Chapter 6


I've relived that night at Barcodes with John and Dave more than a few times since we were there last week. Even jerked off to it, when I am allowed. After Dave and I were both bred side by side, our tops 'ordered' us to finish sucking off Rico. I could feel how wet my cage was from all the precum as I swallowed him down. I was the lucky boy to get a mouth full of cum, and as Dave and I were helped to our feet, it was pretty clear that some of our gathered audience was hoping they could get a piece...and were promptly shot down by my Sir and Sir Paul. We went back inside, and I had another beer to wash down Rico's load.

The rest of our night was pretty quiet. I could see a few of the guys from outside were still checking us out, but really, the five of us just stood around talking. Rico and Paul are really nice guys. Smart, too. Paul's a lawyer, and Rico's a computer engineer for Microsoft. Not what I expected when I saw the leather. They even invited the three of us to come out to their place sometime. They promised fun in a heated pool with a privacy fence.

We headed out a little after midnight. Facebook profiles were exchanged, and then John drove Dave and I back to the dorms. After a nice long kiss goodnight and an order to wear my cage for two more days, Sir made Dave an offer. He said that he wasn't looking to take on another sub full-time, but he was happy to act as a "stand-in" dom for nights like tonight until he found someone he was comfortable with.

I'm pretty sure he also wants to fuck him. Which I think I would like to see.

Dave said yes and thanked him, and the two of us headed inside while John drove back to the frat house. Then, because I was still horny as fuck, I got out my dildo, and Dave and I--

"STEVENS!" I forgot how loudly Coach's voice echoes in here.

"Yeah, Coach, sorry." It's Friday practice and we have a match next week, so Coach Timms is having us weigh in. It's my turn.

I drop my towel as I walk towards the scale, sans cock-cage of course. I always hate this part. College has not been kind to my midsection. I let go of the breath I'm holding and step on the scale.

Fuck. I'm up another 2 pounds from last week. The coach just looks at the scale and sighs.

"Look, Stevens." I hate this talk. "I'm not trying to tell you to watch your weight kid, but... You need to either lose ten or gain twenty. At this rate, your weight class is gonna change again in a week or two."

"I know, Coach. I swear, I'm watching it." Maybe I should just say fuck it and try to bulk up a bunch.

"Alright, singlets on and on the mats!" Coach leads the way out of the locker room.

"Hey, I still think you're pretty." My teammate Joey slides up and wraps his arms around my waist as I get dressed.

"Aww, you're sweet but I told you, you're not my type." Joey doesn't know I'm gay, but with the way he jokes around with me, sometimes I wonder if he is.

"Come on powerpuff, you heard coach." And that's Brian, one of my frat brothers, and a total asshole. Unfortunately, he's also a very hot asshole. "Why don't you let your boyfriend take you out for cupcakes after practice?"

"You jealous, Bri? Is your sugar daddy not buying you any cupcakes?" There's a reason Joey always wins in a game of gay chicken. "I told you, you can't wait too long before you put out."

"Fuck off." Brian flips both of us off as he leaves the locker room.

"What's his problem?" I close my locker and the two of us make our way out.

"Maybe he's not getting laid?" Not a bad guess, but I doubt it. Even I kind of want to fuck Brian. The two of us walk towards an empty mat. Coach is having us pair off for practice skirmishes.

"I dunno man, I wasn't that much of an asshole when I wasn't getting laid." He's hot, but Brian has always rubbed me the wrong way. Always trying to give me "advice" I never asked for, or giving me shit about gaining weight, and god would he not shut up when he found out I was held back a grade. He acts like we didn't both pledge PAK together last year.

"Oh, are you getting laid now?" I roll my eyes as Joey gets down in referee's position

"Well your mom and I wanted to wait to tell you over dinner, but I just can't hold back." I wrap my arms around his waist as I get into position behind him. "I'm just so proud to be your new step-dad."

I barely hear coach's whistle over Joey's laugh.

It's the night of the match a few days later, and my opponent and I are currently tied. I won the first match. It's not a big match or anything, but of course, we still have to start with the official weigh-in. Same weight gain from earlier, same snarky comment from Brian. Whatever. Let's do this.

The announcer reads of our names as we exit the locker room. There's a decent-sized crowd. A few of the regulars and I see some of the frat bros in the stand. As a general rule of thumb, a few of us try to show up anytime someone has a game or match. It's nice.

And... There's John sitting with them. It catches me off guard for a second, and then he's smirking because he knows he caught me off-guard. And then I have to remember I'm in public and to stop looking like I'm staring at him. I try to cover by waving at the whole group of them. I think it works.

