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Steel & Thunder

Chapter 10

A half hour later and we are pulling on our shoes, after pulling on the rest of our clothing - pants and a green short sleeved shirt for me. We spent the last thirty minutes reading, or at least the Captain did some reading and I stared at a bookshelf and tried to figure out the book titles. After watching me do that for ten minutes, he finally showed me where the books in Common were. Ass.

He has a decent selection, I guess. A lot of books on philosophy, war and peace and that type of thing. There were a few books on swordplay and technique that looked like they might be interesting, but I cracked one and so far the first ten pages have just been this old dude recounting his childhood.

I finish tying my laces and do a little jog in place. I've actually been looking forward to the run since he told me about it. What? I'm used to either running drills five times a week, or spending half the day on my feet traveling. Sitting around too much makes me antsy.

Just when I think we're leaving and heading for the front door, Sir steps back into the bedroom to retrieve some things: cuffs and a leash. It's long, at least twice as long as the others he's used on me, but it's still a fucking leash. I stare at it, the disdain on my face clear as day, but I don't complain when it's attached to my wrist. Better than my neck. Once we're finally ready and step outside, he locks the door behind us.

"First I want to show you something." He has me follow him around to the back of the house, where attached to one of the walls was a series of stone pipes. "There are a number of underground rivers running under the city. Thanks to that as well as some enchantments on the pipes, we'll be able to enjoy a nice hot shower after we get back from our run."

I stare at the cross-crossing pipes coming up from the ground and disappearing into the wall, a little in awe. We don't have anything like that back home, maybe the really rich people. But the rest of us have to heat our wate the old fashioned way. This way you'd be able to do a hell of a lot more cooking or cleaning or whatever you need before you ran out. Not to mention being able to use the bathroom inside! I am already looking forward to that shower when we walk back around to the front together.

"Alright, ready?" I nod in the affirmative. "Then let us start."

Sir goes left from the house with his pace at a brisk jog. I don't have any problems keeping up, but the leash does take some getting used to. I'm not worried about it getting caught on anything, though I do need to remember not to let someone or something pass between us. But it keeps hitting me in the side on occasion which is kind of annoying.

"Over there," Ironstorm points towards a clearing on the left we are about to pass. "That is the nearest well to the house, should you need it." I see the circular stone structure he's talking about, and then we keep jogging, taking a right turn at the next intersection.

I inhale the fresh air deeply as we run together. It really is nice to get outside and do something physical. I hate to admit it but something I actually miss about the Academy was how much stuff there was to do. You could find a sparring partner just about anywhere, and things like pickup football games happened almost every weekend. I've been running around hitting stuff since I was a little boy, it's just what I know.

The weather outside today is nice, the sun is high in the sky, mostly clear with a few fluffy clouds. It's not too hot, though both of us are already working up a sweat. The streets aren't too busy, a few orcs here and there. The houses and bodies that pass us fade into a blur as my brain starts to drift off during the run. I barely even register the leash after a while.

Not exactly sure when, but at some point the sweat from my brow starts to fall into my eyes. I wipe it off on my arm, but it's enough to bring me back to my surroundings. I start to think the houses we pass are looking familiar, and my suspicions are confirmed when after another turn I see a similarly-familiar looking park on our left. We were just here yesterday.

We turn towards the park, slowing down as we approach and coming to a stop under a tree to catch our breath. The park is busy as it was when we first got here yesterday, with plenty of orcs (and a few-non-orcs) around us playing and eating. I lean back against the tree and wipe more sweat from my forehead.

"Come, we can get some water before we start the run back." Sir nods his head in the direction of another well in the park and leads us over.

There's no cups or anything so we just end up using our hands, but the first mouthful of water you drink after getting all sweaty always tastes great. Ironstorm fills a second bucket after we finish most of the first, and when I've had my fill I plop down on the grass to finish resting. Leaning back against the well, I see a group of a dozen or so orcs, men and women, playing a game of football. I mean, I guess it's probably not really football, but it's close enough. Everyone is trying to kick a round ball between two sets of goal posts made from tree branches stuck into the ground. I do notice some of the orcs tackling each other, which is different.

"Would you like to play?" I hear Sir's question from above and raise my head to look at him.

"...Could we?" I'm not exactly sure a bunch of orcs would want some strange human forcing his way into their game.

