Good boy,” I take the offered cage and point towards the empty bed. “Now strip and get in position for me.”

I see Lance hesitate for a moment, looking to where Dave is seated on his own bed first. Well that won’t do.

“Really, boy? Feeling bashful around your roomie,” I walk over to him and grab his ass roughly before growling into his ear. “There’s no reason to be shy anymore. He’s already been inside of you.”

Lance’s face turns bright right at the mention of the fuck that took place a few days ago. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of doing that. I step back and watch as Lance begins stripping, body still flush with embarrassment. As his shorts slide off, though, I can see his cock is starting to chub up.

Once he’s nude I step forward, planting a kiss on his lips before pushing him back onto the bed. Like a good boy, he remains where he falls, looking up at me and waiting for what comes next. I slowly run my hand down his chest and stomach, trailing my fingers through the small, strawberry-blonde bush. He should be good for a few more days, but he’ll need another trim before his next caging.

As I expected, his cock continues to grow under my teasing fingers. Time to try something out.

“Well that won’t do. Boy.” I turn my head towards Dave and then point between Lance’s legs. “On your knees. Can’t cage my boy up with a hard cock.”

“Yes, Sir.” Dave’s eyes go wide as he hears the order, but he obeys only seconds later. He moves into place quickly, kneeling on the floor at the edge of Lance’s bed and swallowing down his cock. Perfect. I love an eager boy.

My eyes flick between Dave’s mouth and Lance’s face. His eyes are already rolling back in his head. My boy has been caged for two days and hasn’t had any time since practice earlier to jerk off. I don’t think this will take very long.

Lance is looking at me and biting his lip, his hips occasionally bucking upwards. Dave, seemingly well versed in what he’s doing, doesn’t miss a beat and continues to steadily bob his head up and down. A few more minutes and I’m listening to Lance’s stifled moans and panting as Dave swallows down his salty seed.

“Good boy.” I give Dave a pat on the head as he finishes cleaning off Lance’s dick. He pulls off and wipes his mouth on his wrist.

“Thank you, Sir.” He’s smiling up at me with that look that screams ‘Did I do good, Sir?’ I give him another head rub for emphasis. He scoots back on the carpet, leaving me room to work.

I smirk at Lance, using his discarded underwear to dry his cock before I begin caging him again. I handle his balls gently as I slip the cage’s ring over them and his shaft. I wait for most of his stiffness to finally subside before attaching the rest of the cage and snapping the lock closed.

“There we go, all safe and locked up like a good boy.” I give his cage cock a small pat before helping Lance up from the bed. “How’s it feel?”

“Fine, sir.” Lance wiggles the cage a little, testing it’s comfort. “All good.”

“Good.” I pull him in for a quick kiss. Need to get him used to PDA, at least when it’s safe. “So, you boys ready for a fun night?”

“What are we doing, Sir?” Lance asks far too innocently for someone wearing nothing but a chastity device right now.

“How would you boys like to go to your first leather bar?” I felt safe assuming neither of them had set foot in one before.

“Really?!” Dave almost leaps from the bed in excitement. Lance, however, does not seem to share his enthusiasm.

“A gay bar?” The worry is audible in Lance’s voice. I expected this.

“It’s just a little leather bar on the other side of town.” I’ve been going there for years and I’ve seen maybe a handful of students there that entire time. “Just a little hole in the wall. I promise, nobody will notice you.”

“Are you...sure?” I can tell that Dave’s obvious joy has Lance hiding his nervousness.

“Hey.” I step closer to Lance and hold both of his hands. “Trust me, boy?”

Lance is looking at my face for a moment, reading my expression. Then he smiles. “Yes, Sir.”

“Good boy.” I turn to look at Dave, barely containing his excitement. “Good boys. Alright. Let’s get you boys dressed for the evening.”

I walk to Lance’s small closet and start looking through his clothes. A lot of what I suspected, sports jersey, polos, graphic t-shirts. Very straight. But I can work with it. I manage to find a tank top that isn't plastered with our school's logo. I toss it onto Lance’s bed as I walk to and open up his dresser. Lance says nothing as I continue rummaging through his wardrobe.

