Chapter 7


"T-minus one hour until party time, captain," Fred salutes me, having just finished checking on the drink situation in the kitchen.

"At ease," I roll my eyes. "Front door all taken care of?"

"Yep, picked out the unlucky freshman and handed over the lockboxes," Fred nods. "Andrew will be supervising."

"Good, I won't have to hear him get drunk and complain about getting dumped again." I move into the living room with Fred following me, checking on the rest of the setup. Every couple of months, Pi Alpha Kappa has a fundraising party. Five bucks at the door gets you in - and a solo cup for beer - and then we donate the proceeds to a local charity. I think the guys picked an animal shelter this time.

All of that is handled by Fred and the rest of the frat leadership. The people at the door will be checking IDs, and I'll be making rounds to make sure things don't get too out of hand. Our frat has a reputation for fun, but not insane parties, and I'd like to keep it that way. Two frats got shut down last year, one over hazing and one over a party, both involving alcohol.

"Alright, looks good man." I give Fred a fist bump. "If you can't find me, I'll have my phone."

"Aye-aye, captain!" Fred calls after me as I head back to my room. Time to check on a few other party preparations.

On the way back to my room, I pull out my phone. Perfect - I already have a text from the boy I needed to talk to, and he confirms he will be at the party as requested. After I confirm his arrival time, I open up another message, this one to Jeff.

"Things are all set for tonight bro!" Jeff is a senior, and one of the few frat brothers who knows about my sexual escapades.

"Sweet! I was worried you weren't going to do these anymore." Okay, maybe Jeff does a little more than just know.

"Just needed to take a break for a little." You know, so I could train my secret boyfriend. "He's supposed to get here around eight. Mind helping sneak him back to my room when you see him come in?"

"As long as I get the first crack at him." That seems fair.

"He's all yours. Just try not to wear him out before anyone else gets a turn." Not that that would even be possible. This boy is well trained.

"No promises!" Can always count on Jeff. For something.

I shake my head to myself and fire off a few more messages to some other brothers, confirming with them the night's plans. It's gonna be a good party.

It's a couple of hours later and the party is in full swing. We've had a pretty good turn out tonight, and so far, I've only had to kick out two unruly undergrads who were way drunker than they should be before 9 pm. That's pretty good for a frat party.

As I did another pass through the common areas of the house, I look for Lance's familiar blonde hair. We hadn't done more than acknowledge each other since he got here about an hour ago, but with the party in full swing, now seems like a good time. My other plans are already in motion.

I spot him in one of the common areas, beer in hand, talking to Fred. I wait for him to notice me, then make a show of pulling my phone out of my pocket. I shoot him a text to meet me in the hall by my room in ten minutes and watch as he pulls his phone out when he receives it. After a short nod, I continue to walk through the house for a few minutes more.

As I head back towards my room, I hear something down the hall. Something distinctly female. The only things back this far are my room, the meeting room, and a storage closet. Shouldn't be any girls back here.

"I dunno Mandy, I don't think we're supposed to be back here." I turn the hall's corner to find my apparent intruders.

"Oh my god Jess, it's fine." 'Mandy' spoke as she walked towards my door. "One of these has to be a bathroom without a line."

"Ladies," I call out to them just as Mandy goes to grab my doorknob. "If you're looking for a bathroom, I'm afraid you won't find any back here."

"Damnit, really?" Mandy releases my doorknob. "Come on Jess, I really have to pee."

I watch the two girls turn the corner, and then breathe a sigh of relief. Opening that door would have been very awkward for all involved. Especially the people on the other side.

I'm glad I got back here before Lance did, too. The last thing I need would be him opening up the door on his own and know, honestly, I wasn't even sure I was going to go through with tonight. But Lance really surprised me last week in the locker room. I think he's ready for this.

"Hey." There he is! "Were those girls just back here?" He points with his thumb behind him.

"Yeah. We might have to start putting up a sign or something." Random people wandering around a frathouse never led to anything good.

"So, you wanna head--" Lance moves towards my door.

"Hold on a sec." I grab his arm as he reaches for my doorknob, cutting him off.

"What's up?" He stops and turns to me.

"Do you trust me?" Oof, I sound like a bad romantic comedy.

"...Yes. What's going on?" Yeah, I could have worded that better. "You're starting to freak me out a little."

"Sorry," I apologize. That really wasn't my intention. "But, there's already a couple of guys in there."