The Captain walks forward at my question, calling out to the group when they are between plays. Words in Orcish are exchanged, and a thumb is swung back in my direction which gets me to stand. After what looks like a nod of agreement, Sir is turned back to me with a smile on his face. I meet him halfway, and he removes the cuff from my wrist.

"They are happy to have more players." He walks with me towards the group, who have paused the game for us. "The game is call rug'bal. The objective of the game is to--"

"Kick the ball between the two sticks?" I mean I know it's not football, but it's still football. "Only one question: can we use hands?"

He gives me an amused look, hopefully finding my enthusiasm charming. "You can hit it with your hands, but not grab it. Also be careful, if you are the one with the ball, expect a lot of close contact from other players." He points towards one of the goals "That is your team's goal. They are the ones without shirts, so you will need to remove yours."

"We aren't on the same team?" I'm a little surprised, but that's fine with me. I'll kick his team's ass.

"I thought it might be more fun this way." He smirks before joining his team on their side of the makeshift field.

I pull the shirt over my head, tossing it under a tree where it looks like the others have kept their clothing. The women on my team seem to be wearing a thin wrap around their tops, which seem less for covering up and more for holding things in place. I've seen Lis using something similar. I make my way towards the group of sweaty shirtless orcs, which is not something I ever pictured myself doing. More things to repress, I guess. A couple of the orcs give me smiles when I join them, but most give me a look that says 'what is this human going to do?'

Which is why I'm going to show them.

The game starts again pretty quickly. Two players meet in the middle, where the ball is tossed into the air for both teams to fight for control of. I have no idea what the score is, don't really care, just want to play. I hang back a little at first, watching the rhythms of the other players and seeing who to watch out for. It's not too difficult to pick up on who's the best player - they're usually the ones being passed to the most. The Captain is actually pretty good and seems to assimilate right into the team. I do not have the same luck. I can't really blame them, I'm not sure I'd trust the scrawny looking new guy if I were in their situation either.

So I'll just have to prove it to them. I start moving more infield, keeping my eyes on the other team's players. No one is really guarding me, so when I spot the ball heading in my direction towards another orc, I put some of my newfound speed to use and sweep in to steal it. I start moving down the opposite end of the field immediately, hearing what sounds like a grunt of confusion followed by a cheer coming from behind me.

I don't take the ball all the way, too many orcs between me and the goal, but I do kick it right to one of my teammates who manages to score the goal himself. I hear another cheer and get a clap on the shoulder. I keep this up a few more times, the other teamfinally starting to take me seriously after I steal the ball from them for the third time, this time from Captain Ironstorm himself. I actually hear him laugh when I cut in front of him.

After that, the rest of my team starts to actually pass to me. Of course, that also means the orc now guarding me is a little more serious, but it's nothing I can't handle. I have to dodge more than a few tackles. The size of a lot of these guys makes me look like a halfling in comparison. I mean, I remember trying to tackle Sir in the ruins, and look how well that turned out for me. So I stick with dodging.

Again, no idea what the score is, but things have seemed pretty even between us so far. You can certainly feel the competitive energy rolling off each player, and the little shoulder bumps I'm getting after I do something good are pretty nice. This is a lot of fun, and something I'm not sure I knew I was missing before now.

I mean, I can and have sparred with Adam and Lis since leaving home, but sports? Football, racing, wrestling, all of those typically require more people, or at least people who are just as interested in doing them as you. I liked competing against other people. I liked the thrill of winning, the challenge of an unknown opponent, being on a team you know had your back.

"Okay, this is the last face off." Sir calls to me from his side of the field. "Score is tied, so whichever team makes the next goal wins the game."

"We got this." One of the orcs on my team says to me in Common, a confident smirk on her face. I give her a nod, because yeah, I think we do.

The ball is tossed up, and the two orcs at center immediately skirmish with each other for control. It looks like the other team wins, just for a minute, before that player is tackled to the ground and one of my other teammates sweeps in to take the ball. He starts moving up field with the rest of us behind him following and fanning out. The ball is passed back once, and then twice between my team, though the others are guarding each of us very closely. Still, I can see the guy with the ball getting closer and think we might actually have a chance.