“You own any leather gear, Dave?” I ask as look through his underwear and find a jock I like, tossing it to the bed along with a pair of shorts.

“No, Sir.” Dave is eyeing the clothes on Lance’s bed curiously.

“That’s fine. Go ahead and grab your own clothes, like those.”

“Really, Sir?” It was Lance’s turn to question the outfit I picked out. “Just a tank and some shorts?”

“For now.” I eye them both, an evil grin spreading across my face.

“Is this...Do I have it on right?”

“Hold still.” I reach behind Lance to help attach one of his harness straps. I have his and Dave’s shirts thrown over my shoulder, the three of us situated between cars in the parking lot.

“Thanks for lending me a harness, Sir.” Dave was having less difficulty getting his on.

“No problem at all boy. Wanted to make sure you both looked the part.” I have acquired a number of pieces of leather gear over the years. I’m happy to put them to use.

“Okay, I think I got it,” Lance turns to me for approval.

“Woof, boy,” I move in close, stroking a hand along his exposed stomach. Then I hand him his shirt to put on.

“Over the harness?” He looks at me questioningly and I nod in response.

I ogle him as he pulls the shirt over his head. It fits him exactly how I wanted it to. The arm holes on this tank are large, and you can clearly see the harness straps through them. Altogether, it’s a hot look.

I run my hand along his exposed side as I step forward, kissing him squarely on the lips. He kisses me back, tentatively at first, until I reach my hand around to his ass and pull him in tighter. His squawk of surprise has my otherwise occupied lips grinning

“Shit, that’s hot.” Dave’s breathy pulls me out of my trance. Right, need to finish getting ready. I turn and see that Dave has followed suit, putting his own shirt on over his harness.

“Not looking to bad yourself, boy.” I wink as I give him a once over. If not for their size difference, they’d look like twins. “Alright, one last thing.”

I turn back to my car and reach for a bag, pulling out a thin leather collar. It’s fairly plane, a single o-ring on the front for a tag or a leash, and a simple buckle on the back. I hold up as I approach Lance, illuminated by the streetlights in the parking lot.

This is a collar. Obviously.” I hold it up near Lance’s neck. before I begin attaching it. “Now, down the line I’d like to get you something a little nicer and more permanent, but for tonight, this will do the trick. Wearing this, the other tops and Doms in the building will know you’re taken.” I slip my fingers between the collar and his skin as I buckle the strap, making sure it’s not too snug. “How’s that feel? Not too tight?”

“No, sir.” Lance reaches up, adjusting the collar and testing it’s give. “Do I look okay?”

“You look really fucking hot, boy.” I give Lance another kiss before turning back to Dave one me time. “I brought an extra one for you, in case you were feeling a little shy.”

Dave seemed to consider this for a second before shaking his head no. “Thanks sir, but I think I’ll be okay. I’ll pass.”

“Never know who you might meet.” I give Dave a wink and throw an arm around his shoulder, doing the same with Lance on my other arm. “Alright boys, let’s head in. Now, the guys here might look a little rough, but they’re good guys. No one should bother you, but if anyone does, just find me, and I will set them straight.”

“Thank you, sir.” Both boys thank me in unison as we walk towards the bar’s entrance. Above the door is a dimly lit sign emblazoned with the word Barcodes, the (very original) name of the bar. As we approach, I pull the door open, and lead the boys inside.

The smell of cigarettes and leather hit my nose as soon as we’re inside. Damn, it really has been a while. As we walk past the entrance, my eyes scan the bar. I recognize a few of the regulars, and lucky me, I also know the bartender - Brady.

Brady’s someone I’ve known for a few years. And I mean ‘know’ in the biblical sense. Brady’s a cute guy, in his late 20’s like me, medium build with shaggy brown hair. He’s a switch in the bedroom, and I’ve both topped him and topped with him before. He’s a good guy and an even better bartender.

“Brady!” I greeted the shirtless switch behind the bar.

“John!” Brady stepped behind the bar to give me a quick hug before returning to his station. “How you been? Haven’t seen you around here in awhile.”