"... Who?" Lance gives my door a puzzling look.

"Guys who I trust, a lot. Guys who don't know anything about you and me, but I think you can trust them too." Might be going a little hard in the other direction.

"I don't understand." Lance just looks confused.

"Sorry. Let me start at the beginning. Back before you and I started hooking up, sometimes during the house parties, me and some of the guys wou--"

As if on cue, Jeff suddenly turns the corner.

"Hey, guys." Jeff's attention was quickly drawn to Lance's presence. "Didn't expect to see you here man. You getting him in on this?" Jeff turns to me and nods his head towards my door.

"Uh, yeah. Just giving him a rundown before we headed in." I look to Lance, who looks uneasy but not afraid.

"Cool. See ya in there." And with that, Jeff strides between us and opens my door, revealing quite the picture. There in the middle of my room on his knees was a twinky-looking caramel-skinned boy, his dark-haired head bobbing up and down on the crotch in front of him, being held in place by a hand which was attached to Pete, a junior and the frat's current vice-president. Pete's head lifts as he hears the door open.

"Oh, hey bro." He nods towards Jeff as he walks in, his hand never moving from the head of Frankie, the boy on his knees.

"Yo. He still doing good tonight?" Jeff steps closer and watches as Frankie swallows down more of Pete's cock. I usher Lance into the room behind Jeff, closing the door. Don't need someone else coming down the hall and catching us. Lance silently takes in the scene in front of us, two of his frat brothers chatting casually while one is getting his dick sucked, and the other is pulling his dick out to be sucked. The low thrum of a bass echoes in the room, an hours-long playlist I have set up for nights like this.

"As good as I remember." I'm sure Frankie's still been gobbling cocks left and right in our absence. "I'm almost done, so you can tag back in in a sec."

Pete grabs a fistful of Frankie's hair and begins pumping his hips forward. Frankie shows no sign of discomfort at the change of pace, happy to be manipulated however the person using him sees fit. He's a good boy like that. I can hear the slap of Pete's nuts against Frankie's face as he furiously face-fucks, before forcing his head all the way down as he dumps his load down the boy's throat.

Pete catches his breath while Frankie slowly cleans him up, his head released from the tight grip. With a barely audible pop, Pete pulls out while Frankie turns to his left, replacing one cock with another without even looking up at the owner. Jeff lets out a slight sigh as the warm mouth engulfs him.

"Oh, hey man," Pete seems to notice Lance's presence, giving him a small shoulder bump while he tucks himself back in. "Welcome to the club." With a tug of his zipper and a wave, Pete heads back out to the party, as though we didn't all just witness him blowing his load. I love this place.

Lance still looks dumbstruck, processing everything he's just seen. Still seeing, as Jeff rather vocally enjoys his blowjob, with a whispered litany of 'fuck yeahs' and 'suck that cocks.' Lance is a little freaked out, but also turned on. He's not caged right now, that would kind of defeat the purpose of introducing him to this. I can tell he's got questions.

"You guys want in on this?" Jeff points down at Frankie, noticing that neither of us seemed to be partaking in his services.

"I'm good, fed him a load after he got here." What? I'm literally almost always horny.

"Uh, I'm okay, for now." Lance tries to not seem caught off guard. "Maybe later."

"More for me." Jeff suddenly bends over Frankie's form and smacks his ass, forcing his cock further down the boy's throat. "You been fucked yet, boy?"

"No, Sir," Frankie croaks out after pulling off, voice a little hoarse from the night's activities.

"Let's fix that." Jeff helps the boy to his feet and pushes him towards the bed. I've got lube laid out on the nightstand, as well as a bottle of poppers for Frankie.

"Hold on." Lance seems to have finally snapped out of his daze. "So, you and Pete are...?"

The question gives Jeff pause, his form now crouched over Frankie who was lying on his back, legs spread wide. Jeff lets the question linger, though I'm pretty sure he knows what Lance is referring to. I'll let him answer.

"Well, I'm pretty sure Pete's openly bi, and I like to think of myself as heteroflexible." He wiggles his eyebrows. "What about you?"

"Oh my gooooood," Frankie interrupts, whining as he tries futilely to pull Jeff's cock towards his ass. "Fuck me already."

"Hey, put a towel down!" I fling a towel from my hamper at the two on the bed. I swear straight guys have the worst etiquette when it comes to group sex. Frankie grabs the towel and lifts his hips to put it under, while Jeff reaches for the lube. That seems like our queue to leave.