Of course, that is right when he gets tackled, and it's Ironstorm who sweeps in to take control of the ball. I see him yards ahead of me, ready to move it back up the field towards their own goal. None of my teammates are immediately on him, but the orc who told me that we have this is next to me a few feet away.

"Can you tackle him?" I ask and she nods quickly. I give her a small head start and just start running straight towards him. He sees me coming of course, another smirk on his face as he gets ready to side-step me. And that's when the other orc slams into him.

It doesn't send him to the ground, but it does knock him off balance, the two of them seemingly evenly matched in weight and strength. That's more than enough for me. Distracted by the orc at his side, he barely has time to registerme closing the distance between us rapidly, dropping into a slide at the last minute, and sending the ball straight between both sets of their legs. The ball goes flying, and with no one in the way to stop it, shoots right between the goal posts, ricocheting off of a tree behind it.

The whole field breaks out into shouting and cheering, and the second I pick myself up from the ground I'm being pulled in for a hug by the friendly female orc, followed by the rest of my team. The orcs who didn't want to take me seriously earlier seem to be enjoying taunting the other team with my presence, and even Sir looks pretty impressed with me. I have no idea what any one is saying, but they're all happy, so I can't help but feel happy too.

"Good game." The orc who helped me with that final play tells me over water. "I am Glasha. You are a good player for a human."

"Thanks, I think." I reach out to take her hand. "I'm David. It was nice to meet you."

"Nice to meet you too, David." Then she turns to the Captain."You managed to find a rather scrappy Avakesh, Captain."

"Thank you, Glasha." I guess these two already know each other. "Everything going alright in my absence?"

"Yes, Sir." She nods. "Business as usual."

"Then I will see you and the rest of the team in four days." Sir nods in approval. "Thank you for letting us join."

"Was a lot of fun, you should play with us more often, Captain." She gives us a small wave goodbye before she makes her exit. "See you in four days, Sir."

"Sir? You got another Avakesh or something, Captain?" I find myself teasing, the endorphins from winning still coursing through my veins.

"She is one of my rangers," he answers with a smile.

"Why haven't you been at work, anyway?" It is a little weird how he's basically been home for the last three days, for someone seemingly so important.

"I was given the week off after winning our match, to ensure you have settled into things alright." he explains. "That was very impressive at the end there, pup. Did you play something like this at home?"

"A little. No hands, and no tackling, but same idea." I flash a cocky smile. "Don't feel too bad, I was pretty great at things over there too."

"Is that so? Then would you care for another challenge?" He hands me my shirt.

"What did you have in mind?" I admit I am intrigued after winning the last game.

"A race. Just back to the house." I turn to look in the general direction we came from. "Do you think you can remember how to get there?"

"Uh, I think so." I'm pretty good with directions, but hold a minute... "Wait like, no leash? You trust me enough now?"

"Well between the running and the game, I think you would be too tired to get very far if you did decide to run for it." He considers me for a moment. "Can I trust you?"

"Yes." I nod quickly. "Yes, Sir."

"Alright then." He turns to face the side of the park leading towards the house. "First person to touch the first door wins."

"What does the winner get?" The question is out of my mouth before I even think about it.

"Oh, is this a wager now?" The Captain smiles. "The winner gets to take the first shower."

"Sounds fair." I say quickly. That's a lot tamer than I was expecting. Not that I'm disappointed.

"Okay." He crouches into a runner's stance. "Ready?"

"Ready." I copy him.

"GO!" We both take off from the well, with him in a slight lead.

As we exit the park and make our first turn, I edge my way closer. I don't overtake him - not yet at least. I'm fairly confident I know my way back to the house, but just in case I want to keep my eyes on him. It's also just common sense that in a race you don't blow all your energy at the start. Gotta pace myself and then pour all my extra energy into the last leg.

We seem to be a pretty even match, or we're both good at pacing ourselves. At one point, I actually move behind him, his large form acting like a windshield. That only lasts a few minutes though, and when he realizes what I'm doing, he slows down to force me to go around him. After that we're pretty much neck and neck until we make one last turn onto the street I know the house is on.

As soon as I see the well Sir pointed out this morning, I know we're in the home stretch. I start to book it, using all the energy I've been conserving up until now to speed forward. It looks like he had a similar idea, but it's not enough to keep me from pulling ahead. My feet skid against the dirt when I reach the section of wooden fence I know is ours, almost losing my balance when I try to pivot for the door. It's just another one, two, three strides, and my hand is on the door.