My match is closer to the end, so I spend a good hour or so watching the rest of my team compete and cheering them on. I have to keep remembering not to stare at John in the stands. Seeing him here is giving me some ideas... Ideas I should not be focusing on right now. The other team is pretty good, at least as good as us. Every time we seem to win one, they win the next. Joey wins his, and so does Brian (barely), and then it's my turn.

I step onto the mat and shake the hand of the guy I'll be wrestling. He's a big guy, as big as me I guess. He's not a bad looking dude. But I generally try not to think those thoughts when I'm wrestling. Everyone's dealt with their fair share of awkward adrenaline boners, but it's not the sort of thing you want to invite. I can hear the announcer saying something over the crowd, but my focus is all on the match now. We both get in neutral position, facing each other and waiting for the whistle to blow.


We lunge at each other, shoulder to shoulder, but I manage to get him off balance first. He flails and tries to flip us over, but I have him pinned under me in no time. The first round is over before I know it. I help my opponent to his feet and we get back into position for round two.


My lead doesn't last long. I don't know if this guy needed a warmup, or if he was just sizing me up in round one, but he's on me in a heartbeat. Before I see what's going on he's wrapped around both my legs and I'm being flipped onto my back. It would be hot if not completely disorienting. I barely notice the ref counting down to my loss.

Well that was humiliating. I shake it off while I drop back into position for the third round and tie-breaker. The room goes silent as we wait for the ref's signal. I can do this. I've taken down bigger guys them him before. I just breathe, and focus.


We crash into each other one last time, both grabbing at the other's shoulders. We break apart, but then he fakes me out and dives for my waist. I try to pull him off but he knocks me onto my back. Shit. He tries to hook an arm under my leg but I manage to flip onto my stomach before he can pin my shoulders.

I try to buck him off, as he grabs me around the chest and wraps his legs around my waist. Every time I try to use my arms to push back, he knocks it out from under me. I'm flailing like a fish out of water. Alright fine, let's try the other way.

I kick off with my feet, forcing his face into the mat. On my second attempt, I get enough leverage that I manage to flip us over, my back almost landing on his stomach. I scrabble quickly out of his grasp, and then tackle him around the legs.

My head nearly goes through his legs, while he grabs me around the waist, his head pretty much right on my ass. I move forward through his legs, pushing him further down my back, before standing and flipping him onto his shoulders. With both arms hooked around his thighs, I hold him in place against the mat while the ref counts him out.

I...I did it! I won! I can hear the crowd screaming as I shake the other guy's hand, and then the ref is holding my wrist up. I can barely hear him announce my victory over the crowd screaming. The adrenaline has me so pumped I can hear the blood rushing through my ears.

I look through the crowd for my frat brothers, and I see them cheering the loudest. And I see Sir sitting there cheering too. He looks proud. And that makes me feel good. I like making him proud. Which is giving me more ideas...

But for now, there are still two more matches to go before this is over, so I take my seat on the bench and bide my time. I watch as my remaining two teammates win each of matches, easily beating their opponents in the first two rounds. And when the final score is tallied...we win! The crowd erupts in applause (like they usually do during home games), the players shake hands and celebrate. All the stuff you see in the movies.

I see a few of the guys headed down the bleachers towards me, so I make to meet them halfway. There's only five them, including John and Fred, my "big brother" when I was a pledge, but the other guys' names are kinda escaping me. I wanna say one of them is Marcus? I feel bad because I haven't actually taken the time to get too close to anyone else in the frat. Too paranoid.

"Great game little bro!" Fred pulls me in for a hug. He's always pretty affectionate.

"Yeah man, you kicked that other guy's ass," The guy who I'm pretty sure is Marcus claps me on the shoulder. I can see the other two guys are doing the same with Brian.

"Thanks, guys." I smile. "And thanks for coming out."

"Of course, that was brothers do." And that's John. He moves in for a hug too. Which is exactly what I was hoping for. I gather my courage and put my plan into motion.

"Meet me in the locker room in two hours," I mutter into his ear while I clap him on the back. You know, like straight guys do.

I'm not sure if the look he gives me when he pulls back is more confused, or intrigued, but I hope he heard me. I just smirk before turning to the other frat brothers, and then my celebrating teammates. Time to go back to the locker room and clean up...and hopefully get them all out of there in the next two hours.

"You sure you don't wanna come out to dinner man?" Joey asks me for the third time since showering.

"Yes. I told you, dude, I already have dinner plans," I politely decline again, sitting on the bench in front of my locker, slowly pulling my socks on. In fact I was the only one still getting dressed at the moment.