“Yeah, I’ve had my hands full for a bit.” I nod my head in Lance’s direction, both boys standing silently behind me, waiting for their introduction.

“Only your hands?” Brady cocks an eyebrow as he gives Lance a once-over.

“Among other appendages,” I wink and then step back, pushing the boys forward gently on the shoulder. “This is my new boy, Lance, and this is his roommate Dave.”

“Nice to meet you boys.” Brady holds out his hand for each boy to shake. “I’m Brad”

“Nice to meet you, Sir,” both boys speak nearly in unison.”

“No ‘Sir’ needed,” Brady chuckles. “Not yet at least. Alright, what can I get you boys to drink.”

“Two beers and a…” I trail off before I turn to Dave to see what he wants.”

“Oh, uh, just water for me, thanks,” Dave shakes his head at my offer.

“You got it.” Brady nods his head then turns to grab our drinks.

“You know, if you’re worried about having a DD, I’m only gonna have a couple of these.” Living in a frat house really turns you off from heavy drinking. “If I can’t drive I’ll just call us a Lyft.”

“Ah, no Sir, it’s not that. I’m only twenty.” Dave looks a little sheepish as he answers and Brady hands us our drinks. I throw my credit card on the table for Brady to open a tab before he turns to help another patron.

“Oh. Well then, thank you for not making me a party to underage drinking.” I give Dave a little salute with my beer bottle. In my position, that’s something you really don’t need to get a reputation for allowing.

“I actually thought you were too, Lance.” Dave nearly whispers, worried he’s about to rat Lance out. “We’re both sophomores, right?”

“’re half right.” Uh oh. I know this isn’t a story Lance loves telling. “I am a sophomore, but I’m twenty-one. held back in school.”

“Oh shit. Really?” Dave seems to realize almost immediately realize his blunder. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to--”

“No, it’s fine.” Lance cuts him off but just to stop the endless apologies I think we both see coming. “It was the third grade. I was having some problems keeping up with the other kids, so they talked to my parents and decided to hold me back a grade.”

“Fuck, I’m sorry.” Dave’s still prying the foot out of his mouth.

“No seriously, it’s okay. Not all of the kids were nice about it, but...they were kids. We moved, I did fine in my new school, and I got over it. Plus hey, I get to drink before the rest of my class.” Lance takes a celebratory swig of his beer before bumping his shoulder into Dave’s. No hard feelings.

Unfortunately, that does seem to have killed the conversation. Despite what Lance says, I know the subject still bothers him, and Dave is very clearly still embarrassed for bringing it up. Luckily, they've both got me here to look after them.

"Follow me boys," I lead them by their shoulders towards the back of the bar. "Let me show you one of the reasons I love this place."

One of the things I like about this bar so much is that they have a rather relaxed dress code. Located in the back of the bar, right next to the door to the backroom area (more on that later), are a set of lockers, free for using as long as you bring your own lock. Which of course, I did.

“Alright boys,” I turn once we reach the lockers, leaning against their side. “Lose the shorts.”

The boys are caught off guard by the order and look at each other and then me, hands moving to their waistbands but hesitating before pulling them down. Smirking, I nod towards some of the other men in the back area of the bar, more than a few of whom are wearing little more than a jockstrap and harness. That seems to do the trick, both boys losing their bottoms after a tic.

As both boys disrobe I turn and pick out an empty locker, fishing the padlock I brought with me out of my pocket. With the locker door open, the boys dutifully hand me their shorts, which are quickly locked behind the metal door of the locker. I hold up the key for effect, and then slip it into my pocket. Pleased with their current outfits, I guide them away from the lockers to a more open area of the bar, so we can chat and so I can show them off a little. It’s not every day you get to walk into a bar with two cute subs on your arm.

“So how you boys feeling?” I nurse my beer as we stand in a small circle. I’m relaxed, but I’m not letting my guard down completely. I need to watch out for these two.

“Good, sir…” Lance trails off and takes a sip of beer. “...Maybe a little exposed.”

“Well that’s the idea boy.” I give him a wink and a smack on the butt.