"I WIN!" I shout to the sky, and then immediately bend over, hands on my knees as I catch my breath.

"Good job, pup," the equally out of breath orc congratulates me a few moments later, leaning against the fence before fishing out his keys to unlock the door. "Let us get that shower started."

Sir leads the way back to the bathroom, and now that we're inside, I can really feel the sweat-soaked clothes sticking to my skin. I start pulling my shirt off before we're even in the room. The Captain pushes the door open and walks over to the tub and shower, bending over and showing me how the knobs work.

"The left is hot, and the right is cold. The soap is right there, and the towels are under the sink." He turns and smiles at me before making his exit. "I will see you when you are done for my turn."

I'm not sure why I do what I do next. Maybe it's because he's taking me to see my friends tomorrow, maybe it's because I'm worried he won't. Maybe it's the training of the day catching up with me, or the way he's been genuinely nice to me at times. Maybe I've just lost my mind, but for whatever reason, I open my mouth and say...

"Together." The single word being blurted out makes him pause. Let's try a full sentence now, David. "We could shower together, I mean. To save water." I tag that on the end for some reason.

"To save water." He sees as a grin spreads across his face. "Are you sure?"

"I... Yes." I shift awkwardly, but appreciate him going along with my flimsy excuse.

"Okay. Give me your clothes and then turn on the water." He removes his own shirt. "I will be right back."

I strip off the rest of my clothing as requested, which Sir takes into the bedroom while I turn around and get the shower started. Not sure how hot he likes it, but I think I remember what the water felt like the first time we showered...among other things. I'm testing the water with my hands when the Captain rejoins me, his body naked and covered in sweat like mine.

Before I'm caught staring too much, I step into the wooden tub, leaving room for him to join me. It's a little bit of a tight squeeze, this isn't nearly as big as our last shower, but we manage. It's a little awkward at first, though it's more of the 'whoops, didn't mean to bump into you' kind of awkward. There's a lot more giggling than I would have expected for two grown men in a shower together.

Once we're both wet and settled into a comfortable position (which ends up being his body blocking most of the spray), he reaches for what I figure is shampoo once he pours some onto my head. He does the same for himself, lathering up his own hair quickly before moving on to mine. He's not as fast, kinda...sensual even, scratching my scalp gently with his fingers as he works. I close my eyes, both to avoid getting something in them and because it feels nice. He leans me forward once he's finished, rinsing the suds away and I can see again.

Next he grabs the soap and a sponge. Just like last time, I expect them to be handed to me, but nope, he starts washing my chest himself, his other hand around my waist to steady me. I'm expecting him to go further, move to the rest of my body like last time, but instead he moves the sponge to my hand, then brings them to his own chest.

"I thought I won the race?" I joke as he 'helps' me scrub his own chest.

"More training." He reasons with me while wearing a lecherous smile, releasing my hand.

I don't complain, but I do give a knowing smirk when I take over the washing duties. I can do this. I run the sponge over the tattoo on his chest, the water dripping from over his shoulders making the soap run down the lines of his muscles. I used to think I might look like this one day, maybe still might have if I stayed at the academy. But it's a lot of work. And a lot of calories.

I have him lift his hands to my shoulder when I move onto his arms. This has the added effect of opening up his armpit, and the scent of his musk takes me back to the old locker room. It's also having some other, new effects on me that I'm really glad I didn't know about before. Of course, that only makes things worse when I have to lean forward to clean the armpits themselves. My cock is pointing almost straight out, and I can feel the head occasionally brushing against his thighs. He doesn't mention it though.

I move down to his broad but soft stomach. I can feel the muscles underneath, but there's a healthy layer of fat on top. I watch the soap run between the creases where his thigh meets his the left and right of his big green cock. It's not as hard as mine, but it's not fully soft either. I stare at it, still too unsure to just reach out and touch it, when a green hand gently grabs my wrist and moves it forward.

The sponge presses against the side of the base of his cock, and I see the appendage twitch in response. I tentatively scrub the sponge against his skin, dragging it over the top of his cock and through his pubic hair to bring it back down on the other side. Okay David, stop pussyfooting around. It's just a dick.