"Alright, have fun guys." I hold the door open for Lance and follow him into the hall. Before we go back to the party, I motion him in the other direction, so we can talk in private. Time for a check-in.

"So. How ya doing?" I ask, the subject of my question is obvious.

I can see he's trying to form a question, his mouth opening and closing a few times, but it takes Lance a moment to successfully form any. "How long have you been doing this? And is it just Pete and Jeff, or are there others in the frat too? And... Does anyone know about you and me?"

"On and off for a few years, two others - Aaron and Marcus, and no, none of them have any idea about the two of us," I answer honestly, no reason not to. "And they don't have to, either. No one in there will say anything to anyone else. That's part of the agreement for being in this little group. Everyone values their privacy. You never have to go back there, or if you do you can do it as Lance the mostly-straight guy. No one will have any idea."

"Shit, Aaron and Marcus?" Lance isn't particularly close to either of them, both being a year above him in classes, but they are friends with Fred, his big brother. He looks back in the direction of my room, biting his lip. "It is really hot." I wonder if he's imagining himself in Jeff's, or Frankie's position.

"Well, he's there if you want to use him." I'll have to introduce them one on one sometime. "And you know, if you wanted to come back here as Lance the not-so-straight guy, you could do that too. I trust these guys, and you can too. They are your brothers after all." Fraternal bonds and all that warm fuzzy shit.

"I'll think about it, Sir." Not sure if he means using Frankie or coming out to some of the guys, but I'll take it.

"Alright. Let's get back out there. I need a beer."

I wander the party floor for the next half-an-hour, nursing a beer as I watch the festivities. I keep an eye on Lance from a respectable distance, curious at how he's digesting the new information. I catch him staring a few times at the other brothers, Pete, Aaron, and Marcus - though he makes no attempt to speak to them. I also catch him making eyes at the hall to my room, but it's not until he sees that Jeff has rejoined the party that he decides to make a move. Probably still feeling a little shy.

Now, part of me wants to give him privacy to do whatever it is he might wanna do, but the other part of me is really curious to see what my boy is gonna do when given free rein over another sub. And maybe use them both. I decide to wait a few minutes before I leave to join them. Give Lance enough time to settle in and take his pants off.

I'm a little quieter than I would normally be when I enter - I'm not trying to be sneaky, I just don't wanna spook anyone. And maybe I'm a little interested in hearing their conversation. Frankie is on his knees again in front of Lance, who's sitting on the bed, pants off and legs spread. Frankie's hands are running up and down Lance's meaty thighs. He turns his head when he hears me enter. "Hey, Sir."

"Hey, Si--John." Smooth, Lance.

"Don't mind me." I walk towards my bathroom, pretending that that's why I came in here.

"So, you said you're on the wrestling team?" I hear Frankie ask, probably still rubbing Lance's thighs.

"Yeah." Well if Lance is trying to pull off the dumb frat guy act, it's working.

"It shows." This isn't the first time Frankie has seduced a 'straight' guy, either. "You okay? You seem nervous."

I can't pretend to putter around in here any longer, so I leave the bathroom. Lance looks up at me as I reenter. "Y-yeah, sorry. I'm fine, I just..." He trails off.

Frankie gives Lance a questioning look, then looks at me, then looks back at Lance. Then suddenly, his eyes light up. "Oh. You're Sir's new boy." Shit, wait, what? "You're the reason I haven't gotten dick from him in like half a year." He gives Lance a playful slap on the thigh.

"What-- How did you..." Lance turns to me. "Did you tell him?"

"No, but you definitely just confirmed it." He won't be winning any poker tournaments anytime soon.

"I knew it." Frankie crosses his arms triumphantly. "You have way too big an ass not to be a bottom."

"That's not a thing." I don't need my boy getting a complex.

"I know, but still, I was hoping." Frankie is still in position, hands still on Lance. "He's a cute one, Sir."

"He is, but now I need to make sure he's doing okay." I nod towards Lance who is sitting silently on his bed, face flush with embarrassment. "Not sure he was planning on coming out tonight."

"I'm okay, Sir," Lance answers before I ask him anything directly. "Caught off guard, but...I was thinking about telling him anyways."

"You were?" Frankie's head tilts as he asks.

"Yeah," Lance nods. "You're really hot man, but this all just reinforced that I'd really rather be in your position than mine."