"Fine... I hope you'll tell me about this mystery girl you've been seeing one of these days," Joey grouses, not for the first time.

I say nothing in response, just smirk and bend down to tie my shoe. I'm nervous as hell and it's taking everything not to show it. Better to let him think I'm seeing some girl then the truth. "I'll see you later man."

"Later!" Joey and the last of my teammates depart for dinner at the local steakhouse.

I finish tying my shoe and stand up from the bench...and wait. I give it a good ten minutes, I don't wanna risk them or one of the coaches coming back because they forgot something. And I know the janitorial staff doesn't get to the gym until late at night on Fridays. Once it seems like I'm in the clear, I quickly strip back down, grab my bag, and head for the showers. Time to get ready.

For as long as John and I have been fooling around, even if we haven't been 'together' that whole time, it still feels like he's handling me with kid gloves when to sex and kink sometimes. Even with things like the cock-cage, I can sense a lot of hesitance from him. And it took him how long before he took me to a leather bar? It's like he's holding back. So, maybe it's time to take things into my own hands and show him jsut how ready.

About half an hour later, I've still got about fifteen minutes before I'm expecting John to show up. I'm cleaned out and lubed up, so I repack my supplies and stuff my bag in my locker. Really don't need someone snooping about what I have in there. Satisfied, I go turn the shower on and wait.

I love a hot shower. I take a deep breath, letting the water run down my head and back. Doing my best to relax, even zone out a little. Not think about how risky what I'm about to do is or how terrified I am of things going wrong. Or even how horny its making me, either. Just go for it, and hope that John catches on quickly. I know he will.

"Hello?" John's voice echoes in from the locker room. Action.

"Coach? Is that you?" I call out to him, letting him know where to find me. Time to get into character.

"Lance?" John looks around the shower and sees that we are empty.

"Hey, Coach," I lean against the divider blocking most of my body from view. "Everything okay? I know my performance today wasn't the best..." I bite my lip. Come on...

I can see the realization click in his head. Yessss. "No, it wasn't, Stevens. I'm disappointed in you."

"I mean, I still won my match," I sound sheepish.

"Barely." There's almost a level of contempt in his voice. It makes me shiver. "I'm starting to wonder if you even belong on the team anymore."

"You can't mean that, Coach!" I almost throw myself over the divider. "Come on, I can do better I swear."

"I dunno, boy." Fuck, the way he says boy makes my dick twitch. "I just don't know if you have it in you."

"Let me prove it to you, Coach," I nearly whine. "I'll do anything!"

"Anything, boy?" He cocks his hip. "You sure about that?"

"Anything, Coach." I bite my lip again. This is going perfectly. "What do I need to do?"

"I think I know where you can start." John walks around the divider partially and makes a show of grabbing himself through his jeans.

"Sir?" My eyes are locked on his crotch as if I don't know what's about to happen.

"You said anything, boy." John releases his cock. "If you're not serious."

"Wait, no!" I move towards him, wet and completely naked. "I just...I've never done that before."

"Well don't worry, boy," John's hands move to undo his belt. "Your coach is here to teach you."

I swallow, watching as my "coach" methodically undresses until he is as naked as I am, cock hard and bobbing in front of him as he steps towards me under the shower.

"You sure you've never done this before, boy?" Coach nods towards my own hard cock, smirking.

"What? No, I'm not--"

"On your knees." The sudden order throws me off balance, but that's what he meant to do. Hesitantly, I lower myself to the shower floor. Coach steps forward until his cock almost grazes my nose. I look up to see him looking down at me hungrily. I can see a bead of precum already building up on his piss slit. "Open."

I obey the single-worded order, opening my mouth with the same hesitancy. Coach is done waiting though, and takes a half step forward, planting his cock squarely in my gob. I squawk in surprise and attempt to pull back, only to feel a hand on my head holding me in place.

"Where the hell do you think you're going?" The hand pushes me down further. "Get to work."

I don't really have much of a choice. Hesitantly, I try to take more of his cock into my mouth. I can only manage another inch or two before I can feel it poking at my throat and stop. I repeat this action over and over, Coach's hand on my head, never letting me pull back enough to take his cock out of my mouth. At least the steam and water from the shower seems to be making things slide a little smoother

"That the best you can do boy?" Coach sneers down at me. "Maybe I can't help you after all."

What! That wasn't the deal! Grrrrr... Fine. I bring one hand up to hold his cock steady while I speed up my mouth work. Sucking a dick isn't that hard, I've seen it done enough in porn. Bobbing up and down, I look up and lock eyes with Coach. I'm not giving up that easy.