I grab a hold of his shaft with my free hand, hearing a sharp intake of breath when I do. I slowly spread the soap up and down, before lifting it entirely and swiping the sponge along his balls. That earns me a shudder, and I drop the sponge so I can use my hand to wash him more thoroughly. His sack is heavy as I spread the soap around, and his cock only grows harder. I'm not trying to jerk him off, but I'm also not not trying to jerk him off.

Still, there's only so much I can do before it's obvious I'm not just washing him anymore, so once he's been thoroughly cleaned, I kneel down to pick up my discarded sponge. Looking up from there puts me face to face with his one eyed monster, and apparently that is finally enough for some of that good old fashioned shame to kick in, and I have to look away.

While I'm down here though, I start to scrub his legs. What? I just want to do a good job. I steady myself against his leg and I run the sponge up and down his thighs, even reaching around to wash the back for good measure. Fuck, his calves are huge. By the time I'm finally done with his body, I feel like I've gotten a good workout myself.

"Good job, puppy," Sir tells me as he helps me to my feet. "Get my back?"

He turns around to present his broad muscled back to me, with his equally muscular ass right below it. It's covered in the same dark fur as the rest of him, his back less so. I set to work, scrubbing all the hard to reach places you can't really get on yourself. When I reach his lower back, I hesitate before going lower. I've never washed another man's ass before. I mean, I've never washed another man's dick before today either, but this still feels different.

"Getting shy on me now, pup?" The orc taunts me over his shoulder.

I'll show you shy. I run the sponge right down his ass crack. That gets me a small jump and a chuckle, and now that I've jumped into the deep end, I can just wash him like a normal person. I scrub each of his cheeks, individually and in between, liking the way they bounce a little more than I would have anticipated. I think about delivering my fingers in like I did on the other side, but that feels like I could be crossing a line, and I have no idea how I'd even ask that. Thankfully, he starts to turn around when I pause, having deemed my work complete.

"Thank you for that, puppy." The timber of his voice sounds very relaxed. "Very good job. Your turn."

Taking the sponge from me, he applies more soap before repeating the process on me. When he pulls my body against his, I am again reminded of our previous shower encounter, and I can't help but hump against his hand a little when it reaches my crotch. He also drops the sponge then, wrapping his large green fingers around my cock, which is as hard as I've ever felt it. I gasp a little, but before I can make any more noises, his mouth is on mine.

This is the first time we've kissed since the last shower, too. I groan when I feel his tongue swipe against my lips, opening them much more eagerly then I did then. His hand continues to slowly stroke me as he kisses me deeply, and I'm soon humping into it while pressing my tongue back into his mouth. His hand moves down to my sack, squeezing gently, while the hand at my back moves down to my ass and does the same. After a few more minutes of kissing and groping - or second, or hours, I have no idea - he drops to one knee to retrieve the sponge and finish washing my lower half. He shows none of the hesitation with his hands that I did with mine, and I hiss when a finger brushes over my slightly sore hole. He stands, switching our positions so the water can finish rinsing the soap from our bodies, kissing me again. I whimper into his mouth when he continues to tease my hole, and he pulls away with a smirk.

"I believe I still owe you a reward for saving Mrs. Skycaller's daughter." He brings a hand up to my face and traces a thumb along my chin.

"I... I guess you do." I think I'm getting the implication here at least.

Still smiling, Sir reaches behind me to shut off the water, then carefully steps out of the wooden tub and onto a fur mat. He grabs a large fluffy towel from under the small sink, turning to wrap it around my head and upper body, drying me as quickly and efficiently as he can. My hair is definitely still wet, but I can sense some urgency in his motions.

"Bedroom," is the only word spoken when he helps me out of the tub before using the same towel on himself. I nod and make my way to the location requested, with Sir right behind me. I pause when I reach the bed, turning around when I realize I don't actually know what I should do next.

"On your back." His hand pushes gently against my chest and I fall back onto the bed. My hard cock hits my stomach with a wet slap. He then grabs a hold of my wrists, pinning them down by my sides. "You are to keep these here. Understood?"

"Yessir." I nod quickly as he lowers himself to his knees, spreading my legs as he does. Just when I think I realize what he's about to do, he hooks his hands under my legs and lifts them, pushing them towards my chest. Wait, what is he about tooooohhhmygods.