"So why aren't you?" Wow, getting a little deeper than I expected. Frankie's wiser than he looks. His smooth skin and boyish charm give the appearance of a young college student, but he's actually twenty-four.

"I dunno. Nerves?" Lance looks down sheepishly at his exposed lap. "Still scared of people finding out I'm..."

"Sure, but with these guys?" I take the opportunity to sit on the bed next to Lance "It's not like any of them are straight."

"What about Jeff?" The hetero part of heteroflexible stuck with him.

"Jeff likes playing up the straight guy thing because he gets off on it," Frankie answers very matter of factly. "That boy has been at my place enough times that he's on a first-name basis with my roommate."

"Ha, I knew he had a thing for you." I always thought the two of them had really good chemistry, but I had no idea Jeff was going off-campus to see Frankie on his own.

"I see him almost every week. Seriously whatever 'straight guy' cred that guy thinks he has with me is hanging on by a thread." Frankie looks a combination of cocky and unimpressed. The boy probably has a few 'Jeffs' hitting him up regularly.

"He's right you know. These guys might not want to get on their knees for me, but they aren't that different from you." Lance spends so much time worrying about who might find out he's gay that he never stopped to consider who else might be gay in his own frat. "I think Pete is the only one who's actually out-out."

"It's not even just the gay thing, though. What if one of them saw me sucking dick, or getting fucked?" Still self-conscious about the submissive thing.

"Would that be so bad? You can't tell me you haven't checked any of those guys out before." I certainly have.

"Wouldn't that change things, like how they'd see me outside of here?" Valid concern.

"If I thought these guys were like that, I never would have invited them to join this in the first place." I tried to vet each 'candidate' thoroughly before I made introductions. I wouldn't put a sub in a dangerous position like that.

"And if any of those dudes disrespected me because of what I do, I'd bite their dicks off," Frankie interjects flatly.

"Besides, just because they're all topping Frankie tonight, doesn't mean they're all tops all the time." I'd love to tell Lance that I've already fucked Aaron and been blown by Pete, but that is not for me to reveal.

I can see the gears turning in Lance's head as he contemplates his options. I reach for his hand, stroking my thumb over knuckles. "Remember, you don't have to say yes to any of this. You can just leave now. I hope you know I'm never going to be disappointed or upset because you aren't ready for something."

Lance squeezes my hand in response and smiles. "I trust you, Sir."

"Good boy." I lean in to kiss my boy, feeling proud.

"Aww." Frankie chimes in below us. "That's very sweet. But now I think you should get down here and help me take care of your Sir."

Lance bites his lip then looks at me. "And if someone else comes in?"

"That will be entirely up to you baby." I squeeze his hand.

Nodding, mostly to himself, Lance slides off the bed, turning so that he's kneeling facing me, next to Frankie. Both boys look at each other, before Frankie motions towards my crotch with his head. Given the honor of going first, Lance reaches up and begins undoing my zipper. I lift my hips, and both boys pull my jeans down my legs. Lance balls them up and tosses them towards my hamper.

That leaves me in just a shirt, jock, and socks. I scooch to the edge of my bed, spreading my legs wide as I reach for both boys' heads and pull them in. For a couple of minutes, both boys worship my cotton-clad crotch on either side, soaking the fabric with their saliva. Once I'm satisfied that they've earned it, I pull my jock pouch to the side, freeing my confined cock and balls.

Frankie lets Lance swallow me down first, with himself laving my balls with his tongue. From my perch, I'm eyeing both of their jock-clad, upturned asses and deciding which of them I'm going to fuck first, when the door opens. As if on cue, Aaron and Marcus both make their entrances.

"Hey man." Marcus looks down at the two boys in front of me. "Cool, I didn't know you got a second boy for tonight."

Lance's head froze when the door opened, too nervous to turn his head and reveal himself. I reach down and run my fingers through his hair. He's so nervous, but it's too late to turn back now.

"This one's still a little new, so take it easy on him, okay?" I say with my eyes still on Lance's face.

"You got it, man, just let me at h--" Aaron freezes mid-step, hand on his fly when he sees Lance's face. "Holy shit, Lance?"

"Lance?!" Marcus joins Aaron at the side of my bed. "You're... You..."

"He's mine." I move my hand to possessively tug on his hair for a moment. "And just like every other time we've done this, whatever happens in this room, stays in this room. Right?"

"Of course man," Marcus nods in agreement.