“I feel like a lot of guys are staring at us,” Dave peered around the room cautiously. “...I like it.”


The boys and I spend the next few minutes chatting. Not about anything sexy or kinky. My goal here isn’t to turn them on - though I know they both are. I want to get them both used to being in environments like this, especially while near-naked. This community is as much about being social as it is the sex.

Lance and I both finish our beers around the same time. When I see him take his last swig, I hand him my empty and point towards the bar.

“Go get us another two beers, boy.” I send him off with a spank.

I watch Lance walk towards the bar, a little hesitant at first. The sound of his ass getting slapped drew the attention of a few patrons, who are now openly ogling him as he makes his way to the bar. It doesn’t take long for his nerves to turn into excitement. My boy likes being watched. He even makes a point to bend way over the bar once he reaches it..

I see Dave watching Lance as intently as I am, so I take the opportunity to step up close behind him, wrapping my arm lightly around his chest and pulling him back into mine.

“It’s hot, huh?” I speak softly into Dave’s ear. “All those eyes on him.”

“Yes, Sir.” He’s still staring intently. One of the guys at the bar is openly staring at Lance’s ass, and says something that makes Lance blush as he waits for our beers. I hope he said thank you.

“Would you like it if everyone was staring at you like that?” My voice is a little breathier than it needs to be, and I’m stroking one of his nipples slowly with my finger.

“I...I think so,” his voice catches as he answers. “Everones’ staring at him.”

“They are. And if it weren’t obvious who he’s here with, they would probably be all over him.” I answered matter-of-factly. “I might even let some of them, later.”

“You would?” Dave sounds surprised, but he’s pressing his ass back into my crotch so I know he’s turned on. I tweak his nipple.

“I would.” I slowly snake my free hand down his back to grab his exposed butt. “Maybe I’ll let them use you too.”

I wouldn’t actually do that, not without knowing Dave would want that. But that’s why I’m doing what I’m doing. Making sure these are all things that would turn Dave on. I can see Lance on his way back over, my order to get our refills serving the same purpose for him. I can tell that all the looks and catcalls are getting his engine revved. I release Dave from my hold as I Lance hands me my beer.

“Thanks, boy.” I lean in to give him a kiss, making sure my claim is known. “You looked like you were having fun.”

“The guy at the bar told me he wanted me to sit on his face,” Lance blushes as he retells the story. “I told him he’d have to talk to you first.”

“Hehe, good boy.” I give him another kiss for that.

“You looked like you guys were having fun too,” Lance teases Dave, who’s turn it is to blush.

“You know I can’t keep my hands to myself.” I goose Dave on the ass to prove my point.

“No, but you’re usually pretty good about sharing.” I swing my head around and who else to I see but my buddy Paul, and his boy Rico. Paul is a beast of a man, dark, furred skin and almost all muscle from head to toe. His boy Rico, his own skin a nice tan shade of brown, is smaller but no less built. These two hit the gym together a lot.

“Paul, Rico!” I move in for a hug before moving on to Rico. “It’s good to see you guys. It’s been forever.”

“Yeah? You look like you’ve been keeping busy.” Rico looks over my shoulder at the two subs standing behind me.

“This is my boy Lance.” Lance reaches for a handshake at my introduction, but is swiftly pulled in for a bear hug. “...And this is his friend Dave.” Rico soon follows suit with Dave, before the two swap their grappled victims.

“Boys, this is Daddy Paul, and his boy Rico,” I introduce the black and latin men each by their preferred titles.

“So this is why we haven’t seen you around here, huh?” Paul releases Lance, who shuffles to my side.

“Maybe,” I run my hand along Lance’s side. “You know how it is when you’re training a new boy.“

“Yeah, I’m sure it’s been real tough for you.” Rico let’s go of Dave with a final grope of the ass, though the boy makes no attempt to move away from the couple.

“Completely exhausting. This boy has been wearing me out for months now.” I joke, giving Lance a spank. “I missed this place. I just needed to make sure my boy here was going to be able to handle a night here. That one came as a bonus.” I teasingly nod towards Dave.