"That's a good start, Stevens," Coach says with an evil twinkle in his eye. "Why don't I help you out some though?"

Not waiting for an answer, Coach thrusts his hips forward, forcing at least half of his cock into mouth. I flail, struggling in vain to pull off, but Coach holds me in place and continues his oral assault. I can feel him fucking the first half of his cock in and out of my mouth and there's nothing I can do about it.

"You said anything boy." Coach emphasizes his point with an extra deep thrust. "So learn your lesson and take what Coach is giving you."

I look up at Coach as he fucks my face with the first four or five inches of his cock, the confusion and hurt evident in my eyes. He only looks back at me with that same look of hunger, or maybe it's conquest. I wonder how many students he's done this to, how many of my teammates he's had right here in the showers after a bad game.

The hand on my head suddenly grips my hair tightly, as I'm immediately fed more of his coach-cock. He's hitting the back of my throat on almost every thrust, and it's starting to make me want to gag. I cough and choke on his dick, but he just continues to fuck furiously into my face. Without warning, my face is suddenly mashed into his crotch, my throat forced open.

"Come on, boy. You can do better than that." The sarcasm dripped from his voice. "Take it all."

Not like I have a choice! All I can do is kneel here while my coach uses my mouth and throat like a fleshlight. He's nearly sneering when he looks down on me, never slowing down for even a second. I can feel the slobber being forced out of my mouth with each thrust, and I'm thankful we're in the shower so cleanup won't be too tough after he's....finished.

Then, just as quickly as it was forced in my mouth, the dick is pulled from it and I'm gasping for a breath I didn't realize I was holding. Coach doesn't even give me a moment to recover.

"On your feet, Stevens." His grip on my arm doesn't give me much of a choice.

"Coach?" My body is being spun around, away from the showers. He pushes me forward until I have to brace myself against the divider. What is he doing? "Coach?!"

"Are you stupid, or is there just some part of anything you're not getting, boy?" I hear him spit in his hand. Oh fuck. OH FUCK. His hands are on my ass.

"Coach, what are you--"

A stinging slap on my ass cuts me off. "One more word, boy, and I will find something to gag you with, got it?" Oh fuck, his fingers are on my hole. Oh fuck, his finger is in my hole.

"Y-yes, sir," I am resigned to my fate. Coach takes a step forward, and his cock is prodding at my ass. A hand on my shoulder holds me in place, and the other hand grips his spit covered dick to stick me with. I bite into my wrist to hold my voice in.

"There we go. Good boy." Coach praises me, genuinely, as the head of his cock slips inside. Once again he wastes no time and sinks more and more of his thick cock into my ass. "I'll find a use for you on this team yet, Stevens."

"Th-thank you, Coach." I can't believe I'm thanking my coach for carving me out a new cunt. It's so big, I'm not sure how it's all fitting inside of me. But I can feel his stomach against my back as he grinds himself into me fully, stretching me to my limit.

"That's it boy, take all of your coach's co--"

The sudden slam of a door snaps us both out of our sex-induced stupor in an instant. Oh fuck, someone's here. John pulls his cock out of me quickly.

"What was that?" John barely speaks above a whisper.

"I don't know." It wasn't a locker so it had to be an office or the bathroom. Neither is good. "You need to hide."

"Where?!" John looks at me like I'm crazy. I will be, if we get caught. This was such a bad idea. What was I trying to prove again?

"Somebody back there?!" Fuck, it's my actual coach, and he's coming back here!

"Just...get down." I point to the floor against the divider and give John a pleading look. It's weird being the one giving orders.

John wordlessly crouches down, huddled against the divider wall. I try to give him a smile that's half thank you, half-apology, but I tear my face away quickly. Can't exactly be caught looking at and talking to the shower floor. Instead, I watch the entrance to the shower for Coach.

"Coach?" I see him before he sees me.

"Stevens? You showering again?" Coach pauses as he enters and sees me.

"Yeah..." When in doubt, blame someone else. Like Joey. "Matthews pranked me with a bottle of Gatorade. Just rinsing it off."

"Well... Don't use all the hot water." Hopefully, he doesn't notice the lack any of soap. "See you next week at practice."

"See you then coach." I smile and nod as he turns to leave, stepping back into the shower to finish...pretend washing. I wait a few minutes after Coach leaves the room before I move to help John up.

"Are we okay?" John tries to peer into the locker room. "Do we need to go?"

"I think we're okay." I rub his arm and lean agaisnt the divider. "He probably just forgot his keys in his office or something." I sigh in relief, my fear receding and my arousal coming back. I reach down and squeeze my cock, because for some reason I'm still mostly hard after all that.