"You make the rules, Frat-daddy." Aaron signs off with a salute. I gotta figure out who started that.

I move my hand to cup Lance's chin and have him look at me. "You okay?"

"Yes, Sir," he nods.

"Then turn around and suck your brothers' dicks." I release his chin as he obeys, turning around and facing the two young men. I pull Frankie onto my cock to pick up where Lance left off, though the boy tries in vain to turn his head to see the scene behind him.

Lance is on his knees, looking up as both boys fish their dicks out of their jeans. Both of them are decently sized, though I'd peg Aaron as larger, if only because I've had personal experience with him. Marcus is tall, at least 5'11", with dark skin, brown eyes, and short hair faded on the sides. Aaron only clocks in at around 5'6" himself. He's a brunette with pale, freckled skin and green eyes, and short, curly hair.

Deciding to start with Aaron, he takes the half-hard cock into his mouth while stroking Marcus's. He wastes no time and swallows him to the hilt, maybe with a little more theatricality then I've seen. I think he's trying to show off. Once the dick in his mouth is fully hard, he switches over to Marcus on his right, mirroring the performance he put on for Aaron. He settles into a rhythm swapping between the two of them, a rhythm I match by grabbing Frankie by the hair and guiding him.

Soon enough though, both frat brothers decide that Lance's pace isn't fast enough for them, and begin to take matters into their own hands. Aaron is the first to start face fucking Lance, throwing him off balance, figuratively and literally. Once he was back and balanced on his knees, Aaron resumes pounding into his throat, seemingly trying to test the limits of his gag reflex. Not one to be outdone, Marcus follows suit, grabbing Lance by both ears and forcing him down on his turgid length. Lance barely has enough time to catch his breath before he's pulled onto the other boy's cock.

"Fuck, that's hot," I state the obvious.

My comment elicits a whine from the boy beneath me with his own stuffed gullet. Aww, he wants to see, too.

"Alright, get on the bed, boy," I release his head and reach for the lube as he climbs onto the bed.

I arrange Frankie on all fours, facing the three frat brothers huddling together. I slick my dick up only slightly, knowing that Jeff likely left Frankie well lubed for me. With both of us able to watch my boy getting his tonsils rearranged, I shuffle forward and push my cock into Frankie's tight pucker.

"Fuck," I pause once I'm sheathed to the hilt, Frankie squeezing his muscles to milk me. I slowly pull my cock almost all the way out, before plunging back in. I forgot how nice this boy's hole is. I gotta make sure to set up a playdate with him soon. When Jeff's not keeping him busy, apparently.

After that, the only sounds in the room are the bass of the music, the slapping of my skin on Frankie's, and Lance gagging on dick. I grip Frankie's ass tightly with one hand and smack it with the other. Every time I thrust forward, he pushes back to meet me. Both of us have our eyes locked ahead of us on Lance, Aaron, and Marcus.

I'm not sure what else the guys have in mind, but they seem content for the moment to continue swapping back and forth between facefucks as they have been. I'm sure one of them will be feeding them his load soon and heading back out to the party. Unlike them, I'm not 21 anymore - I can't cum now and again in fifteen minutes - so I'm not planning on cumming anytime soon. But that doesn't mean I'm planning on stopping.

"Hold on, boy," I tap Frankie on the side, slowing his own thrusts so I can pull out of a moment. I climb off the bed and reach for my jeans, fishing out my phone. I fire off a quick text to Mike, letting him know I'm turning in early for the night. I'm not going to leave Lance back here unattended, and I'm not sure the boys are planning on finishing with him anytime soon.

And because once again the people in this house seem to have impeccable timing, Jeff comes back in, ready for round two. OR is it three for him?

"Hey man, where'd the second boy come from?" I hear Jeff ask as he comes up to my side.

"Take a closer look," I wrap up my text and put my phone on the desk.

"Holy shit, is that Lance?" Jeff says low enough so only I hear.

"Sure is," I say a little cockily.

"So, he's got a thing for the geriatric?" The asshole eyes me up and down.

I narrow my eyes. "Shut up and go stick your dick in him."

"Yes sir, frat-daddy!" he salutes. Goddamnit, I bet Jeff started it.

I look over to the boys already in action. Aaron has taken my place on the bed behind Frankie, cock already hilted in the boy. That leaves Marcus with Lance, who with a tight grip on his hair seemed to be testing my boy's breath control. I watch Jeff walk over to Lance's prone form and bend over, fingers delving into Lance's ass to check if he's prepped. Lance jumps a little in surprise, while Frankie watches with a hint of jealousy on his face as his ass gets plowed on the bed.