“Well it’s good to see you out again.” Paul clasps me on the shoulder, all dad like. “We were worried you went vanilla or something on us.”

“C’mon man, we’ve shared enough boys by now that you should know that’s impossible.” I wink at Rico, who is one of those boys. “I knew I’d be back here with him. I was just doing the responsible daddy thing.”

“Well if this is what you bring back after you leave for a few months, I definitely understand.” Paul reaches out and squeezes Dave’s nipple.

“Oh man, Sir, you missed what happened a few weeks ago.” Rico starts telling me. “These three boys came in, cute as fuck. Looked like they were way too young to be in here.”

“Two obvious jocks and a third cubby-looking boy. Clearly college kids, couldn’t have been older than twenty, wandering in just wearing t-shirts and jeans. Could not have looked more out of place.” Paul shakes his head as he recalls.

“I thought they were a buncha straight guys who came in hoping they wouldn’t carded here.” Rico shrugs.

I snort. It wouldn’t be the first time a straight boy risked his virtue in here thinking like that.

“They walk up to the bar, sticking out like three sore thumbs, when I hear one of them give them bartender my name.” Paul pauses for drama’s sake, taking a swig of beer. “Turns out the three of them were actually sent here by an old buddy of mine. The two jock boys were Doms here with their sub.”

“They were a couple, the three of them!” Rico looks incredulous. “I didn’t even know what a butt plug was at their age, and this boy leans over and tells Daddy that his boy is wearing a vibrating one right now.”

“After that, we took good care of them. Gave them a full tour of the bar.” Paul's smirk tells me everything.

“I bet you did.” I’ve gotten up to my own share of fun here, some of it with Paul and Rico.

“He had them out on the patio in like twenty minutes,” Rico brags.

“There’s a patio?” Dave’s asks innocently enough.

“You haven’t taken them out back yet?” Paul looks almost giddy ask he asks.

“I had a feeling we’d make it out there eventually.” I wrap my arm around Lance and Dave’s waists. “Come on, boys, time to show you the real back of the bar.”

I move through the bar, passing the lockers towards a heavy black door to their left. I push through and walk outside, holding the door for my four followers to join me. We’re let out onto a patio, your basic fair. There are a few guys already out here, most of them smoking. I nod as I pass them, leading the way to the actual reason people come back here.

At the other end of the patio is a small walkway, which takes you across a lawn that is way too well manicured, to a set of ‘booths’ along the far wall. The whole backyard of the bar is surrounded by a wooden fence, which also makes up the walls of these booths.

If you haven’t figured out what this is all for yet, this is this bar’s version of a “backroom” that you would find at other gay establishments. The booths are large enough to hold a few people in, and it’s not uncommon for someone ‘performing’ to draw a crowd. It can get a little cold in the winter, but otherwise it’s a really nice setup.

I walk past the first booth with the boys right behind me. Inside, we can see two men, one on his knees in front of the other, rapidly bobbing up and down on the other man’s crotch. I walk into the second booth smirking, knowing that Dave and Lance enjoyed the small show they just saw.

And now it’s our turn to put on one of our own.

I stand against the back wall of the booth, watching as my four companions file in. I finish the beer in my hand, then I quickly grab Lance and pull him towards me for a kiss, groping his exposed butt. I grab Lance’s hand and put it on my growing cock.

“You want some dick, boy?” I growl into his mouth.

“Yes, Sir,” Lance almost whispers.

“Then get down there and pull it out,” I push down on Lance’s shoulders as I lean back. “Watch your knees.”

Wordlessly, Lance sinks down, hands on my fly. He looks behind him at his audience for only a moment, before unzipping me and reaching into my jock. I feel myself pulse ins his warm hand as he grasps me, the knowledge that I’m being watched making my dick even harder.

I look at the group behind Lance, Dave entranced by watching Lance work, while both Paul and Rico are grabbing themselves through their jeans. I let out a soft moan as I feel the heat of Lance’s mouth surround me as he sinks onto my cock. I run my hand through his hair, guiding him to swallow me down further.