"Fuck," I fist the sheets under my hands tightly when I feel his warm tongue slide across my hole. I look down just to verify that he's doing what I think he is, his mouth lowered to my ass. I can't stifle a moan when I feel the tongue for a second time, my hands gripping the sheets even tighter. I didn't know this was a thing people did. I know I just got out of the shower, but this feels like it should be dirty. Not that I'm doing anything to stop him when I feel the tongue for the third, fourth, fifth time...

His oral technique changes before long, his mouth pressing more tightly to my skin. I feel his tongue prodding at my entrance, at the same time I can feel his tusks scratching against the backs of my thighs. They feel blunter than I would have anticipated, though the way they scrape against my skin still makes me shudder. I look down, locking eyes with the orc, the hunger behind them evident. Appropriate too, given what he's doing.

He pushes more of his tongue into my hole, the wet appendage stretching me as it sinks in. I bite my lip, turning my head to the side, wishing I could just bury my face into the mattress and scream. This feels so fucking good. My cock is hard and leaking against my stomach, and without thinking, I reach my hand towards it, just to relieve some of the pressure.

"No." A voice growls, hand grabbing the offending appendage, my legs dropping to his shoulders. "What did I say?"

"Not to move them. Sir." I add on, hoping to appease him so he will continue.

"Hold these." He pushes my thighs back to my chest, moving my own hands to grip them instead of his. "Move them again, and I stop," he warns and lowers his face to my hole once more. "You are to let me know when you are close, but you may not cum without permission. Understood?"

"Yes Sir!" I nod quickly. Pleeeaaassee keep going, please.

Satisfied, Sir begins to work again, pressing his tongue back into my hole. The warm wetness soothes my sore muscles, muscles I didn't even know could be sore like this. Fuck, I don't even try to supress a moan when I feel one of Sir's hands reaching up to wrap around my cock. Looking down, his eyes are closed, but I can see his other arm is down, his shoulder moving as he works his own dick.

If this is the reward for saving a kid's life, I need to do more of that. Soon. The rhythm of his hand working up and down my shaft matches the rhythm of his tongue fucking in an out of my ass. I can feel my body trying to push back onto his face and hump up into his hand at the same time, torn between the feelings. I met this man only two days ago, and he already knows how to play my body like a fiddle. I'm not going to last much longer.

"I-I'm getting close." I announce, looking down for further instruction. I receive none, eyes remaining closed and the rate he plays with my body stays steady. "Sir? C-can I cum?"

"Not yet." The mouth is torn away from my hole for a second while he answers and then is immediately replaced.

I look down with wide eyes at a face that is not looking at me. No?! But, if he keeps... If I... What the hell am I supposed to do?!

"Sir? Please?" I ask again, receiving no answer but seeing the corners of his eyes crinkling slowly. There's still no stopping, and I'm getting closer and closer to an edge I'm not sure I can stop myself from spilling over. "Sir? Captain? Please, I-I'm going to cum. Please, can I cum? Sir?" The asking quickly turns to begging as the questions pour out of my mouth.

"Cum for me, puppy." The order comes after a few more seconds of jerking and tongue fucking, and a split second before I blow my load all over my stomach and chest.

I moan, or at least try to when I start to cum. It's very high pitched and maybe comes out more like a squeal or a scream, I don't know. My brain's not working right now, having been shot out of my dick and sprayed all over my chest. The hand wrapped around my dick continues to jerk, and the tongue in my hole continues to fuck, even as I clench around it uncontrollably. Fuck, I think I felt some of my cum hit my neck. All I can see is white, or black or...fuck I don't know. What's happening?

Slowly things come back into focus, and I see the blurry green form between my legs standing. He swipes some of the cum from my stomach, wrapping the slick hand around his own dick. He comes back into focus as he jerks himself over my body, chest and stomach sweaty and breathing deeply as he works himself. With a roar, his cock explodes, painting my body and adding his own sticky seed to mine. He stands over me chest heaving and hard dick still bouncing, the both of us riding an endorphin high greater then we got from all the running today. I look down at my body, covered from thighs to neck in white.

"I think I'm gonna need another shower." I say up, unable to keep the stupid grin off my face.