I look between the two boys and try to make a decision: who to use next? Frankie's got an open hole so I go with him. I'll help him take his mind off Jeff for a bit. I move towards the bed, making sure to pass close enough to Lance that he can see I haven't gone anywhere. I stand in front of the bed, pulling Frankie's head over to me and blocking his view.

"Aww. Getting jealous of seeing your man about to get up inside someone else?" I taunt, speaking low enough that only Aaron and Frankie can hear as I jam my cock in his waiting mouth. "Well get over it, bitch. You're not here for him, you're here to be used." Aaron emphasizes my point with a smack on the ass, and I give him a few light slaps on the side of his stuffed jaw. Don't worry, this is the kind of rough treatment he lives for.

While Frankie continues to get his holes stuffed, I turn my head to see how Lance is holding up. Jeff is kneeling behind him, fucking him with short, rapid-fire thrusts. It took Jeff no time at all to take advantage of the jock in front of him. He has both of Lance's arms pulled behind him, his muscles pulled tautly, Jeff's grip the only thing holding him upright as Marcus continues to hammer his throat. Beautiful, and gives me a few ideas for bondage scenes we will be trying out.

"Hey," I get Jeff's attention, before motioning to the bed. "Get him up here. Side by side."

Jeff and Marcus both nod, releasing Lance's arms and pulling out of his mouth respectively. Rather than pull out himself, though, Jeff helps Lance to stand with his hole still stuffed and walks the boy towards the bed. Aaron and I move over to make space, and soon we have both boys on the bed, ass to head. Marcus climbs between the two boys to retake his position in Lance's mouth, and the four of us resume our fucking like it never stopped.

Us four tops start to take turns rotating between each boys' holes, even flipping them onto their backs as it suits us. I'm not quite sure how long the six of us were at it, but at some point, I hear the bedroom door open again.

"Jesus guys," Pete closes the door behind him quickly. "It's not even 10 yet."

"That a complaint?" I ask from my perch behind Lance's upturned and filled butt.

"Well, somebody has to tag out so I can tag in." Fair point.

"Fuck man, if I knew he had an ass like this I would have made him my little brother when he pledged," Pete teases Lance, the wrestling sub's legs thrown over Pete's shoulders as he fucks. The clock on my phone says it's 2 am, and Pete's the last one in the room aside from Lance and myself. He also rooms in the house so it's just a quick trip upstairs. When he finishes.

After his entrance, a few of us did start rotating out, if only to leave the room to take a breather and grab a beer refill before heading back in for more. As the hours wore on, the boys' use continued, each boy muttering complaints when I'd force them to take a short break. I was in this for the long haul, and I didn't want the party in my room drawing to a close before the party outside of it.

Eventually, though, the men did start to depart, one by one. The last two to leave were Jeff and Frankie, making a piss-poor attempt at hiding that they were now both heading to Jeff's own room together. That leaves the three of us. Having cum twice early already - once inside each boy, of course - I'm tapped out. So I just watch, laying on the bed beside Lance as he's speared by the vice-president of his fraternity. Our fantasy turning into reality.

"Trust me, if I was a brother when he was, I never would have let him leave the frat house," I say more to Lance then Pete, not that my poor boy is in any shape to respond. His eyelids are heavy, and all I can hear are soft little whimpers and moans. He's exhausted. We're both gonna sleep good tonight.

Pete's a good guy and doesn't draw things out, pushing Lance's leg's back and upping the tempo. Just a few more minutes before he's grinding his pelvis against Lance, adding his load to the countless others already inside him. With a thank you and quick wiping of his cock on a towel, Pete lets himself out of my room for his own.

I reach for the discarded towel, wiping off Lance and my's most offending areas. I should probably make us both take a shower, buuuuut...sleep sounds so good right now. And the idea of falling asleep while still covered in all this sweat, musk, and cum...I can feel my dick give and achy lurch. Tomorrow. I fumble off the side of the bed for a pillow and blanket, moving a very sleepy and very grumbly Lance so that I can spoon up behind him.

"Hey Google, lights out." I pull the blanket over the two of us.

"Okay, goodnight, Frat Daddy."

Lance snorts and starts laughing next to me. I don't know how Jeff changed my Google Home settings, but I'm getting him back for this.