Having an audience always makes me wanna show off a little. I look down and see Lance looking up at me as he sucks and slurps on my cock. I tug on his hair lightly, making him move his mouth just a little faster. I look over to Dave again and see him still staring. Time to put him to use.

“Boy,” I look at Dave before gesturing at Lance. “Why don’t you join your buddy down here on my cock?”

“Yes, sir,” Dave nods quickly, lowering to his knees and shuffling over next to Lance.

Lance pulls off my cock when he feels Dave settle in next to him. He silently grabs my dick and points it towards Dave face. The two boys make eye contact for a moment, before Dave leans forward and takes Lance’s place sucking me off. Lance then looks up at me for a second, before moving in to suck and lick on my exposed balls.

As I watch my boys work in tandem, the sounds of someone else’s sucking and slurping enter my ear. I see Paul has followed my lead, putting Rico to work on his knees. Paul’s got a grip on Rico’s hair, and is making sure to pull his his boy’s talent mouth all the way down with each stroke. And then holds it there. Rico takes it all on every stroke without complaint.

Returning my view to my own crotch, I tug on both boy’s hair, urging them to swap positions. I pet Dave’s hair as he nuzzles into my nutsack, coating each orb with his tongue. I’m glad he’s so eager, because I think it’s time to show him what I expect from subs. This time I copy Paul and grab Lance’s hair, slowly but forcefully fucking my cock in and out of Lance’s throat. Then, I have them swap again. For a few minutes, it’s just the two of us Doms using our boys together.

“So, not that I’m not enjoying the show,” Paul looks down and eyeballs the two exposed asses at my feet, “but are you gonna share, or what?”

“Don’t I always?” I smirk. “Alright boy, get over there and show Daddy Paul how good that mouth is.” I tug Lance off my cock and send him over.

As Lance moves towards Paul, I move Dave into his position, quickly feeding my cock back into his mouth and throat. He’s not as practiced as Lance, but we’ll fix that in no time. As Lance moves over to Paul, I see Rico getting up and standing next to his Dom. Paul leans over and kisses Rico deeply, moving his hand down to Rico’s crotch and undoing his zipper. My boy was about to get fed.

Paul goes first, naturally, pulling Lance onto his cock the same way he did to Rico earlier. He wants to see what my boy can handle. Like it always does, seeing my boy get used like this gets my engine revved. Soon I hear gagging and sputtering below me, the hot scene before me making me pummel Dave’s throat and choke him on my cock. I tear my eyes away to see Dave’s smiling but determined face looking up at me, and I can’t help but pet his hair. Good boy.

By now Lance has switched over to Rico, both men still kissing furiously above him. I can see Paul’s dark, thick cock in Lance’s hand, jerking it as best he can while sucking Rico. I look down further and see his cute, furry butt jiggling as his head and body move up and down. For a second, I grab Dave’s head and pretend I’m fucking Lance’s ass. No, I want the real thing.

I pull Dave up to his feet, giving the sub a thank you kiss, tasting some of my own cock in the process. When I turn to the trio in the other corner, I see that we’ve attracted a small audience, a few guys hanging around the entrance to the booth and watching the action. I step over to Lance and squat down behind him while his attention is elsewhere. I stroke my hands over the globes of his ass, before delving my middle finger into his crack and across his opening. I feel him shudder, and I press my finger firmly against hole, pulling a muffled moan from his throat.

“You got him all prepped back there?” Paul asks as he hauls Lance’s mouth back over to him.

“I told him to make sure he was ‘ready’ before we went out, and…” I reach into my pocket and pull out my final trick of the evening, a small bottle of lube. “I’m a regular boy scout.”

“Boy, don’t just stand there,” Paul calls to Dave before nodding to Rico. “Get over here and get that mouth on my boy’s cock.”

“Yes, Sir!” Dave jumps to attention and takes a position next to Lance, which Rico immediately takes advantage of.

I pop the cap on the lube and coat a couple of fingers and then use them to seek out Lance’s hole. He moans again as I push the first one inside, going still as he feels me breach him. Rico takes advantage and holds Lance’s head steady as he starts to fuck the boy’s face himself. Both boys in front of me are soon sucking, slurping, and choking on the cocks in front of them, while I’m behind them feeling both their asses. I hope the audience is enjoying the show.