"Damn boy, you sure?" He looks down at my cock, surprised. "You still wanna...?"

I bite my lip and nod my head. "Yes, Coach."

'Coach' narrows his eyes at my answer, and looks back at the doorway one more time. Then he smacks my ass. "Alright. Get back in position, Stevens."

I brace myself against the tile and feel him step up behind me once again. He squeezes and kneads my ass before running a finger across my hole, making me shudder. I gasp when he pushes his finger inside, not stopping until it's fully embedded. He smacks me on the ass and steps closer to me.

Fuck, I feel him sliding the head of his cock up and down my crack, leaving a trail of sticky precum in its wake. Then, he steadies himself and aims it at my hole. He's got a hand on my hip, holding me in place. Finally, I feel the head of his cock pop in, and I have to struggle to stop from making any noise.

He doesn't waste any time letting me get used to it, as soon as he feels he's inside he quickly moves to work in the remaining six or seven inches. I groan, my ass burning as it stretches around his dick. He's so fucking big. Thick. How does anyone take this regularly? I can barely remember to breathe.

"There we go." I feel 'Coach's' thighs nearly touching mine, his cock fully embedded in my ass. "Nice tight hole you have there, Stevens. Or had, I guess."

He chuckles at his own joke and I'm not sure if he expects a response or not. Then he surprises me with a quick slam forward, making sure I take his cock to the very root. I grip the tile cover divider in front of me as tightly as I can. I can feel my dick getting hard despite the fact that he's stretching me so much.

That seems to set the pace for the rest of tonight's activities. With both his hands on either side of my ass, Coach kept his target steady while he snapped his hips forward and back, fucking me deeply under the showers. I don't think I ever feel more than an inch or two of his cock leave my ass, he seems perfectly content to leave it as deep as he possibly can.

"Goddamn, this is some good ass, Stevens." He spanks me hard, the sound echoing off the walls. "Might have to schedule someone on one training session from now on. Make sure you're getting the attention you need, boy." Oww, another spank.

"Yessir," I barely get out through my gritted teeth. The thought of having to do this every week... Fuck. I can feel my half-hard dick flopping between my legs and I only hope he doesn't notice.

"Well, what do we have here?" Goddamnit. I feel his hand roughly grab my dick. The added stimulation takes me from half hard to fully hard in a second. "If I knew you were gonna enjoy things this much I would have invited some company. Maybe next time I get Coach Adams here too."

I can feel something in me snap at the mention of our assistant coach joining in to tag team me. I find myself pushing back to meet Coach's thrusts, and I feel my hole gripping his cock tightly as he pulls out. I'm trying to fuck him as much as he is trying to fuck me. Never letting up on his pace, he suddenly grips me by the hair and pulls me back to whisper in my ear.

"Hell, maybe I just tell the whole team and we turn you out right here in the locker room."

That's enough to put me over the edge. My brain explodes at the thought, my hand shooting down to furiously pump my cock, and I'm spraying my load against the tile in seconds. I'm biting into my wrist to hold in all the noise. All the while, coach is still fucking me.

Though not for much longer. I start feeling like his thrusts are getting less and less shallow, while also getting faster. The relentless pounding has me seeing stars, my still-hard cock twitching weakly. Just as I feel I'm going to hit my limit, there is one big thrust, followed by several short and quick ones. I can feel coach throb as he unloads, his cum forced in further by the thick plug of his dick. Coach's hands are tight, making sure I can't escape. He stands behind me, catching his breath while making sure he doesn't slip out of me yet. I do my best to relax, though it's a little tough with something this massive up your butt.

"Fuck boy, that was hot." Coach - or maybe he's John again now - praises me, rubbing my ass with affection. "But we should probably get out of here."

"Yeah, that part was terrifying."

"You really surprised me tonight, boy." Sir smiles from his side of the booth before biting into a piece of bacon. After we finished up in the shower, John drove us to Dan's for some dinner. Which for John is still breakfast.

"Well, you surprised me first by coming to my game." I smile back.

"With two of you on the team, it wasn't too hard to find an excuse to go." Another bite of bacon. "Do you and Brian hang out?"

"No...not really." I hide none of the disdain in my voice.

"Well alright then." He chuckles but doesn't press for more. "So almost getting caught again didn't scare you away from doing something like that again?"

"It was scary, for sure." I can't even fathom what I would have done if Coach had really caught us. didn't make me any less horny. "But it was also hot."

"It was very hot. Didn't seem to slow you down at all." There's that smirk of his.

"Not even a little bit, Sir."

I'm already thinking about more plans for next time.