Once I’m satisfied with lubing up Lance’s hole, I step back and lube up my cock. Paul reluctantly releases his head, allowing me to pull him up. Paul knows what comes next, so he puts his arms around Lance, holding him steady and bending him over slightly. I step up behind Lance, slick cock in hand, and tap it against his ass. Lance spreads his legs and arches his back the best he can for me, and I aim my cock for his hole and press in.

God, it’s always so warm. I am so glad I have been fucking Lance as often as I have because I don’t think I could be any more patient with this ass. My cock slides all the way home, Lance pushing back on me to take all of it in one stroke. My boy missed me, it would seem. Or at least my dick.

Holding Lance by the hips, I start to pull back slowly, only to slam back in. Lance cries out, face muffled by Paul’s chest, who only chuckles and pets his hair. I start moving my hips quickly pulling half way out and then pushing back in, putting on a show for the audience. To my right, Dave is still gobbling on Rico’s knob, who is also watching me pound some ass.

As I start speeding up my thrust, Paul gestures towards Dave’s ass. I know what he’s asking.

“Boy.” I tap Dave on the shoulder, who slowly takes Rico’s cock out of his mouth. “Are you prepped for this like he is.” I motion down to my cock stuffed in Lance’s hole.

“Yes, Sir,” Dave quickly nods.

“Good boy.” I smile at Dave, then Paul, who helps Lance stand up for a moment.

Rico leans back against the wall of our little booth, with Lance resuming his earlier position, me still behind and inside of him. Dave follows suit, and then Rico has both boys on either side of him, half bent over. Taking advantage of the opportunity (who wouldn’t), Rico begins alternating between kissing the both of them. Which is a good thing because Dave is going to need the distraction while Paul works that dick into him.

I hand Paul my pocket lube as I resume fucking my boyfriend, though now at a much more leisurely pace. I watch as Paul slicks up his snake before doing the same with Dave’s hole. I hear the sharp intake of breath as Paul’s thick head fights with Dave’s ring of muscle for dominance, and then the small whine of pain as it finally pops through. Paul gives the boy a moment to adjust, while Rico further distracts him with kisses. All the while I pound into Lance fast and faster.

“Goddamn, this boy is tight.” Paul smacks Dave’s butt for emphasis. He continues to work his cock into Dave’s ass, pulling out slowly and then pressing back in just a little further. Dave’s whining soon turns to moaning, and before long both boys are taking the full length of our dicks, side by side. Rico kissing the two of them, sometimes at the same time, while both boys stroke and squeeze on his cock.

I hold Lance’s ass in my hand and spread it wide, watching my cock disappear into his pussy. I look over and see Paul doing the same thing. I have to say, the contrast of his dark length disappearing into Dave’s white ass was a very hot site. And judging from the way our crowd as grown, our audience agrees with me.

This is why I love this bar, experiences like this. This isn’t something you’d normally find in your gay bar backroom. This is so much better. I really should have taken Lance here sooner, we have a lot of time to make up for.

“Fuck, I’m gonna come.” I grit my teeth once I feel I’m getting close, ready to paint Lance’s walls white. I slam him forward into Rico, pushing every inch of my cock into him as I unload. I feel his hole milking my cock as it shoots and twitches, squeezing out every last drop. Once I’m finished, I almost collapse forward, holding myself up again the wall by my hand, catching my breath.

I nuzzle Lance’s neck as I cool off, the sweat making my shirt stick to my chest. I still hear the sounds of skin on skin to my right, and I open my eyes to see Paul still fucking away at Dave, Getting faster with each thrust. He’s close too. Making sure I don’t slip out, I help Lance to stand up, turning him to see his roommate getting his ass loaded up. I wrap my arms around his chest while we hear Paul practically roaring his climax, as Rico forces him further down onto his own cock, ready to blow. Smiling to myself, I tweak one of Lance’s nipples while he takes in the site of his spit-roasted friend.

Tonight was a very good night.